Saturday, May 9, 2009

IRAN's energy building blocks will survive

Invite global backlash on Israel....Bibi is not seeing the big picture yet....

All Israeli impostures and crimes against their neighbors have been justified by the hollow argument of "security". There is NO security in aggression and land piracy, but rather the opposite.

The Divine dictum, "Live by the sword, and you shall die by the sword" stands as a clear warning to every Israeli voter.

This absolute rejection of peace with the entire Middle East community against whom Netanyahu`s offense is committed and not just Syria, is an affront and insult against the entire global community.

Apartheid occupation and land piracy can not be countenanced. South Africa stands as the paradigm....
Bibi has not changed since his former premiership and he is still a salesman. That means he is going to sell the Golan as hard as he can in exchange for the large settlement blocs in the West Bank...., hence the statements about `critical for Israel`s security` and `never`.

Now lets use our heads - why should Iran spend countless billions to develop an atomic weapon, when for a measly hundred million they could purchase (rogue market) the various components from at least six technically advanced countries; aggregate the parts and place the finished product on an available warhead? Surly this possibility must have entered the minds of US national defense leaders!? The Iranians are dangerous not because they are Muslims but because they are intelligent and sophisticated Muslims... The only solution to peace and prosperity for Israel is through carefully moderated negotiations. The technological learning curve and disproportionate birth rate is not on their side and can only be contained, not stopped!