Saturday, June 25, 2011

Is Egypt on the verge of losing the Sinai again....?

Is Egypt on the verge of losing the Sinai again....?

[The odds are very high that this scenario is probably correct, that the next great war is erupting in the Middle East, one that will stretch all the way to Pakistan. Now all that is left is to find a justification to expand it northwards now, instead of waiting. Israel is dying and the Zionist freaks who run it understand that. Losing faith in the idea of "Israel" is the only real existential threat to the Zionist state. The Sinai is a vital component of that shitty little egotistical imaginary state. Summer is getting very hot....]

How long safe is safe in Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt’s Sinai?

What is happening in Egypt’s Sinai:

In June 2011, unknown gunmen attacked a police checkpoint. (2 Egyptian policemen killed in Sinai )

The police now need army escorts. (23 June 2011, The Economist,The Bedouin of Sinai: Free but dangerous)

In June 2011, two Egyptian soldiers were shot dead by masked gunmen in a main street of el-Arish, the chief city of the region.

Hospitals are crowded with the victims of violence.

Bedouin tribesmen recently cut the road to Sharm el-Sheikh.

Women have been disappearing.

Traders carry guns.

Egypt’s prime minister, Essam Sharaf, recently visited el-Arish.

Hours after he left, a bomb blew up a pipeline that supplies gas to Jordan.

“They may yet attack South Sinai’s oil installations and tourist resorts.”

(23 June 2011, The Economist, The Bedouin of Sinai: Free but dangerous)

The governor blames Islamic extremists of Al-CIAda....for some of the trouble....

Israel grabbed the Sinai in 1967, but handed it back in 1982. Israel would like the Sinai to be part Israel.

How long before Israel grabs the Sinai from Egypt?

According to The Economist, there could be a big Middle East war during 2011.

“Unless remedial action is taken, 2011 might see the most destructive (Middle East) war for many years.” (The United States, Israel and the Arabs.)

Step 1 – topple Mubarak

Step 2 – create turmoil in the Sinai

Step 3 – invade....