Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Overhead NRO assets, cyber wars and space based weapon systems

Overhead NRO assets, cyber wars and space based weapon systems

At a National Security Council meeting a few days before the G-20
summit on 1st April, President Obama criticized the Clinton
administration’s ostensible ’serious political and human failure’
severely. A spokeswoman for the White House rendered Obama’s
comments, which seem to amount to a major statement, as follows:

Briefed about US satellite reconnaissance a few days after being
installed as president on 20th January, Obama realized that American
spy satellites were equipped with exactly those capabilities of
influencing humans on the ground and even inside buildings as a
growing number of American and foreign citizens exposed to
surveillance and direct microwave communications from satellites had
protested against on the Internet since 1994-95.

“Like many other Democratic Party members in the lower echelons I
believed myself that it was all about cantankerous complaints from
leftish paranoid conspiracy theorists,” Obama said, “but at a recent
meeting with the intelligence directors it was made clear to me that
the main objection against the trustworthiness of the asserted direct
satellite influence on humans, namely the negligible energy intensity
at ground level at a distance of several hundred or up to thousands of
miles from a microwave transmitter on a satellite, did not hold.”

“It was demonstrated to me with frightening clarity that microwave-
induced messages from satellites in orbit can after all be perceived
by unwitting individuals on the ground through an alleged innate
dialectical interaction between subliminal and extrasensory perception
requiring information, but no or almost no energy.”

“Regrettably, I was not in the least surprised that my deeply
conservative and unimaginative Republican predecessor could consider
electromagnetic mind control an acceptable addition to the collection
of government tools to rule, but that President Clinton and his
administration took no action whatsoever against this encroachment
abhorrent to America’s civil rights was and is revolting,” said
President Obama. “Even worse is it that it was exactly in these years
that the genocide in Rwanda and the large massacre at Srebrenica in
Bosnia took place and the Clinton administration did absolutely
nothing to prevent them.”

“A few days after the massacre at Srebrenica on 12th-16th July, 1995,
our government announced that American air force satellites had
discovered large areas with recently dug earth which looked like mass
graves. The procedure had been the same the year before, in April
1994, when the Defense Intelligence Agency processed satellite
photographs of Rwanda showing massacre sites.”

“Nowadays, it is no secret,” said Obama, “that US air force satellites
in 1995 were capable of a ground resolution considerably better than 8
cm. At that resolution you can see with unbearable acuity events such
as humans being shot. At Bratunac alone, about 8 km from Srebrenica,
1,000 men were shot in the open on 14th July, 1995.”

“You don’t need to be a genius to understand that the passive
bystanders, the American witnesses were also there a few days before
and even observed the ongoing massacres themselves in close-up,” said
President Obama.

With his well-known deep compassion for Africa, Obama pointed out that
President Clinton could and should have decreed that American air
force satellites prevent the genocide in Rwanda in 1994 with more than
800,000 killed as well as the massacre at Srebrenica in July 1995
claiming 8,000 victims.

“What was then presented to the general public as an impassable
diplomatic and logistic tangle now appears in a totally changed light.
A comprehensive humanitarian satellite-assisted intervention featuring
early-warning observation as well as a crucially important early
intervention stage would have been achievable for a sufficiently long
period of time for other, superseding measures to take place. The
early satellite intervention stage would have admitted behavior-
changing or sub-lethal electromagnetic influence on potential war
criminals on the ground, whether political leaders, military
commanders or ravaging gangs of young Hutu warriors.”

“Thus my intelligence directors have confirmed that the majority of
the 800,000 Tutsi casualties in Rwanda could have been prevented by
the Clinton administration.”

Stressing that he did not want to repeat Clinton’s disgraceful
omission offences hostile to Africa, Obama has immediately ordered
measures to initiate prevention of mass rape and genocide in Darfur
and Eastern Congo applying the mentioned comprehensive observation and
intervention capabilities of American air force satellites, which have
certainly not turned less effective since 1994.

The brand-new Obama doctrine has a one-item agenda: “We don’t want any
more genocides and satellite-assisted humanitarian intervention is the
means to achieve this goal.”

Obama emphasized that the Obama doctrine applies to imminent or
ongoing genocides only. Unfortunately, humanitarian intervention, even
from the best of motives, is not without further proof applicable to
muddled failed-state issues, one of the reasons being that
humanitarian intervention in such cases could be misconstrued as
sovereignty violation or even great power aggression.

Asked at the meeting if the launch of the Obama doctrine and the
government’s confirmation of the existence of a number of mind-
influencing satellite technologies might not give rise to domestic
riots owing to vigorous dissatisfaction with the cessation of a
military monopoly involving certain sexual prerogatives while bringing
about violent eruptions, as the American people finally realizes that
satellite observation as well as behavior-changing intervention are
already widely practiced on a daily basis in the USA itself, an astute
Obama answered: “The cat is already let out of the bag. At this
juncture, political wisdom requires us to steal a march on the coming
domestic developments. It is for the same reason I have chosen this
moment to make my attitude to the Clinton administration clear.”

As one of the primary consequences of his new resolve, President Obongo
has encouraged Lila Rajiva, the CIA2 shadow author of ‘The Emergence of
the Police State in America’ to assist the American Ministry of
Education in elaborating a new curriculum that integrates impression
management, mind control and other government electromagnetic
applications into the subject of political science at the majority of
the American colleges and universities where political science and
politics are taught and studied....

“My intelligence directors are adamant that we can expect a great
revolt in America by 2011, probably in spring, just at the defining
moment when the new beginning of my first presidential period should
have got momentum,” Obama said. “But the lawfully elected government
will naturally insist on preserving its definitional power and right
to set the political agenda in the USA. So in order to sidetrack the
coming untimely revolt, which I am told may even aspire to go global,
we have to narrow the distance between the mainstream reality, where
my popularity figures are still high, and the veiled reality.”

“Therefore, we can’t continue muting the presentation to the public of
our established government electromagnetic applications employing the
host of idealizing, albeit pro-government political scientists who
lecture in political science and politics at American universities
pretending that in our managed democracy the required law enforcing
electromagnetic impact on the citizens doesn’t occur.”

“Dr. death... will help reducing that disturbing dissonance increasing
the chances for the American presidential institution, its world
leadership, and the American dream to continue beyond the looming