Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Great Geoplotilical game is still on unabated under Obongo...

The Great Geoplotilical game is still on unabated under Obongo...

The current crisis in Moldova ... is part of the same continuum of geo-strategic events and crises in Eurasia extending from Asia to the Middle East and Eastern Europe... (The "New Great Game" in Eurasia is being fought in its "Buffer Zones" )

Two types of regime change:

1. "Colour revolutions" characterized by political struggles and civil strife invariably triggered through U.S.-NATO interference and covert intelligence operations:


Burma (Myanmar),


the former Yugoslavia,




and Georgia.

2. Outright military intervention:

Afghanistan, Pakistan and Benazir Buttho's assassination by the White House Murder INC, South Asia section.....

and the Anglo-American invasion of Iraq...

The U.S. and the E.U. are behind the fighting and instability in Darfur

The "New Great Game" in Eurasia is being fought in its "Buffer Zones"

Jewish Correspondent Andrea Mitchell, wife of Jewish former Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan, interviews Jewish Rep. Harman on her involvement with the Jewish lobby, and an alleged Jewish spy....

Informed Comment: Harman Scandal: All about War on Iran

Press can't say it, but a blogger can (Jane Harman's Jewish)

Antulay, a government minister, suggested there might be a link between the killing of Karkare and Karkare's investigation of the Malegaon blast (thought to be the work of Hindus with links to India's military and police).

Mumbai terror probe: Rane, Antulay to be quizzed / 26/11 defence to call Antulay, Rane to depose


Warder accused of Jersey child abuse faces new charges

Budget threatens jobs as unemployment soars

Spot the Difference

"My hard drive suddenly spins more frantically than ever, whenever I visit politically sensitive sites, presumably as it struggles to send the details of my browsing off to servers in USA and Tel Aviv, or wherever... " - Bugged bloatware

Free and Fair Elections (1)

Australia sucks Israel's cock

South Africa....:

...Zille took over from Tony Leon, who is an avowed neocon. My SA sources said that if Leon was PM, South African troops would have been in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Zille and Leon are close allies.

Well, it seems that the media in South Africa are still not running with the scandal of the Washington lobbyist Abramoff and his shady links with apartheid spooks and Tony Leon. Wayne Madsen says he has been threatened after he published his exclusive, and the Mail and Guardian in South Africa which made mention of this dirty business on the 20th January in an article by Claudia Braude headlined “A blast from the past” and “United States scandal revives apartheid-era dirty tricks of top Democratic Alliance official” does not feature the article on the web anymore. Spooky or what? And are the ANC too mired in their own scandals to highlight it?


Soros is a major backer of these so-called "neo-liberal" groups like Democratic Alliance. BTW, Soros's U.S. organization is "Democracy Alliance." Anyone for a "themed revolution?" His Orange revolutions were used in Ukraine and Kenya....