Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Siamese twins, partners in all crimes of PNAC, CIA2/MOSSAD

Jeff Gates’ Guilt by Association: The Siamese twins, partners in all crimes of PNAC, CIA2/MOSSAD
Guilt by Association makes treason transparent. The corruption that plagues American politics is traced to an alliance with elites and extremists loyal to the Land of Israel. Unable to rid politics of campaign finance corruption, the U.S. finds its security imperiled by those skilled at deceiving America into waging wars for the Zionist state.

This chronicle of duplicity and trans-generational manipulation describes how dysfunctional personalities are identified and then positioned for elective office. Chronicling systemic corruption that predates the current presidential candidates by decades, Guilt by Association describes how organized crime expanded worldwide in plain view yet with legal impunity.

Gates does appear to be audacious in his goals. In Guilt, he appears to be offering us a tool for understanding the massive financial scandals and upsets much of the Western world is now enduring and he ties it to America’s going to war in the Middle East. “America’s post-war leadership embraced an alliance with an elitist and fundamentalist subculture within Judaism’s broader faith tradition.”

Nicely put about “Judaism’s broader faith tradition,” but what he has to say about that subculture is less charitable: “The Zionism chronicled in this account describes a transnational organized crime agenda featuring financial and political domination by elites and extremists.” For instance, America, Gates argues, is in Iraq now because “the war in Iraq is the product of a trans-generational syndicate skilled at displacing facts with (false) beliefs. Those masterful at manipulating thoughts and beliefs are also responsible for enabling organized crime to expand to a global scale.”