Thursday, April 5, 2012

Renewing the Cold War - Part 2: Destabilizing the Kremlin....

Renewing the Cold War - Part 2: Destabilizing the Kremlin....


Like a scene from "Gorky Park," a suspicious death in Moscow points to renewed secret warfare between Washington and Moscow....

April , 2012 -- Special Report. Renewing the Cold War - Part 2: Destabilizing the Kremlin....

As is the case with China, a network of international provocateurs tied to Zionist-connected global banking cartels, which are peripherally associated with the U.S. Intelligence Community but do not fall under its chain-of-command, are attempting to foment insurrection and destabilization in Russia.

The suspicious death of the British Hakluyt private intelligence consultant Neil Heywood in China helped expose the Rothschild/Soros link to an attempted palace coup in China and the suspicious "suicide" of longtime KGB official Leonid Sherbashin in Moscow may help unravel a similar Western plot to oust Vladimir Putin from the Kremlin leadership in Moscow.

Sherbashin, a veteran KGB officer who served in Iran during the rise of the Islamic regime, and also served in Pakistan, India, and Afghanistan, told the newspaper Vremya Novosti in an interview that "Al Qaeda" was a myth used by the United States to justify its presence in the Middle East. Sherbashin, who headed
the National Economic Security Service firm and served as the head of the KGB for one day following the 1991 abortive coup in the Soviet Union, was found dead on March 31 in his central Moscow apartment with a single gunshot wound to the head. A suicide note was left but police have not divulged its contents. Police ruled the death a suicide. Like former British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook, who not only said Al Qaeda was a myth but was a CIA database of the agency's for-hire terrorists and financiers, Sherbashin defied conventional wisdom about the true nature of "Al Qaeda." Cook died from a sudden heart attack in 2005 while hiking in Scotland.

Sherbashin said that after he met with an Al Qaeda expert with the U.S. defense contractor Rand Corporation, they agreed that Al Qaeda "is not a group but a notion.”

There may be more behind Sherbashin's "suicide." He was close to General Leonid Ivashov and in 2011 both Sherbashin and Ivashov made their opinions about Al Qaeda and 9/11 known at a round table discussion hosted by the weekly publication Zavtra. Ivashov told the panel that 9/11 was "connected with the world financial mafias, having representatives in the power structures of the USA, including the intelligence and special services. It is also no accident, that parallel with the investigation of the September 11 attack, investigations are going on concerning the activities of a number of other structures, including the Mossad, within the U.S. intelligence community.... I believe the ongoing events in the U.S. will develop out of the conflict between these two forces."

Sherbashin said that the United States was attempting to encircle Russia and China with military bases, emphasizing that "the Americans used Afghanistan to take over the positions of the former Soviet Union in Central Asia. They got very good bases in Kyrgyzstan, bases in Tajikistan, agreements with Uzbekistan, pressure on Kazakhstan. I think we are looking at preparations for a serious confrontation with China, which is turning into a strategic issue. We are seeing the same approach with China, as earlier with the Soviet Union ... China is already surrounded by a whole chain of major military bases, in Central Asia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, the taking over of the former Russian base in Vietnam, the base in Okinawa." Sherbashin also predicted that the United States would over-extend itself militarily and could disintegrate like the Soviet Union, which ceased to exist in a mere four days.

There may have been a message to Russia's top leadership in the suspicious death of Sherbashin. The old KGB hand started the National Economic Security Service with his KGB colleague Nikolai Leonov, who was a KGB agent specializing in Latin America and an associate of Che Guevara. More importantly, Leonov, a member of the Russian State Duma, is the mentor and close friend of incoming Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The presence of Michael McFaul as the U.S. ambassador to Russia is yet another example of the United States posting an activist ambassador intent on regime change in the country to which he is accredited. Similar U.S. activist ambassadors, who, unlike their predecessors in Third World nations during the Cold War, overtly involve themselves in supporting the opposition in their host countries. McFaul, whose command of the Russian language is abysmal, is not in Moscow to promote friendly relations between Washington and the Kremlin. Instead, McFaul is stationed in Moscow to provide support to the Russian opposition in order to de-legitimize the Putin administration and bring about the takeover of Russia by financial and political interests aligned with Western military and business interests.

President Obama waited an entire week before congratulating Putin on his presidential election victory and McFaul has established close contacts with Putin's opponents in the presidential race, as well as street activists who attempted to launch a National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and Gene Sharp blueprint "themed" revolution in Russia.

McFaul is part and parcel of Obama's "soft power" aggression against Arab governments with socialist underpinnings, Russia, China, and progressive Latin American governments. McFaul is not a career diplomat and he describes himself as an expert on "anti-dictator movements and revolutions."

McFaul has used the U.S. embassy in Moscow to host anti-Kremlin political leaders and opposition groups, including Yevgeniya Chirikova of Strategy-31, an opposition group founded by a leader of Russia's National Bolshehvik Party, a neo-Nazi group whose goals are ironically supported by exiled Russian Zionist oligarch Boris Berezovsky and his pitch man Alex Goldfarb; Boris Nemtsov, the leader of the People's Freedom Party; Lev Ponomarev of the Moscow Helsinki Group; Sergey Mitrokhin, the leader of the Yabloko party; Oksana Dmitriyeva, deputy leader of the "neo-socialist" A Just Russia party; Lilia Shibanova, the leader of the GOLOS election watchdog group; and Olga Romanova, chief of finances for the "White" Revolution protests in December 2011. Many of these groups receive funding directly or indirectly from George Soros’s network of NGOs or from the U.S. National Endowment for Democracy and its front organizations.

Sherbashin, whose firm closely monitored Russia's economic security and, along with Leonov, advised Putin on international economic matters, died as the BRICS nations -- Brazil, Russia, India, China. and South Africa -- announced they were abandoning inter-BRICS commerce using the U.S. dollar, instead opting for trading among themselves in their national currencies.

The suspicious death of Sherbashin, followed by a suspicious fire in the upper floors of Moscow's Federation Tower, which, when completed, will be Europe's tallest building, point to the next term of office for Putin being the "years of living dangerously" for the government and people of Russia.

There is a full-court press being imposed by the United States and its allies on Russia. Even some Russian media organizations, including RT [the former Russia Today] and its parent, RIA Novosti, known in the past for taking a harsh and cynical view of the United States and its foreign policy, have featured guests and commentators who are aligned with the neo-conservative, neo-liberal, and Soros-linked forces that are seeking to destabilize the Russian government. In effect, Russia is helping to subsidize its own turmoil, and if the United States gets its way, its own demise.

For example, Sherbashin's suspicious death received almost as little attention in the Russian media as it received in the Western media.

After Putin is inaugurated as President on May 7, American and Western pressure on Russia's government is bound to increase in intensity. Obama's Russia strategy, coupled with its involvement in a failed putsch in the Chinese Communist Party Politburo, indicates that the Obama administration is willing to play with nuclear fire in trying to destabilize two major nuclear powers. Obama may feel that he has a close relationship with current Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. But on May 7, Medvedev becomes an ex-president and Obama and his foreign policy team show no signs that they are willing to deal with Putin as the legitimate President of Russia....

The Russian 'opposition' is something I have been posting things about for months - this is a NED/Soros contrivance. There is no such thing as an opposition which consists of far right - (I documented Stormfront's presence at Moscow anti-Putin protests back in 12/11 and posted videos of it but there are worse things which are openly Nazi parties who are part of this 'opposition' - Pravda has been saying for some time that Rothschild-Rhodes scholar US ambassador McFaul runs this openly right out of the US Embassy in Moscow) and the 'opposition' also includes far left splinter parties...these far right and far left groups do not even meet in real life, much less form political coalitions.

If the Russian ambassador came to the US, did not greet the US government and instead began running 'opposition' groups out of the Russian embassy in D.C. and organized far-right skinheads and die-hard communist groups, White Pride marchers against Obama, how long would he last in the US? Who is the worrisome global bully, Russia or the US?

The whole Hodge podge of tiny radical groups swept into one pile called 'opposition' is something NED and Soros have concocted in many countries and this is definitely a sign that they are actively working to destabilize Russia via social and political upheaval of the color revolution kind.

There is a similar fabricated Hodge podge 'opposition' on the ground in Syria now except in Syria, they did not pass go nor collect $200 but instead straight sent the mercs and death squads while Russia still has the soft sorosy color revolution protesters and FEMEN girlies mixed with US efforts to organize radical parties against the government.

Other 'opposition protesters' in Russia are chess champion Garry Kasparov who is a long-time on-payroll
NED man (link) - NED's website chows that he is on their payroll, I posted this link a while ago. Others - Russia's prominent bloggers Alexey Navalny and Sergey Udaltsov - both on permanent payroll with NED and Soros - I posted evidence of that at length in the past also....

Here is the latest from RT on that - the White Pride folks are now enrolling as parties and McFaul will have his hands full to take this political pink slime and make an 'opposition' out of it to try to topple Putin with it....
Someone emailed me and asked how I thought NED would get this 'opposition' elected in the future. They are not. They are just using this pile of reject political crap to destabilize Russia and weaken or oust Putin. This is a soft coup attempt and their Rothschild man Prokhorov is already waiting in the wings in case they succeed at somehow getting Putin out. Which I do not think will work. Not with these maneuvers anyway.
Putin has been acknowledging the sabotage for months. He actually addressed it right in his tearful victory speech when he said that he won despite the outside saboteurs. The outside saboteurs would be the US. The man is not a hothead. He will deal with it but not lose his cool over it. McFaul is a complete disgrace to the US.

Here is McFaul having a petty fight with Russian reporters last week. About 2 minutes into it, he calls Russia a "wild country". He decompensates to a babbling idiot throughout this rant. Arrogant ass just like Obama. See subtitles.
McFaul has used the U.S. Embassy in Moscow to host anti-Kremlin political leaders and opposition groups, including Yevgeniya Chirikova of Strategy-31, an opposition group founded by a leader of Russia's National Bolshevik Party, a neo-Nazi group whose goals are ironically supported by exiled Russian Zionist oligarch Boris Berezovsky and his pitch man Alex Goldfarb; Boris Nemtsov, the leader of the People's Freedom Party; Lev Ponomarev of the Moscow Helsinki Group;...

Note in the above video what McFaul's reaction is when reporters confront him with receiving Boris Nemtsov in the embassy...he gets defensive and lashes out at reporters and soon loses his composure when confronted with his meetings with the activist-saboteurs with whom he is conspiring to destabilize Russia.

Nemtsov is one of the saboteurs. Along with chess champ Kasparov whom I mentioned above - this is a duo which is a darling of NED - see this piece - this is the Soros 'opposition' writing about the 'democracy' they want to bring to Russia this way...
Kasparov and Nemtsov: Sanction Putin's criminals (an NED piece of propaganda hype) (And what do we have here?- Kasparov - a Zionist Jew. Nemtsov - Zionist Jew. Boris Berezovsky whom Wayne mentions - Zionist Jew.

PS - the 'Moscow Helsinki Group' mentioned above is at the core of Soros operations - we have the Helsinki people all over the Balkans, too. I have spent some time in their Zagreb offices and know their operations. They are always at the center of destabilizing a country for Soros. Many Soros groups are created for a specific country - this Helsinki thing is one of the most important Soros groups which has been carried from the Balkans throughout the former Soviet Union and is one of the deadliest destabilizers of a country. Their function is both organization of protests as well as 'gathering evidence of human rights violations". This in translation means - wash all evidence of Zionist involvement off and frame the government you want to topple. Helsinki Group also plays a major part in the ICC because it is one of Soros' 'evidence-gathering' watchdogs which takes the fabricated war crimes/human rights violations evidence to the kabuki ICC and they are called upon testimony there. It does not get much worse than these Helsinki people. I know them well from having dealt with them in the Balkans during the engineered collapse of Yugoslavia. Zio-bastards of the worst kind.

The link I put also mentions Navalny and Udaltsov, the other duo I have been posting on - prominent Russian bloggers who are wholly owned by Soros (on record as being 'students of Soros" even on their resume I found online a while ago). That duo is the main organizers of the street protests. Udaltsov keeps getting himself arrested to go to hunger strike like the professional drama queen that he is - it backfired in November when the drama queen hunger-striked for 48 hours in jail after getting locked up for rowdy protests and then he tried to go to a hospital and called a press conference to show his suffering - and doctors sent him home because there was nothing wrong with him. These are dirt bags. And the US ambassador in Moscow is the director of this Soros symphony in the streets of Moscow.

Pretty interesting - US ambassador McFaul actually admits to working with the NED saboteurs in the video above - and loses his cool because he was asked...He needs an appointment with that prostitutkamila to get those frustrations out of his system.
Putin has to be on to this. I'm surprised the US ambassador hasn't been given the boot.

Throwing McFaul out is what the US would do. But it would also show fear and weakness. This type of diplomacy is the sign of weak limited minds, rigid dogma and frankly - diplomatic inferiority. Sledgehammer approaches are the work of CFR, zio elites, those who snorted too much military-industrial thinking. Putin is a man who thinks on his feet who has a great deal of strength but also versatile tactile sensitivities to adjust to each situation. You will see him respond. In time. But not by the blunder of throwing McFaul out. Throwing him out would prove what the NED/Soros screamers in the street want who are trying to push him into such a move - so they can prove that there is 'no democracy' in Russia. He will not do them that favor. He will let them fall on their swords in due time. Because they are stupid. Every time. You will see....