Thursday, June 2, 2011

With huge reserves of oil and natural gas .... why go nuclear? 16 Saudi nuclear reactors to cost $300 billion

With huge reserves of oil and natural gas .... why go nuclear? 16 Saudi nuclear reactors to cost $300 billion....

Abdul Ghani bin Melaibari, coordinator of scientific collaboration at King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy, also said that arrangements were being made to offer the project for international bidding and the winning company should satisfy the Kingdom’s needs for modern technology.

He made the remarks during the Gulf Environment Forum, which concluded in Jeddah on Tuesday.

Each reactor may cost around $7 billion, he said.

Melaibari said the Kingdom is in the stage of planning for the nuclear project and coordination with specialized companies was currently under way.

He said companies from any country could bid for the projects.

“We will consider expertise that we can benefit from,” he explained.

“After 10 years we will have the first two reactors. After that, every year we will establish two, until we have 16 of them by 2030,” said the official.

Melaibari said the nuclear reactors would cover about 20 percent of the Kingdom’s needs for electricity, adding that the Kingdom would launch a 20-year plan this year to introduce renewable clean energy.

Speaking at the same event, Mayor Hani Muhammad Abu Ras said the municipality was focusing on spreading awareness about the environment in a bid to draw up a road map for waste management with social involvement.

“We recycle waste instead of just dumping it in order to make economic gains. If we just get rid of it, the dumping area will be filled with garbage in less than 10 years,” he said.

The municipality currently has four stations to recycle waste and 11 mobile garbage collection units in various parts of Jeddah, he pointed out....