Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sarkozy alienates French intelligence services....

The marriage of Nicolas SARKOZY and Carla BRUNI was orchestrated, organized, choreographed by CIA/MOSSAD...,116063,en.pdf

September , 2010 -- Sarkozy alienates French intelligence services....with his MOSSAD-CIA shenanigans, using "security" matters for pure politics.....

WMR's informed French sources report that French President Nicolas Sarkozy has incurred the ire of the chief of France's foreign intelligence services, Erard Corbin de Mangoux of the General Directorate for External Security (DGSE) who has quietly made it clear that they are supporting Sarkozy's bitter rival, Dominique de Villepin, to be the next President of France. In 2008, Sarkozy combined the Renseignements Généraux (RG) and the Department of Surveillance of the Territory (DST) internal security agencies to form the Central Directorate of Internal Intelligence (DCRI).

Sarkozy placed his friend, Bernard Squarcini, in charge of the new super-agency. Known as "the Shark," the Rabat. Morocco-born Squarcini has beefed up the surveillance of Muslims in France. Last March, Squarcini said his agency broke up a planned terrorist attack on an Israeli Defense Force (IDF) fundraising event in Paris. Squarcini has also increased the sharing of French intelligence with Israel. Earlier this week, Squarcini hyped up a false alarm bomb threat against the Eiffel Tower, hours after the French Senate voted to ban the wearing of the burqa in France.

In April, Squarcini admitted using French intelligence to track down the sources of rumors of marital problems between Sarkozy and French First Lady Carla Bruni that began to appear in the European media. French intelligence agents reportedly tapped the cell phone calls of a number of French government and European Union officials.

Sarkozy decided to clip the wings of the RG because he suspected RG agents of providing criminal investigation evidence to his political rival de Villepin that Sarkozy contends was part of a smear campaign. Sarkozy later brought criminal charges against de Villepin but they were dismissed. The chief charge was that de Villepin conspired to smear Sarkozy by leaking false documents showing Sarkozy received foreign bribes through a Luxembourg banking entity known as Clearstream, which has been linked to money laundering by the Russian-Israeli Mafia, including exiled Russian Jewish oligarchs living in Britain, the United States, and Israel.

The anti-de Villepin media in France hyped the fact that the Clearstream documents were forgeries. WMR has learned from French intelligence sources that the original Clearstream documents that showed Sarkozy has received illegal foreign payments were, in fact, authentic. Sarkozy allies went to work to remove certain information and enter false information in a later version of the documents that were used to show how Sarkozy was a victim of a smear campaign based on forgeries.

Some press reports suggested that Sarkozy's name was added to the Clearstream list of politicians who maintained secret bank accounts in Clearstream. In fact, Sarkozy's name was on the original Clearstream spread sheet audit records but data associated with Sarkozy and Sarkozy's mentor, Prime Minister Edouard Balladur, were cleverly altered by agents who had long been grooming Sarkozy for the top job in France: President of the Republic.

The culprits who took the original Clearstream documents and forged them are reported to have been working for the Israeli Mossad. The French media has reported that documents that surfaced in 2007 show that Sarkozy was, and is still , an agent for the Mossad and CIA..... Sarkozy reportedly was recruited in 1978 when Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin ordered the Mossad to penetrate the RPR, the predecessor of the Gaullist Union pour un Mouvement Populaire (UMP). Sarkozy became a rising star in the UMP, having served as mayor of the Paris suburb of Neuilly-sur-Seine, the home to many wealthy French Jews....

In 1993, Sarkozy, the Budget Minister and Neuilly-sur-Seine mayor, was propelled on to the national stage when a mentally unstable man claiming to be wearing an explosive belt and waving a pistol took a number of children and their teacher hostage in a classroom in Neuilly-sur-Seine. Sarkozy walked unarmed into the classroom and negotiated for the release of 15 of the 21 children. The hostage taker, Eric Schmitt, who was born in French-controlled Algeria, was shot in the head three times by French police sharpshooters after he briefly fell asleep. He had on his person papers bearing the words "Human Bomb." Some French intelligence sources now believe that the hostage taking event was staged as a method of increasing Sarkozy's popularity in order to set the stage for a run for higher office.

Sarkozy first attempted to gain access to national politics by dating the daughter of Paris's UMP Mayor Jacques Chirac, who would eventually become French President. Although marriage into the Chirac family was not in the offing for Sarkozy, his relationship with Chirac, the mayor of Neuilly-sur-Seine's neighboring larger city, grew closer. Sarkozy went on to hold the post of Interior Minister during Chirac's presidency and he antagonized Muslims by calling alleged Muslim rioters "scum." French Muslims responded by calling Sarkozy "sale juif" or "dirty Jew." Sarkozy is believed to have been behind many of the arson attacks that swept through France in 2005 in order to show how tough he could be with rioters and arsonists. The scheme worked and Sarkozy was elected President in 2007 as a "law and order" man.

It was while mayor of Neuilly-sur-Seine that Sarkozy is reported to have first started receiving bribes, via Clearstream, from a sweetheart naval frigate deal between French defense contractor Thomson-CSF, now known as Thales, and the Taiwanese Navy. The French bank Societe Generale, also arranged for bribes to be paid to top Taiwanese government officials. The cost of the French frigates was inflated in a scheme to plow some of the payments back into the pockets of French and Taiwanese politicians in the form of "commissions." The commissions, which were forbidden by the contract with Taiwan, were reported to have been huge amounts of money.

Taiwanese prosecutors first discovered the Clearstream involvement in 2001 when an examination of Taiwanese politicians' foreign accounts into which bribes were paid by Thompson-CSF, discovered them to be deposited in banks in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Jersey, Cayman Islands, and, more importantly, Luxembourg.

When initial news of the Taiwan and Clearstream affair was first about to break in 1993, Sarkozy, groomed by the Mossad, was threatened with exposure and the end of his political career at an early stage. Sarkozy had to be protected at all costs from those who had knowledge of the illegal payments and might be prepared to talk. Mossad "wet affairs" teams went to work. The director of Taiwan's naval procurement office, Captain Yin Ching-Feng had discovered the over-charging by Thomson and was prepared to go public with the evidence. However, Yin's body was found floating in the sea in the Taiwan Straits by fishermen and Taiwan police later concluded he had been murdered by a sharp blow to the head or neck. In 1996, Yin's nephew, Yang Yi-li, who was investigating the murder of his uncle, was himself found murdered in Canada.

The trail of murders moved to France. On October 10, 2000, Thierry Imbot, a French intelligence agent, was thrown from a fourth-floor window in Paris. Imbot was assigned to Taiwan to monitor the frigate contract. Imbot's father was retired General Rene Imbot, former chief of the DGSE. Retired French Navy Captain Jean-Claude Albessard, who was also part of the Taiwan contract, died from a fast-acting cancer in Japan. In 2001, Jacques Morrison, a Thomson official who worked on the Taiwan deal, fell to his death from a fifth-floor apartment window in Neuilly-sur-Seine, Sarkozy's old home town.

De Villepin, a former foreign minister, has been assured of support from the French diplomatic corps but the intelligence service chiefs considered it a long-shot for de Villepin to beat out other candidates who are eager to challenge Sarkozy. However, with Sarkozy's poll numbers plummeting to new depths over outrage over pension reform, expulsion of the Roma, and antagonizing French Muslims over the burqa ban, the DGSE chief now regards de Villepin as a viable contender to replace Sarkozy. But there is an added twist, WMR has learned that DCRI chief Squarcini, Sarkozy's long-time confidant, has grown tired of the impetuousness of the French president and his misuse of the intelligence services for personal reasons. Sarkozy has threatened to hang de Villepin on a butcher's hook.

Squarcini, we are told, has decided to signal to de Villepin, who has called Sarkozy a "dwarf" and a "midget," that he is ready to quietly assist with the presidential aspirations of de Villepin, Sarkozy's most hated enemy. And to make matters worse for Sarkozy, his wife, Carla Bruni, was reported to be smitten with de Villepin and in April there were reports of secret trysts between the two......

MOSSAD/CIA et Le NapoleoSarko...Geopolitique
et Samson's option d'Israel....

Certes, la volonté stratégique d'Israël de se
constituer une ceinture d'états frontaliers
amis semble en grande difficulté. En effet,
les événements actuels - le renversement des
régimes égyptien et tunisien, les troubles au
Yémen et en Lybie) - viennent s'ajouter à de
cinglants revers essuyés ces derniers temps au
Nord (Liban, Turquie) qui montrent bien que ce
rétrécissement de leur zone d'influence est
une tendance de fond...

Cependant, n'oublions pas un aspect essentiel
d'un tel objectif: faciliter la circulation de
ses sous-marins équipés de l'arme nucléaire
(missiles de croisière embarqués)...

Hélas pour ces ambitieux stratèges, la mer
Rouge comme la Méditerranée n'en constituent
pas moins de sacrés goulots d'étranglement....

L'heure des comptes pour le Narco-Naboland

C'est bien joli, de faire des plans
sur la comète pour devenir le maître
du monde en compagnie de ses grands
amis trafiquants de schnouff un peu
partout sur la planète, mais...

Après l'heure des illusions, suivie
par l'heure des amères désillusions,
sonne l'heure glaciale des comptes....