Thursday, April 9, 2009

US military forces "in the World....", which would draw the US into the fray. What false flag potential should we expect?

Panetta providing cover for advisers complicit in CIA torture: investigator...

Rachel Oswald
Published: Thursday April 9, 2009

In light of the revelations in the Red Cross torture report, one private investigator is speculating that the CIA director's continuing argument that the Justice Department shouldn't release three Bush-era torture memos is seeming more and more like an attempt to provide cover to CIA advisers who were likely complicit in the formulation of agency torture policies.

Writing in the Daily Beast Wednesday, John Sifton, a private investigator and attorney, says Leon Panetta is giving cover to two of his subordinates by pleading with the Obama administration to not release three torture memos by a former Office of Legal Counsel attorney that the American Civil Liberties Union has sued to gain access to.

"Take Stephen Kappes," writes Sifton. "At the time of the worst torture sessions outlined in the ICRC report, Kappes served as a senior official in the Directorate of Operations—the operational part of the CIA that oversees paramilitary operations as well as the high-value detention program. (The directorate of operations is now known as the National Clandestine Service.) Panetta has kept Kappes as deputy director of the CIA—the number two official in the agency."

Michael Sulick, a deputy of Kappes from 2002-2004, is now the director of the agency's National Clandestine Service, another very senior position at the CIA.

"Since the basic facts about their involvement in the CIA interrogation program are now known, Panetta’s actions are increasingly looking like a cover-up," asserts Sifton...


Mine! By the right of the white election!
Mine! By the royal seal!
Mine! By the blood in the secret prisons
Bars cannot conceal!

Mine! Here in vision and in veto!
Mine! By the grave's repeal!
Titled, confirmed - delirious charter!
Mine! Long as Bankers steal!

Emily Dickinson (1862)
The problem is the system in place, set up by the UKUSA Alliance of evils and the Siamese threesome of CIA/MOSSAD/MI6, and the infamous White House Murder INC,..... it is not a race to be made as the fall guys....again?

While I welcome the prospect of the Israeli lobby losing its strangle-hold on governments, I'm a bit concerned that they will try to redirect peoples anger towards Zionism and by extension Jewish people in general, as happened in Germany during the Nazi era. The problem here is NOT the doing of an ethnic group, despite the fact many of the perpetrators are Jewish, rather it's the SYSTEM as a whole. It appears that Jews are everywhere at the top of the power-pyramid, and that they control everything, but thinking people should consider that the real power is in the hands of people who remain secret - we don't even know who they are. At the Bilderberg's meetings there are people who attend not on their official list, and who can't be identified. Doesn't it make sense that the real power brokers would choose to remain secret, to protect themselves from retribution? I believe Jews are being used as scapegoats again. If all the Jews in power were replaced but the FED/IRS racket left in place, we would still be enslaved. Just as Hollywood seems to be controlled by Jews, yet the companies that control "Jewish Hollywood" are themselves run by non-Jewish people. I read today that 25% of Jews in the USA have converted to Christianity, and since over 50% are non-observant or atheist, that leaves a small percentage of Jewish people in the USA who are practicing the religion of Judaism. I do believe the House of Rothschild were the 'learned elders' who wrote the Protocols of Zion, but I don't believe the HOR represents Jewish people, or that the Zionist state of Israel is a Jewish state. Zionism is a plot to use Jews to hide behind, and as scapegoats when the masses are aroused in anger. Most of my favorite revolutionary writers are Jewish - please don't make the mistake of blaming Jewish people. Even Jewish people who support Zionism are not totally to blame, because they themselves are brainwashed from their indoctrination. Also, far more 'Christians' support Zionism than Jews. I realize now that we are SUPPOSED to blame the Jews - don't fall for their trick! The problem is the system - not an ethnic group!!....