Thursday, May 7, 2009

Behind Red Sea Piracy Surge lies Israel

“Israel sees Islam as the greatest danger to its dominance over the Middle East, itself built on cruelty, violation and oppression,” - Professor Benjamin Beit-Hallahmi (Haifa University) in his book ‘The Israeli Connection: Who Arms Israel and Why?’

Under direct orders from Barack Hussein Obama, American snipers on Navy Seal killed three “Somali pirates” and rescued Captain Richard Phillips a few days ago.

When US Marines invaded Somali on December 12, 1992 - Gen. Colin Powell, Chairman of US Joint Chiefs of Staff - called the invasion “a paid political advertisement for the Pentagon”. However, during the next ten months, this ‘political advertisement’ cost 10,000 Somalian lives and a humiliating defeat for the world’s top nuclear power - as captured in the movie “Black Hawk Down”.

So what interests the US and other foreign countries have in this God forsaken country since 1991 overthrow of its western-puppet dictator. Mohammad Said Barre? Well - there are several of them - off-shore oil and gas reserves; tens of million dollars worth of fishery; an open dumping ground for West’s nuclear waste (it costs US$2.5 to dump it in the Red Sea as compared to US$250 in some western country); the strategic importance of Horn of Africa for US imperialism, and of course Zionists’ fear of an additional anti-Israel Islamic state in that part of the world on top of Sudan.

Israeli agenda for the control of Red Sea was laid out by the first prime minister of the Zionist entity, David Ben Gurion, who said in 1949: “We are beseiged from land frontiers while Sea is the only passage to the outside world and the only mean for establishing communications with other continents.”

Governments of both Yemen and Saudi Arabia have pointed their fingers toward Israel being involved in the piracy in the Red Sea. Beside the Zionist entity - eight Muslim states - Egypt, Jordan, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Yemen, Eritrea, and DJibouti border the Red Sea.

Even Nyna Karpachyova, the Ukrainian parliament’s human rights ombudsman, said that “the real owner of the weapon-ship, MV Faina, is an Israeli citizen with the name Vadim Alperin (alias Vadim Oltrena). It is extremely rare for ships to be registered to individual investors such as Mr Alperin. Vadim Alperin was further investigated to have acquired this ship from a Russian state auction during the era of Boris Yeltsin. The ship was refurbished and later conveniently registered to fly the Belize flag. Other ships by the same owner where found to be operating as casinos including one based in the Gulf to entertain rich Arab clients.” Vadim Alperin was once quoted to be a “Mossad brother” running a number of clandestine front companies including one Kenyan Meat export company enjoying “good trade” with Middle Eastern countries, but covertly used for gathering intelligence from countries such as Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

Somalia perches on the most important maritime channels in the world. Through this passageway passes Arab oil on its way to European and American markets. It is also a relatively inexpensive route for the shipment of Western industrial products to Asia and Africa. Approximately 10 per cent of the world’s maritime cargo passes through these waters, according to recent statistics. The maritime channel has special strategic significance for Washington and Israel. For the former, it serves as the vital link between the US’s Sixth Fleet in the Mediterranean and its Fifth Fleet stationed off the coast of Bahrain and its Seventh Fleet in the Indian Ocean. Tel Aviv, meanwhile, has not forgotten that Egypt together with Yemen closed the Bab Al-Mandeb upon the outbreak of the 1973 October War, which came as an additional blow to Israeli and international shipping with the closure of the Suez Canal following the Israeli occupation of Sinai in 1967. Israel has been pressing for the internationalization of the Red Sea. With its ships no longer confined to a narrow lane as they pass to and from the port of Eilat, it would have much greater manoeuvrability in those waters as well as the opportunity to secure supply lines for its naval units. There is no overstating what a military advantage this would bring to the Zionist state and what a threat this would pose to Israel’s neighboring countries, especially to Somalia, Lebanon, Syria and Islamic Iran.

A commander of Israel Navy is quoted as saying: “Control over the Suez Canal only gives Egypt one key to the Red Sea. The second and more important key from the strategic point of view is the Bab Al-Mandeb. This could fall into Israeli hands if it could develop its naval force in the Red Sea zone.”

And finally, here is someting to ponder upon. How come the Pentagon, which is known for using F16s on even Muslim marriage parties in both Iraq and Afghanistan - never used them against the pirates or the hijacked planes smashing into WTC? Maybe, the answers lies with Rabbi Dov Zakheim, a signee of PNAC, a rabbit Zionist whose loyalties rest with Israel and was Pentagon Comptroller when trillions of dollars went unacounted. Zakheim was forced to resign in 2004 - but he left many of his pro-Israel Zionists in high positions in the Pentagon....

Tsunami of Blood by the Neo-PNAC thugs

Tour de Force! That's the only way to describe Pepe Escobar's remarkable achievement with Globalistan: How the Globalized World Is Dissolving into Liquid War. In page after page, Mr. Escobar demonstrates his remarkable erudition gained in a peripatetic career, spanning the caves of Tora Bora to the slums of Sao Paolo and Mumbai; from the halls of venality to the palaces of the gluttonously wealthy; from conversations with forgotten Pentagon warlords to raps with Brazilian gang lords.

Our Neocon leaders seem to think the rest of the World is frozen in situ, waiting for them to hatch their nefarious schemes. Globalistan shows us the consequences of such a blindered [or should I say "blundered"] attitude.

Producers for the talking heads of "mainstream" media will have to have this book. It is the one volume necessary to make sense of our churning humanity in the 21st Century. A quick scan can provide the background on every crisis from Iran to "Chindia"; from Shiiteistan to the Gazprom Nation; from PetroEurostan to the Bush White House.

Escobar demonstrates why it is true that if we don't find ways to spread our prosperity around the World, the have-nots will come and take it away from us with guns and bombs and box cutters. All of the walls and fences cannot protect the United States, Europe, and Saudi Arabia from overwhelming illegal immigration. Weapons and fences doom us, like the Texans at the Alamo. Eventually they will be overrun by 3 billion human beings living in abject poverty, but with access to the latest episodes of "24" and "Sleeper Cell," unless we help the Mexicans achieve their dreams of Texas in Mexico.

A special ring of "Hell" is reserved for the mainstream media, who trumpet terrorist propaganda and minor successes around the World with lethal effect; providing Al Qaeda and other miscreants with the raw material for their recruiting campaigns. Jihad Inc. is a Neocon invention, designed to manipulate American ignorance with World class fear mongering.

I found Escobar's analysis of Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela, most compelling. He points out that Chavez's position is that Venezuela can't develop nuclear energy or the United States will bomb it away, so he has decided to fight with pipelines. Indeed, pipelines are a major theme of Globalistan, criss crossing, as they do, some of the most formidable territory on the planet, both because of their location and the brigands that guard them [or not].

What came to my mind about Mr. Escobar, after reading his encyclopedic presentation of the dark under side of global venality, was Albert Einstein's quote once applied to another, "Men will scarce believe that such a one as this ever walked upon the earth." Pepe Escobar's Globalistan is an achievement without parallel! ....