Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Utterly corrupt MSM refuse to acknowledge the depth of corruption in Ziocon intelligence agencies, politics, and military-industrial complex globally.

Utterly corrupt MSM refuse to acknowledge the depth of corruption in
Ziocon intelligence agencies, politics, and military-industrial
complex globally.

As usual, when a figure on the Left gets smeared,
the Right gets away with it because the Left just
doesn't get it.

The close timing of allegations against both Dominique
Strauss-Kahn and Julian Assange is reminiscent of the
close timing of the assassinations of Martin Luther
King and Robert Kennedy. The bland mainstream media
that refuses to acknowledge the depth of corruption in
our intelligence agencies, politics, and military-industrial
complex is beneath contempt.

The blind eye of corporate media is outrageous to the
degree that they no longer have credibility above
the wildest of Internet conspiracy theories.

When you hear that a man charged with rape is 1) a socialist
and 2) leading the conservative President of France in election
polls, the odds that he is being smeared are probably greater
than 50%, on the surface of it, without needing a shred of
additional specific evidence to back that gut feeling.

All that really is needed to justify that assessment is a knowledge
of the kinds of dirty tricks, dirty wars, smear jobs,
scandal-mongering, sabotage and assassinations that have been
staples of right-wing crusaders for decades and generations.

The nutty attitude of American conservatives that the very
word "socialist" is some kind of dirty epithet is suggestion enough
that the American Pentagon, CIA, and GOP would feel free to
employ any dirty tactics, whatsoever, in the same style that they
have backed murdering, torturing dictators all around the globe
for all of our lifetime.

A Boston Globe editorial paraded on high-horse. For what theme
might you suppose?

Innocent until proven guilty? How precious and important
is that fundamental principle?

No, they pat themselves on the back for proclaiming
that IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn should be treated
"just like any other accused rapist and long time sex predator".

That is of course obnoxious nonsense. This is not at all
"like any other rape case", because it is tainted automatically
with strong suggestion of political intrigue. The average
man on the street who gets accused of rape is not leading
the President of France in election polls and is not likely
the target of an elaborate and organized attempt to create
an illusion.

Such a case requires very special scrutiny.

I listened to one liberal who opined that he thought
Strauss-Kahn was probably guilty because he had a "reputation"
and because NPR had interviewed another woman who had made
a similar allegation.

This is a fine example of naivety on the Left.

When you are dealing with propaganda artists who are
professionals, they know what is needed to make a falsehood
seem convincing.

Before you go for the kill, you can spend years creating
a "context". The FBI under fascist J. Edgar Hoover, for
example, spent years shadowing Martin Luther King and
trying to do everything in their power to smear his reputation.

One phony allegation of sexual misconduct may merely a
ploy to reinforce a future allegation of sexual misconduct.

When chicanery is involving corrupted intelligence agencies,
even something like DNA evidence becomes meaningless.
They will know how to obtain and how to plant DNA.

A propaganda professional knows that "corroboration" will
lend an aura of realism to the smear job. They will wait for
the initial media buzz to die down, then give it another shot
of adrenaline by introducing additional allegations,
and carefully preserve the momentum, exactly as was done
with Mr. Elie Hobeika since 1982 to 2002....by CIA/MOSSAD!

If a corrupt government had wanted to destroy Martin
Luther King by phony rape charge, instead of a more
straightforward bullet, how easy would that have been?

King had a "reputation", too. Hoover's FBI had gone to
great lengths trying to nurture that reputation.

The same could have been done convincingly to
Ted Kennedy.

The same could also be done to some right-wingers,
like Clarence Thomas or Arnold Schwarzenegger .

This basic point is probably being driven home,
in France, as we speak.

The propaganda artists will know how to sniff out
the weak points, exploit them, and choose an appropriate
tactic based on the opportunities.

The pros will also know how to manipulate their enemy
from within. They will produce, for an example, a supposedly
"liberal" woman who will chastise the Left for its supposedly
awful "insensitivity" to rape and exploitation of women,
as a technique for "divide and conquer" and lend seeming
legitimacy to the viewpoints of the hard Right.

How can the Right be wrong when even voices on the
Left are agreeing with them?

One of our cherished cultural myths is that "conspiracy"
thinking is "irrational" by denying evidence.

The general tenor of extreme distrust is amply justified
for anyone having a significant awareness
of political history, of the scandals of the CIA, of campaigns
of dirty tricks at home and abroad.

The techniques described here are exactly the kinds
of techniques that were employed under "Cointelpro",
for example to split the Black Panthers and create internal

There should be little sympathy for complaints
of "paranoia". The genie of distrust was let out
of the bottle long ago by the kinds of right-wing
fanatics who felt entitled to employ any and all
tactics and deceptions for the purpose
not of defending "freedom" but of defending the
obscene wealth of our country's ruling elite.

The fact that trust has been killed completely is
not the responsibility of those who now decline
to offer such trust, in the current climate of
crackpot hatreds and corporate media smiley-face....