Friday, September 24, 2010

Next U.S. destabilization target: Tajikistan

September , 2010 -- Next U.S. destabilization target: Tajikistan and Lebanon again soon with CIA-MOSSAD/STL Shenanigans.....

After establishing destabilization programs in Pakistan, Lebanon and Iran, the CIA, with the help of Mossad, has embarked on a major program to carry out false flag terrorist attacks in Tajikistan with the goal of bringing that country firmly into the American orbit. WMR's intelligence sources in Asia report the move by Washington and Tel Aviv to consolidate control over Tajikistan is aimed at eliminating Tajikistan as a potential ally of Iran in any military showdown between the West and Iran. Tajikistan, with its Pamiri Shi'a Muslim minority and Tajik-Persian-speaking population, is a country where Iran enjoys widespread popular support. Tajikistan, which lies to the north of Afghanistan, also hosts a U.S., French, and Indian military presence.

Washington would also like to wean Tajikistan away from membership in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), which unites China, Russia, and central Asian republics against the West as a de facto counterpart to NATO.

Just as with their playbook in Pakistan and Iran, the CIA and Mossad are conducting terrorist attacks in Tajikistan, which suffered a bloody civil war in the 1990s between forces loyal to President Emomali Rakhmon and Muslim insurgents, that are being blamed on two groups said to be affiliated with "Al CIAda," the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU) and Hizb ut-Tahrir. On September 19, the IMU was said to have claimed responsibility for an attack on an Tajik army unit in eastern Tajikistan that resulted in the deaths of 23 Tajik military personnel. The attacks bear some similarities to Mossad-initiated attacks on Turkish military units in that country that are subsequently blamed on Kurdish guerrillas.

WMR previously reported on links between the IMU and the CIA. Abdufattoh Ahmadis, the IMU spokesman who claimed responsibility for the attack on the Tajik military forces, curiously chose to send his videotape to Radio Liberty's studio in Dushanbe, the Tajik capital. Radio Liberty, once run by the CIA, is now largely influenced by George Soros's Open Society Institute.

Last February, Baluchi Jundullah leader Abdolmalek Rigi was reportedly scheduled to meet with Tajik Islamic extremists on the CIA's payroll in Manas, Kyrgyzstan to coordinate anti-Iranian terrorist activities between Jundullah and Tajik Islamic militants in Iran. Jundullah had carried out a number of terrorist attacks in western Iran from its bases in Pakistan. Rigi's flight to Kyrgyzstan was intercepted by Iranian forces who captured Rigi, put him on trial for terrorism, and eventually executed him.

The United States is seeking the same military basing rights in Tajikistan as enjoyed by India at its base in Ayni. However, when news that Tajikistan had negotiated a deal for a base in Tajikistan, Rakhmon backtracked. Tajikistan is now being faced with an "Al Qaeda"-directed destabilization campaign. The most recent attack on Tajik military forces took place on the A372 highway in the mountainous region of Pamir, home to Tajikistan's pro-Iranian Shi'a minority, and which links Tajikistan to the restive Ferghana Valley of Kyrgyzstan, where the CIA and Mossad provide military aid to Islamic insurgents on their payroll who also provide assistance to anti-Chinese Uighur separatists in the neighboring Xinjiang-Uighur Autonomous Region.

The covert U.S. and Israeli operations in Central Asia are being coordinated by the U.S. Special Envoy to Afghanistan/Pakistan Richard Holbrooke. Holbrooke was due to meet with Rigi in Manas but the meeting never took place because of the Iranian capture of Rigi, who, under torture, provided details of the U.S. and Israeli operations aimed at destabilizing the entire Central Asian region to apply pressure on both China and Russia.

Recently active "Al CIAda" franchises, Al Qaeda in the Maghreb (AQIM) and Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) have been blamed for terrorist attacks in Yemen and French interests in North Africa, respectively. In fact, both groups, fronts for the CIA and Mossad, like the IMU in central Asia, are being used to justify the pro-Israel, anti-Muslim, and expansionistic foreign and military policies of Barack Obama and Nicolas MOSSAD-CIA Sarkozy.....

What is going in my country? Six Islamic militants, including a “foreign mercenary,” were killed during the anti-terror operation in the east of the country, the spokesmen of the Tajik Defense Ministry Faridun Mahmadaliev told journalists in Dushanbe yesterday. He confirmed that the special operation to”‘neutralize illegal armed groups in the Rasht Valley” is continuing.

According to authorities, these groups are responsible for a deadly ambush that killed 28 Tajik soldiers on September 19 in Kamarob. Initially, according to the authorities, the soldiers were sent to the region to hunt a group of prisoners who escaped jail in Dushanbe on August 23. However, local sources say the preparation for the operation was already under way long before the massive jailbreak. They also add that not one of the escaped prisoners are Rasht Valley natives, making the area an unlikely hideaway.

Another bit of suspicion was added when high profile government figures said the soldiers are seeking to eliminate Mullah Abdullah, a former opposition commander who did not accept the peace deal of 1997 and left the country for Afghanistan in 2000. Hunting Abdullah had also been the aim of the previous massive anti-terror operation conducted by the Tajik special forces last summer in Tavildara Valley. That mission did not succeed in capturing or killing Abdullah, but it did kill one-time Emergency Minister and former opposition field commander Mirzo Ziyoev under suspicious circumstances.

All this has led some independent newspapers in Dushanbe to dub Mullah Abdullah the “Tajik Bin Laden,” a vague phantom with the power to “appear” in other areas of the country and thus instigating new anti-terror operations resulting in more deaths problematic individuals. The authorities harshly criticized these papers, saying, “The independent papers are trying to demoralize our brave militaries, put in doubt our noble mission, and make our population hopeless.”

Yet, skepticism is a perfectly logical reaction to the situation, and here’s why.

A common thread between the two missions are the government figures behind them: Defense Minister Khairullah Sheraliev, Interior Affairs Minister Abdurahim Qahhorov, First Deputy of the Chief of the State Committee of National Security Mansurjon Umarov, and First Deputy of the Prosecutor General Abduqodir Muhammadiev. Incidentally, this entire group visited the region and met former opposition commanders Mirzokhuja Ahmadov and Shoh Iskandarov to solicit their help in finding Abdullah.

Ahmadov and Iskandarov accepted the peace deal of 1997 and worked in the Interior Ministry until 2008. Ahmadov became popular when the Special Unit of the Interior Ministry tried and failed to arrest him in February 2008. The commander of the unit, Oleg Zakharchenko, was killed during the event. Ahmadov told the public that he was innocent. He also claimed that the unit’s soldiers started firing upon his men, and in the ensuing skirmish, Zakharchenko was accidentally killed.

At the time, then Interior Minister General Mahmadnazar Solehov said he did not send the unit to arrest Ahmadov. Solehov was eventually compelled to resign, though, and then was killed in June 2009 when the government tried to arrest him. Officials said he killed himself, but the situation remains murky. According to some sources, he was considering joining the political opposition to overthrow President Rahmon.

Meanwhile, Ahmadov succeeded in convincing Rahmon that he was not connected to Solehov and was subsequently pardoned during a presidential visit to the region, which included a personal meeting between the two men, in October 2009. Because it was an oral pardon and not a formal documented decree, Ahmadov was anxious about his safety. When the criminal investigation into Zakharchenko’s death was re-opened in April 2010, he made a public appeal to Rahmon to stay true to the pardon.

By the way, it is during this visit that local sources say the first soldiers arrived, about 250 of them. Hmmmm the way the needle is sewing this thread, it seems to me that both missions, as well as the meeting with Ahmadov and Iskandarov, needed Rahmon’s green light. Ahmadov’s connection to Abdullah cannot be reassuring for the former.

Normally I hesitate to speculate, but my needle is sewing a pattern that makes me wonder whether Abdullah is even alive, much less in the country. Whatever the truth, the authorities are indeed using his name to launch suspicious operations against individuals who would have the capacity to lead an uprising against the government.

By “uprising” I generally mean social unrest, which actually could be ignited in any part of the country, but which is most likely to arise from the Rasht Valley. If it does happen there, then it could evolve into outright revolt against the government. Keep in mind that this area was a stronghold of the opposition during the civil war, and that its inhabitants, the Gharmi, were against the Kulobi clan — the clan of Rahmon.

I hope I’m wrong, but Tajikistan’s carpet is unraveling at the seams. Prices continue to rise, the Roghun project is deflating our currency and enraging our neighbors, the government is impotent, and worst of all, the winter is coming…

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