Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Whole World desperately needs men of this Caliber soonest

The Whole World desperately needs men, or Women of this Caliber soonest.....if we are to avoid total calamity, agony and endless Wars of utter Hubris....
The Gross Lack of any Leadership in this day and age is simply astounding....

Take a look at this Pathetic World we live in....filled with little boys masquerading as "Leaders".....

Snapshot of our daily News.....

Oct 31

Police block sex abuse survivors near Vatican

Iran Switched 15 Percent of Foreign Exchange Reserves Into Gold

Nov 1

65% Favor Getting Rid of Entire Congress and Starting Over

British Nuclear Power Plant Goes Dark. Stuxnet Worm To Blame?

Nov 2

U.S. Mid-term Elections (Nancy Pelosi remains Speaker of the House and 3rd in line of succession to the presidency until the 112th Congress takes office on January 3, 2011.)

Britain and France Sign 50 Year Defense Pact (agree to share troops, carriers and nukes)

Nov 3

Sabotage fears as London Stock Exchange platform crashes

FOMC (The Fed) Announcement: $600 Billion, $75 Billion/Month, $110 Billion Including QE Lite, 35% SOMA Limit Removed, $27.5 Billion Weekly POMO, On Run Rate To Monetize Entire Budget Deficit

Jim Sinclair: Dollar Index Headed to 56

Nov 4

Gold makes biggest ever one day gain of $55. Surges in price to nearly $1400 an ounce. Silver gains $1.50 to easily top $26 an ounce.

Nov 5

Guy Fawkes Day (Remember… remember… the 5th of November)

Pretty much the entire Federal Reserve will be celebrating their 100 year anniversary at Jeckyll Island Nov. 5-6.

Hillary Clinton visits New Zealand

Obama leaves today for a 10-day tour of Asia (along with the heart of the White House - 3,000 people including officials, security and press) move to India today, with 40 aircraft and six armored cars - Estimated cost is approx. $200 million per day.

Ahead of Obama visit, Mumbai turns fortress

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Defense Secretary Robert Gates in Australia for conference

Nov 7

Daylight saving time ends in the U.S. on Sunday morning, Nov. 7, at 2 a.m.

Nov 9

Large Hadron Collider researchers 'set to create a mini-Big Bang' - Ask ALICE

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The question I want answered is…

Where’s Joe Biden?

As to our dear Lebanon...

Our “enemies” are the men of the cloth and the political feudal lords....
The traditional ruling class in Lebanon must go , each and every single one of them if the country is to have a chance at catching up with the rest of the world and of establishing a free, civil democratic society. I guess that I would like to make it clear than in the Lebanon that I know it is not sufficient to oppose a political wing but it is equally important to oppose all of the established politicians. Our problem is systemic and as such it cannot be saved by more of the same.... The traditional feudalistic-religious alliance is the problem and so it cannot be part of the solution. The calls that emanate every once in a while from these leaders for so called reform this and reform that ought to be rejected since these are efforts aimed at solidifying their hold at the system by only offering meaningless palliatives disguised to confuse the electorate and promote the interests of the ruling hierarchy....
Lebanon has been through a so called reform after 1958, after the lengthy civil war , after the so called Dardar "W" revolution....and after Doha... None of these efforts bore meaningful fruits for the real citizens who are still as voiceless as ever. Actually these continuous efforts at reinventing themselves is a reminder of the popular Karl Marx statement is response to Hegel's explanation that history repeats itself. Marx said:”First as tragedy and then as farce” and someone added” the farce is often more deadly than the tragedy”. When will we learn that our “enemies” are the men of the cloth and the political feudal lords....and the 40 odd foreign Intelligence services roaming freely all over our sacred Land of the Cedars.....for decades....