Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Belgium Security Services Accuse Israeli Telecoms of Spying on EU members


Belgium Security Services Accuse Israeli Telecoms of Spying on EU members for over a decade...but reports were kept secret for years and years!

September 8th, 2011 in Europe / Intelligence....


The Surete d’Etat, Belgium’s state intelligence service, suspects an Israeli telecoms company of having bugged the UK, Spanish, German, and French delegation offices in the Juste Lipse Building, where the Council of Europe meets. The affair is revealed in the latest report from the R Committee, which oversees Belgian intelligence. According to the report, the unnamed Israeli company installed the building’s translation facilities in the mid-1990s, and could have set up the listening devices at the same time. The devices were discovered in early 2003, but it was only years later, in 2008, that the Belgian intelligence service was allowed access to the investigation, which remains ongoing....LOL LOL LOL

[As predicted by many of us, the shitty little Zionist state in the Middle East has reached "critical mass" in world popular opinion--the world will no longer tolerate aggression against the relatively helpless Palestinian people, especially those living in Gaza. The "Perfect Storm" of public outrage we are witnessing (SEE: The U.S. Abandons Israel), has been building for a long time, at least since Israel instituted a virtual state of siege on Gaza after the election of the Hamas govt. in 2006. In addition to the building humanitarian outrage, we now see the completely new factor of concerted resistance being offered by Middle Eastern governments to Israeli bullying and aggression. As D-day (decision day) arrives in the UN, it is obvious that it is rapidly coming to a head in Israel/Palestine. The coming UN vote on statehood has been compounded by the Turkish Naval challenge to Israeli attacks on aid convoys and attempts to seize control of the Mediterranean gas fields, pressure from the Arab revolutions, anti-Israeli acts of violence in Egypt, and the fundamentalist colonizers who are seizing more of Palestinian territory by the hour. We may see the entire world gather together (except for the pussy-cats and utterly corrupt Western Imperialists) against Israel in the next couple of weeks....

This is the only real "existentialist threat" now confronting Israel. It will be their undoing. When it comes, will it be enough to fulfill Zionist threats that, " Next time we’ll take all of you with us"? (SEE: The Samson Option).]