Monday, March 21, 2011

Time for a foreign policy and intelligence elite purge in the USA?

Time for a foreign policy and intelligence elite purge in the USA?

"Change you can believe in"

Wait until Saudi Arabia comes apart at the seams....and hundreds of Tribes with Flags will pop-up in MENA and from Darfur to China, Africa and most of Eurasia from Kosovo to Quetta...

At least all the "Green Weenies" will be happy.... As we all march back toward the medieval ages in our donkey carts....

Yemen which sits in a rather strategic position .... The US ramped up its activities several years ago but it (US) seems to like military coups since DOD thinks it understands the "military mind"! Tragically this means further breakdown in Arabia and more soon to follow, from MENA, Africa to China and India.... And yes in part at least because the US is a "Faithless Friend" always stupidly maneuvering for limited and temporary advantages without ever understanding the cultural dynamics or languages of its (the US) victims....always toeing the line of Kissinger's plans of utter fragmentation of MENA to keep Israel safe...., with the continuous shenanigans of CIA/MOSSAD dating back to the 1970s...still in action....

It's clear that many people who supposedly support democracy don't want Arab democracy. Sen. Kerry made that clear. When democracy tries to topple an oil despot who depends on the US, we will ignore the murder of protesters and focus instead on Iranian "meddling." (Of course, the Iranians are meddling. Why should they support a Sunni tyrant?)

Arab democracy is coming.... At least by helping crush the Brother Leader in Libya, the USA may get some credit....But one overriding theme of CIA/MOSSAD remains in force....One interesting larger question here (and Libya, Afghanistan, etc) is that the "modern nation-state" may not make sense in a place like this where tribal loyalty rules. Would Yemen make more sense as two or more separate states? Would Libya? Hence the paramount goal of the US/Israeli plutocracy....hundreds of Tribes with Flags will pop-up in MENA and from Darfur to China, Africa and most of Eurasia from Kosovo to Quetta...PERIOD.

Furthermore, would anybody really like the Chinese to have their hands around the throat of the West, with the ability to choke off the oil supply at will? That's what the US is covertly trying to do to China and India....

While a Western-led Diversion/military intervention in Libya is dominating the headlines, the crisis in Yemen and its implications for Persian Gulf stability is of greater strategic consequence. Saudi Arabia is already facing the threat of an popular uprising campaign in eastern Arabia and has deployed forces to Bahrain in an effort to prevent legitimate grievances of the Shiite unrest from spreading inland in KSA.... With a second front now threatening the Saudi underbelly, the situation in Yemen is becoming one that the crypto-Zionist Saudis can no longer leave on the backburner....LOL

This is the price we ALL pay for our lopsided support of Israel Uber Alles....

In England, when I studied history, it was considered a given that the 1664 plague, followed by the great fire of 1665, led directly to a 400 year economic and Imperial boom. Not coincidentally, the new government brought in exiled European bankers, and the insurance, banking and finance business were allowed to thrive as never before in Europe. Catholic skittishness about such religious and cultural abstractions as "equity" "usury" and "social contracts" were tossed in the ash heap of history, albeit gingerly at first, with their more profitable Calvinist substitute doctrines gradually holding sway.

So at least some of TPTW, with whom I went to school and at whose castles and great houses I was a guest, were taught, as a given, that a destruction of the lower economic orders, combined with the destruction of their crappy infrastructure, especially in a capitol city, leads to huge opportunities for renewal and growth. This is hardly cynical. It is a simple fact.

Trouble is, a society dominated by educated psychopaths, with lackeys of a similar bent, as our society arguably is, will tend to induce such events, as warranted. See, e.g. Berlin, 1945, which was entirely rigged in advance, as the Germans were all too willing to hand it to Patton intact, but the US and UK demurred. Or more recently, New Orleans, which has become a milkier and wealthier type of city."


The Odyssey Dawn top 10
Gotta hand it to the Pentagon's ghost writers, allowing Homer's heroes to roam the Mediterranean in the aptly named Operation Odyssey Dawn. But with a nod to the top 10 players in this tragedy, the operation is really House of Saud Takes Out Gaddafi. With the heavy lifting subcontracted to the West and the eastern Libya protesters posing as
- Pepe Escobar (Mar 21, '11)

War stalks revolution in Middle East
For Gulf countries, much like the paranoid European alliance that waged war on post-revolutionary France in the 1790s, overt military intervention by Saudi Arabia in Bahrain is an attempt to quell a rising tide.... Then as now, counter-revolutionary forces will only sow chaos and destruction, raising prospects of proxy war between Saudi Arabia and Iran whose flames will consume the whole
- Sreeram Chaulia
(Mar 21, '11)

Welcome to the new global chess game...a new kind of wars of the 21st century....
This lack of cohesion and organization from the top on how to fight the war in Libya (coupled with a UN resolution that just confuses everyone on what can and cannot be done) is best summed up by Russian Prime Minister Putin ....

Mr. Putin called the resolution “deficient and flawed,” saying, “It allows everyone to undertake any actions in relation to a sovereign government.”

“In general, it reminds me of a medieval call for a crusade,” Prime Minister Vladimir V. Putin of Russia said on Monday, after criticizing the allies on Sunday for “indiscriminate use of force.”

And Putin is right .... for example .... even I have no idea on who is running the war in Libya. US Secretary of Gates wants to handover responsibility of the war
to someone else (he does not know who) in the next few days. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Mullen is careful to not commit to a goal in Libya (because he does not have one), and the President of The United States .... who is usually the one who is coordinating all of this .... decides to visit Rio.

I do know that all the heads of states involved in the Libyan conflict are being briefed daily (if not hourly). But their glaring absence on the podium to articulate and defend (constantly) the objectives of their policy is glaringly obvious to anyone who studies these things .... more so when we compare how President Bush and his advisers conducted themselves in the Afghan/Iraq wars to the current leadership in the Pentagon and White House.

Even the press (and Congress) have gone AWOL on this conflict .... not asking the hard questions that need to be asked, nor providing an alternative point of view to what the administration is advocating. In short .... we are witnessing the unquestioning acceptance of the White House position on Libya .... with no opposing points of view.

What I predict is that in the end .... the war fighting will be left to the liaison officers (photo above) who must seek and accommodate a direction that they all can agree to while interpreting a very confused United Nations resolution on how they can do it. And in the event that everything goes to hell .... well .... we will then know who the White House, Pentagon chiefs, and our allies will be blaming.

So .... is this the new way to fight a war .... by global committee .... I hope not. But from what I am seeing, this is exactly how many of our political leaders now want to show leadership .... or a lack of....LOL


There are bigger reasons having to do with global domination... which will depend on as many endless wars as possible, thus not only destabilizing Arab nations but super-bankrupting western ones....
War Stalks Revolution In Middle East --
Historically, there is a strong sequential correlation between revolution and inter-state war. Radical overhaul of a country's socio-economic or political system rarely remains confined to that state and often triggers a wider regional or international conflagration. This is because revolution is a volcanic phenomenon that knows no artificial borders. If ideas cannot be imprisoned the way bodies can, then revolution is the most exhilarating or pernicious idea, depending on where one stands.

The mobilization of counter-revolutionary forces to restore status quo ante in a society undergoing revolution, or to "teach a lesson" to other revolutionaries in the region and beyond that their emulative efforts will be crushed, is a time-tested tactic of conservative powers who have everything to lose if the

Read more ....

Comment: A sobering history lesson on how revolutions have a tendency to lead to wider and destructive wars between nation states. Another analysis on the growing spirit of revolution in the Middle East .... and the consequences of what may come out of it ....
can be read here.

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Comment: While the B-2 bomber is an effective (and expensive) weapon system,
this is an even more effective (and cheaper) "weapon system" in psyching out your enemy....LOL

And according to French intelligence officers, the U.S. wanted to run an oil pipeline through Afghanistan to transport Central Asian oil more easily and cheaply. And so the U.S. told the Taliban shortly before 9/11 that they would either get "a carpet of gold or a carpet of bombs", the former if they green-lighted the pipeline, the second if they didn't. See this, this and this.


Listen/read the speech given by Benjamin Freedman(former Zionist) in 1961 about Israel's plans for the US in ME. A must read(or listen)
The US has an interest in the Middle-East, and the stability of that region, only because of the oil we rely so heavily upon that comes from there. One missed step...and boom goes the world economy and balance of power.....

“The Middle East never will be the same again” are the words on every observer’s lips. True – but in itself that tells us very little as to consequences and implications for the United States from the political cataclysm shaking the region and reshaping its politics. Restraint in predicting what those implications will be is praiseworthy. Anyone who boldly claims to know the specific and concrete effects is talking through his turban. Yet it is imperative that we begin to think rigorously about what the future holds.

So let’s begin with a rough taxonomy.

  1. Those countries that have experienced political turbulence can be placed in three categories. A) Popular action has toppled both the existing autocratic and his regime. B) Popular action has toppled the autocratic but important elements of his regime remain in place - at least for now....

C. Popular action has been repressed with no structural political concessions.

  • American credibility, already low, has hit rock bottom. This holds for government elites (e.g. Saudi Arabia) and for public opinion everywhere. We are widely distrusted; Washington’s words and those of President Obama in particular will be viewed with pronounced skepticism and will nowhere be taken at face value. The U.S. will receive fewer benefits of the doubt.
  • The United States is no longer a status quo power in the Middle East. It is a reactionary power by objective measures.
  • The political power of fundamentalist Islam has been greatly exaggerated.
  • The gap between American rhetoric and American actions has widened to the point where it no longer is bridgeable. America as the beacon of democracy rings hollows after our string of equivocations, half steps, selectivity and cynical calculation. American diplomacy thereby has lost an asset. A candid reversion to realism has its own liabilities. The American public is deeply attached to the idealistic notion of the U.S. as a principled country that acts in the cause of virtue, enlightenment and morality. If Washington is widely seen as abandoning its native idealism, domestic political support for the inescapable hard policy choices that lie ahead will be unpredictable..... That should be welcomed as occasion to rethink our supine kow-towing to the Netanyahu government... Id we don’t, our high wire act could end in tragedy.***

    The American public is deeply attached to the idealistic notion of the U.S. as a principled country that acts in the cause of virtue, enlightenment and morality....LOL

    You're kidding, right? These are the last adjectives I'd attach to my fellow citizens nowadays. We've become a nation of cynical, neo-social Darwinists whose ethos has been reduced to, "What's in it for me?" And Washington hasn't displayed "native idealism" in decades. We are about as enlightened in our foreign policy as Athens was before the Peloponnesian War.

    I won't say more for fear of breaking into a full foaming-at-the-mouth rant. But if you want a barometer about how "idealistic" our Nation still is, watch what I fear will be a national "the silence is deafening" reaction to the Kill Squad in Afghanistan and the infamous White House Murder INC, in the Levant and beyond...since 2000....