Saturday, March 17, 2012

The CIA's and Pentagon's invasion of Uganda underway....

SECRET CIA map of Uganda's ethnic groups. In addition to ethnic groups, Uganda is composed of a number of ethnic-based kingdoms, with the secessionist Buganda kingdom of the Baganda people being the largest and most influential. April 11, 1979 CIA SECRET report: With 40-some ethnic groups -- most with deeply engrained political and economic systems of their own -- and with identification by religion taken as seriously as by language, Ugandan society is highly fragmented." A lucrative Petri dish for the Human Terrain System and its Pentagon and USAID practitioners.

The CIA's and Pentagon's invasion of Uganda underway....

Using the hype generated by the propaganda film "KONY 2012," produced and distributed by the shadowy San Diego-based non-governmental organization, Invisible Children, Inc., as a catalyst, the CIA and Pentagon are conducting a major incursion into Uganda, according to Ugandan and international sources.

The KONY 2012 film, which highlights the use of Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) guerrilla chief Joseph Kony's use of child soldiers, and became a viral smash on YouTube, has been criticized for serving as a propaganda tool for Ugandan dictator Yoweri Museveni, who has also used child soldiers. The Invisible Children group has also participated in military operations with the Sudan Peoples Liberation Army (SPLA), which now rules South Sudan. The SPLA, which has the personal support of US ambassador to the UN Susan Rice and actor George Clooney, has also used child soldiers in its military campaigns. Clooney recently testified before Congress on the situation in Africa, generating adulation from swooning Democrats and Republicans alike.

Invisible Children operatives, who are active in Uganda, South Sudan, and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), man high frequency radios to call in U.S. and Ugandan military support when they discover the presence of LRA forces. Not only is the LRA information provided to the website LRA Crisis Tracker but the Invisible Children HF radio intelligence is also used to supplement other communications intelligence being collected by the National Security Agency and Britain's Government Communications Headquarters. Location information on LRA strongholds are, in turn, passed to not only U.S. military forces in Uganda and surrounding nations, but to private security companies in the area, as well.

Private security company personnel under contract to the CIA and Pentagon are now manning roadblocks throughout western Uganda. Surveillance systems in addition to the Invisible Children radio sets, have been set up throughout Uganda. In addition, the U.S. is establishing military bases throughout Uganda, South Sudan, and the northeastern DRC.

Academi, the former Blackwater/Xe, is providing weapons to CIA and U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) security contractors in Uganda, from caches in Somalia maintained by Saracen International, a U.K.- and Lebanon-based security firm that is contracted to provide security and training for the Transitional National Government of Somalia. Saracen employs a number of mercenaries from the old South African firm Executive Outcomes, which was charged with human rights violations in campaigns in Sierra Leone and Angola.

The security contractor with the largest presence in Uganda is Triple Canopy, which is based in Chicago and said to enjoy close relations with Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel. Triple Canopy has a major contract from the State Department, under the Worldwide Personal Protection Program, for undetermined security services in Jerusalem. The firm has been criticized for using death squad personnel from El Salvador, Honduras, the Nicaraguan contras, Argentina, and Augusto Pinochet's Chile as contractors in Iraq.

The U.S. presence in Uganda is aimed at protecting the dictatorship of Museveni, who has been a friend of Rice since her days in the Clinton administration. Museveni is opening Uganda up to Western oil and natural gas companies and large deposits of oil and natural gas have been discovered throughout the country, especially in the north where the Acholi tribe is dominant. The Acholi also represent a base of support for the LRA.

Museveni is a reputed Banyankole from southern Uganda. However, many Ugandan claim Museveni is a Tutsi originally hailing from Rwanda, where his on-and-off again ally and colleague, Paul Kagame, reigns as another U.S.-supported dictator. in January 1986, Museveni ousted General Tito Okello, an ethnic Acholi, who had, in turn ousted Milton Obote in 1985. Obote, a Lango, had returned to power in 1980 after the Ugandan National Liberation Movement, for which Museveni fought as a Marxist-trained guerrilla commander, forced dictator Idi Amin, a Muslim Kakwa from the north, from power. The Lango and Acholi dominated the Ugandan military after independence from Britain and Museveni long resented the influence of the tribes in the military. Part of the operations against the LRA and Kony are "score settling" between Museveni, a Banyankole from the south, and the Acholi and Lango from the north. For the Pentagon's Human Terrain System personnel, who use anthropologists to help pit ethnic groups against one another -- in the same manner that President Obama's mother Ann Dunham was used to conduct similar operations in Indonesia -- Uganda, with its some forty tribes, is a lucrative test tube for ethnic counter-insurgency operations....

As early as 1979, the CIA warned about the greater ambitions of Museveni during the National Liberation Movement's war with Amin. A SECRET CIA Intelligence Assessment, dated April 11, 1979 and titled, "A New Government for Uganda," states: "There are already indications of concern that ambitious regional commanders assigned to their native areas -- notably Paulo Muwango in South Buganda and Yoweri Museveni in Southern -- may be creating personal followings in the newly 'liberated' parts of southwestern Uganda." Thirty-two years later, Museveni's "personal following" now apparently extends to Susan Rice, George Clooney, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama.