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Russia is ready to fight for the American oil?

Russia is ready to fight for the American oil?

Moskovsky Komsomolets, 26.09.2011

Russia has sold its soul to the axis of Evils, CIA/MOSSAD/MI6.....

Ignat Kalinin

Last weekend, in the large-scale exercises, “Center-2011″ units armies of Russia and Kazakhstan were practiced in joint counteraction to invasion from the south to the territory of Central Asian republics. Publicly demonstrated training plans ambiguous hints: as a potential aggressor is considered the Islamic Republic.

The public have been demonstrated only two episodes of the Kazakh step exercises. The first of them border guards, marines, air force and naval forces of the two countries reflected the marines’ conditional aggressor. “ The second was dedicated to the destruction of the counteroffensive had invaded the territory of Kazakhstan, land of the enemy. Both episodes were played out directly in front of China’s defense minister Adilbek Dzhaksybekov. In order to demonstrate the head of the War Department that it will happen before his eyes (any military training leave feeling kind of turmoil and confusion, if not in advance know what’s going on), before each segment of the exercise trained general with a pointer in the hands of the large-scale military Cards held a mini-briefing.

On this map have been identified all affected units, including conventional enemy forces. Among them particularly stand out are two arrows painted on the Caspian Sea. On the one meant “to 30 F-4, F-5 and Su-25″, on the other “and 70 F-4, F-5″. The Army “imaginary enemy” is also the impression of their size (number of divisions and brigades, including armor), but as direct evidence of the technique used foe, were absent.

All direct questions about who can be so powerful “imaginary enemy”, which are prepared to fight Russia and Kazakhstan, the generals of both countries angrily called a provocation. However, not a recording, a senior Kazakh military acknowledged the obvious: in the region of such forces has only Iran. He added that according to legend, the inner teachings, the political leadership of Iran’s decision as a response to an air attack U.S. troops carry out an operation to destroy the oil fields of Kazakhstan Mangustanskoy being developed by American corporations (in particular, the largest “Exxon Mobil”). It is obvious that, by themselves, the armed forces of the Islamic Republic of Kazakhstan is not capable.However, with the Russian army, it seems to be quite the task. In addition, the officer confirmed that the exercises are not there any Iranian observer.

At the same time it should be noted that this legend may not match the teachings of the real concerns and intentions of the Russian strategy.The main risk in this area is currently considered to be more fateful decision to Americans preparing to withdraw troops from Afghanistan.Experts agree that this could lead to the rapid Islamization and radicalization of the Central Asian republics, in particular Turkmenistan. And Iran will do its utmost to facilitate this process. Thus, it is the former Soviet republics could become a real instigator of the war in the Caspian region.Why, of course, must be willing allies in the CSTO.

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