Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Special Forces/Assassin units of the most infamous white house Murder INC, in the Levant and Worldwide.

John "Boner" is trying to finish the Lebanon 2006 war to Israel's satisfaction, with Obama's help (even if he has to force him). It was not enough, that the United States destroyed Iraq to make the shitty little Zionist monster feel safer on its misappropriated "homeland," now the Zionist US president is preparing to attempt to do the same thing to Lebanon. Haven't they killed enough people to give the Likudniks never-ending wet dreams already?

John Boner invites Netanyahu to Congress, hoping to revive Israeli/Lebanon conflict, while his Republican allies in the Senate once again take-up the cause of former Soviet Georgia, without really mentioning the real cause of the S. Ossetian war. Georgia's anti-Russian campaign, focused on seizing the strategic Roki Tunnel and blocking the only highway linking Russia and S. Ossetia. This Republican anti-Russian, anti-Lebanon offensive is coupled with a new Democrat offensive against China, led by the rabid terrier-like Zioconned Hillary Clinton. What we are seeing unfold here, on the cusp of the coming presidential election, is the real mission of the Imperialist war-mongers--the blocking of Chinese and Russian aspirations, by every means at US/Ziocon government's disposal, beginning with the standard "diplomatic" offensive. All the jockeying in Asia and Africa have been setting us up for this coming ultimate conquest. Can Russia and China effectively oppose an American offensive, intended to give US corporate interests total control to Asian and African energy sources?

A better question might be--How could they NOT oppose the American expansion into their neighborhoods and spheres of interest?

Perhaps the primary purpose of the staged death of bin Laden was to demonstrate the great potential of a Special Forces war (counterinsurgency) as a solution to Obama's quagmire? With the terror theaters of Afghanistan and Pakistan given to Special Forces and the African theater of terror being given to Naval Special Warfare Forces, then it is clear that they are leaving behind the costly total war concept, in favor of the Special Forces/Assassin units of the most infamous white house Murder INC, in the Levant and Worldwide. We can expect to hear of multiple military assaults and brutal assassinations by mystery forces everywhere that the US has interests, without accepting responsibility publicly, unless they get someone like Bogeymen/Patsies Zawahiri or Illyas Kashmiri. I told you this was coming several months ago....

Meanwhile Pakistan re-arranges nuclear target priority list....

May , 2011 -- Pakistani-Indian nuclear war seen as real possibility...

With the breakdown of relations between Washington and Islamabad over recurring U.S. drone attacks inside Pakistan and the controversy over the U.S. Special Forces raid on Abbottabad that allegedly killed Osama Bin Laden, western intelligence agencies have concluded that a Pakistani-Indian nuclear exchange is now a distinct possibility.

Intelligence sources have also told us that Pakistan has recently updated its nuclear target list for India. The Indian high-technology city of Bangalore, which hosts a number of IT firms that provides outsourced jobs for U.S. companies for Indian employees, has been added to Pakistan's list of targets to be hit in a first wave Pakistani pre-emptive to retaliatory nuclear attack.

India is expected to add some 50 million highly-skilled jobs to its work force in the next decade, with many of the jobs located in the Bangalore high-tech center. A nuclear attack by Pakistan on Bangalore would all but wipe out India's high-tech capabilities, dealing a severe blow to India's economy.

Pakistan still maintains its nuclear attack protocol of avoiding striking Indian cities with large Muslim populations.

Western defense officials are also concerned about new security guarantees given by China to Pakistan as a shield from either Indian or U.S. aggression. China could retaliate against both India and the U.S. Seventh Fleet in Asian waters if an attack by either country were launched against Pakistan.