Sunday, June 13, 2010

Israeli NUKES and the value of a "Japan Option" for IRAN and the World...

Israeli NUKES and the value of a "Japan Option" for IRAN and the World...

Estimate of 80 "aging..." Israeli nukes here....:
And here is an interesting 2002 article from the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists on details:

I am much more troubled by Israel's nukes than by Iran's mastery of the nuke cycle. in fact, Iran would counterbalance Israel's nuke's and act as a deterrence to their use.....

There are few that understand the hypocrisy pointed at Iran and can articulate as well as Arnold Evans as mideastreality blog:

It all centers around the idea that Iran must be deprived of its NPT treaty rights to enrich uranium so that it cannot have a "Japan Option" that would break Israel's nuclear monopoly and constrain the bandit state's freedom of action to rape & pillage!

"Actually two sentences are all that is necessary to fully understand the dispute over Iran's nuclear program:

1) Iran is willing and able to answer any questions the West wants if Iran's right to a full nuclear program, like those of Japan and Brazil, which inherently and legally contain technology that could in theory make a weapon is accepted.

2) There are no questions Iran could answer that would make the West comfortable with Iran having a program like Brazil's or Japan's because that would end Israel's regional monopoly on nuclear weapons capability.

These two long sentences are the essential heart of the dispute between the West and Iran on the nuclear issue. Putting aside the bluster, the carefully misleading formulations and the arcane technical and legal details, the non-proliferation structure is being used by the West as a means to an end. The end being protecting the ability of about 5 million Jews, about half of European ancestry, to have a state in the Middle East where they are the dominant majority.

You'll hear, "why will Iran just not answer the questions about the alleged studies found on the US-laptop of death?" The basic answer is that cooperating would give the US information that it could use to attack Iran's program militarily and more importantly, the US can and will always easily produce laptops of death. If presenting questions and demanding further investigation has the effect of postponing Iran's achievement of nuclear capability, the US has no incentive to ever stop."

" Those motives are pretty transparent. When opponents of Iran's nuclear program are asked if they would accept Iran having a Japan-option if Iran resolved all outstanding questions, after a lot of hemming, hawing and misdirection, the answer turns out to be "no" 100% of the time. The question, "under what circumstances would you accept Iran having a Japan option?" immediately causes opponents of Iran's nuclear program to bring up conditions, such as recognizing Israel, that have nothing to do with any legal or technical nuclear issues.

"For the West, this is not primarily a legal or technical dispute. For Iran it is also not primarily a legal or technical issue.

Having a Japan option would have tremendous strategic value for Iran. If Iraq had acquired a Japan option by 2002, there would have been no invasion. One out of 20 Iraqis died as a result of the invasion, one out of eight Iraqis has been maimed by the invasion and one out of six has been displaced from their homes. The cost of not acquiring a Japan option for Iraq was horrible. Attaining a Japan option for Iran is at least a matter of national independence, and fairly can be considered an issue of national survival."

The Israeli people have put a gang of murderers, land thieves, racists, liars and perverts in charge of their government. When you go there you see security people everywhere. It is, for all practical purposes, a police state.
They are continuously getting into altercations with other nations around the globe and always threatening or blackmailing someone.

Talk about inmates in the asylum--Why would we ever trust them with nuclear weapons.

The debt money system (dollar) is going to implode(compound debt). Consumers are tapped out and the government has stepped in. The system has reached maximum potential. Look at the feds z1 chart. Now deflationary depression, war, and liquidation, just like the last time. Israel was established under the guise of a Jewish state. Don't think so. It was established to start WW3 as the current monetary system collapses. Like clock work. Enjoy the ride and don't get liquidated.

Iran's nuclear controversy in two sentences Arnold Evans Mideast Realty Blog may 22, 2010

"Israel is dead. Long live Israel!" may well be the epitaph of the crumbling Zionist state in Palestine. And the anti-Zionist, anti-imperialist struggle will continue in a new and perhaps even more difficult phase.... What ultimately matters is not the personal settlement of Greater Israel -- after all, the Jews have a haven in the US --, but the control of its resources. Controlling both the oil and wealth that it generates (eg, within wealth-management instruments that Zionists control). And given the multinational nature of corporate society, why stop at Eretz Israhell? The whole world is the ultimate prize. Sometimes I fear that sincere anti-imperialist Jews, Christians, Muslims, and secularists are so focused on this state that they miss the larger danger. Zionism and its spirit is fully integrated within the institutions and structures of global imperialism, and the end of Israel will only increase, not decrease, the ensuing danger. Without a "state" for its enemies to focus on, Zionism becomes even more dangerous and difficult to defeat....

We've reached the point that everything we read or write about Iran's nuclear issue is just a restatement or elaboration of one of the following:

1) The US wants to keep Iran from having a Japan option, which is the capability if it was to need to, to leave the NPT and build a nuclear weapon relatively quickly.

2) A Japan option is legal, it was built into the NPT by the acknowledgment that states have an inherent right to nuclear technology, without discrimination and by the mechanism provided to leave the treaty and be free from its bounds after 90 days of notice.

3) A Japan option has immense strategic value. If Iraq had had a Japan option, it would have avoided the calamity of the 2003 US invasion.

4) The US motive in preventing Iran from having a Japan option is Israel’s unique strategic fragility, which US and Israeli strategists believe can only be compensated for by a regional monopoly not only in nuclear weapons, but in nuclear capability.

5) The IAEA board’s procedures and findings as well as those of the UN Security Council have been warped and distorted, primarily led by the US, in the service of this strategic goal.

6) Iran is morally right to oppose the US program of using the IAEA and UNSC to achieve this political/strategic goal neither was intended for.

7) Iran has effectively reached a position that the US program of misusing the non-proliferation system will not be successful, in other words, Iran cannot be prevented, despite the IAEA and UNSC, from achieving the legal status of nuclear capable - having a Japan option.

8) Given that Iran having a Japan option cannot be prevented, it is better from the standpoint of US strategic interests for the US to be less hostile with a nuclear capable Iran instead of more hostile.

9) Obama is not independent enough of pressures, especially from pro-Israel factions of his administration to chart the better course for the US.

I don't think any of these eight points can be reasonably disputed, but unless something changes that I do not expect I can only predict that one or another of these eight points will continue to be the core of every post on Iran's nuclear program from now on.