Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Shrouding the joint US-Israeli imperial project, the Zioconned MSM fakes an "existential threat" ....

Shrouding the joint US-Israeli imperial project, the Zioconned MSM fakes an "existential threat" daily for over a decade....

Do the Iran shuffle....
By Ben Schreiner

Iran is the new Nazi Germany, Mahmud Ahmadinejad the new Hitler. And as the world wavers and blinks in the face of such evil, the tyrannical menace grows increasingly emboldened.

Or so goes the prevailing narrative of the "Iranian threat." Of course, the main champion of this line is none other than Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who personally fancies casting Iran as no less than an "existential threat" to the state of Israel. In fact, in addressing the US Congress last May, Netanyahu thundered to rousing applause (one of 29 such standing ovations) that a nuclear Iran was the "greatest danger facing humanity."

Of little surprise then, that as the tensions between the West and Iran reach crisis level, scarcely a story in the corporate media on the Iranian nuclear program appears without referencing the "existential threat" to Israel. For per the "existential threat" refrain, if Iran's nuclear program cannot soon be stopped - or "taken out" - Iran will proceed to develop the bomb and place Israel firmly within its crosshairs. Indeed, a rather ominous scenario seemingly necessitating a swift response, perhaps even military confrontation.

Yet, despite the predominance of Western politicians and pundits couching their lusting for war in notions of a noble defense of Israel, many prominent Israelis dispute the now popularized conception of the so-called "Iranian threat."

For instance, the Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported that current Mossad chief Tamir Pardo told an audience of Israeli ambassadors in late December that even if Iran where to acquire a nuclear bomb, it "wouldn't necessarily constitute a threat to Israel's continued existence." Pardo went on to lament, "The term existential threat is used too freely."

Speaking back in 2007, then-Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni was likewise reported by Haaretz to have said, "Iranian nuclear weapons do not pose an existential threat to Israel."

And former Mossad chief Efraim Halevy and former Israeli military chief of staff Dan Halutz have also both shared similar sentiments. With Halutz arguing, "I don't think there's room for any doomsday scenarios or comparisons with the Holocaust."

All the aforementioned, it should be noted, are hardly what one would consider doves.

Still, such statements should elicit little surprise. For in the end, Iran indeed poses no such threat - even if it were to develop nuclear weapons, which both US and Israeli intelligence agencies maintain Iran is not currently pursuing. After all, the seemingly unspeakable truth regularly omitted from Western discussions of the "Iranian threat" is that Israel is itself a nuclear power. And as such, Israel possesses a formidable nuclear deterrent, with an estimated arsenal of some 200 nuclear warheads. (Israel neither confirms nor denies the existence of its nuclear program, and refuses international inspections.)

Given this, a nuclear attack on Israel by Iran would be nothing less than suicidal. And no indication exists that the Iranian government is in anyway indifferent to its own survival. As Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak even admitted back 2010: "I don't think the Iranians, even if they got the bomb, (would) drop it in the neighborhood. They fully understand what might follow. They are radical but not totally crazy. They have a quite sophisticated decision-making process, and they understand reality."

So, if Iran isn't suicidal, and the threat then not existential, what is the nature of the so-called threat?

Speaking back in December, Danielle Pletka of the neo-conservative American Enterprise Institute revealed the true nature of the "Iranian threat." As Pletka explained:

The biggest problem for the United States is not Iran getting a bomb and testing it. It's Iran getting a nuclear weapon and not using it. Because the second that they have one and they don't do anything bad, all of the naysayers are going to come back and say ‘see, we told you Iran was a responsible power. We told you Iran wasn't getting nuclear weapons in order to use them immediately. We told you Iran wasn't seeking regional influence or regional hegemony through its acquisition of nuclear weapons,' and they will eventually define Iran with nuclear weapons as not a problem. [1]

In other words, it is not the survival of Israel that is feared, but rather US-Israeli military supremacy in the greater Middle East. It is the potential challenge to Israel's monopoly on nuclear arms in the region, along with the exertion of Iranian national sovereignty, which constitute the real threat from Iran.

The "existential threat" card is thus merely posited to shroud the joint US-Israeli imperial project. Needless to say, it also serves the additional benefit of browbeating any anti-imperialist critic, least one be tarred anti-Semitic. No doubt a rather shameful, albeit stale, ploy.

Of course, the great irony is that any Israeli attempt to quash the perceived, or concocted, existential threat from Iran promises to only expose Israel to great peril. For responding militarily to the purely illusory threat from Iran will only subject Israel to retaliatory attacks on multiple fronts. And it is really such inevitable blowback that presents the ultimate danger.

The true threat to Israel, then, lies not in Tehran, but in the leadership empowered in Jerusalem.

Ben Schreiner is an American freelance writer who writes about international affairs...

Color revolutions/protests by NED/IRI/CIA/NGOs constructs absolutely can and are taken seriously against Putin.....they influence the entire high-kinetic-energy societal underbelly called youth...that is powerful...remember Obama campaign 2008? Your question: "Are these people stupid or what?" can be superimposed....the whole Yes-We-Can love-fest was about as stupid and as highly effective as the Soros protest girlies or rappers...rappers in Senegal or the rappers for Obama '08 - common denominator in both was Soros. They study the market and sell the sexiest product - with anything Soros has to do with, it is youth-oriented because it moves a society quickly....

I hope We keep shining the spotlight on Soros methods alive continuously because they have launched an incredibly complex vast and 3-dimensional asymmetrical warfare against the whole planet - whether color revolutions, single protests which are surgical strikes against last hold-out leaders, psyop destabilization of nations, assassinations and the MSM complete blackout of real info while launching the zio info-mindfuck instead or even the entertainment industry's temple whores who hang on to the phallus of Molech as they brainwash us with 'entertainment' messages from the evil masters....but everything connects with everything and all roads lead back to Mount Zion and it is an unrelenting assault on all of us in quest for world dominion.

I am no expert but know a bit about Soros. I smell that stinker when i open the news in any language, have developed such a nose for him that I literally see something like these Pussy Protests and all I have to do is Google the name of the group and connect it to Soros and I always find the confirmation for it fast. But I always smell it at first whiff long before I dig up the proof that it is real.

I am trying to help people who are interested to spot it at-a-glance as I do and pass on what I know. I think the difference with me is that I lived through a country in engineered meltdown with the very same asymmetrical approach used globally now - from CIA assassin squads to get everybody hating each other and fighting to get the zio war party started by inciting sectarian violence to the psyops pulled over the intelligentsia and seducing them to subscribe to Soros, heating up the conflict until R2P was needed, filleting and cannibalization of what was left of a once functioning country...I have seen it all from beginning to completion and beyond by living through one of these country meltdowns by CIA, NED, Soros, Mossad, Knights of Malta, UN, NATO, R2P, IMF and know how they use each of these entities, concepts and what the strategy and end construct looks like in great detail. I understand the complete psyops behind it. That is why I spot it everywhere so easily.

If I beat the dead horse called Yugoslavia, it is not out of nostalgia and outrage what happened and losing the place I once called home (yeah, that, too, Yugoslavia truly was a good country once and I take that zio Soros shit very personally on a deep personal cellular level) but out of a sense of - I want to show what happened to us in the 90s because it is happening to the whole planet now.

What I see in the rolling wave of Arab Spring events and now in Syria is what happened to us - those who surrender to zio control without a fight (see Slovenia and totally unrelated but similar methods used in Tunisia parallels, the common denominator being that they both surrendered to zios without a fight and did not get war repercussions for their resistance) and those who fight it - they get death squads and hard deconstruct methods and a path to R2P war by the predatory NATO and UN itself...

In Yugoslavia, we were the first big R2P pilot project. Sure, zios have been doing it for centuries. But they perfected and patented the approach on us. I see them doing now globally what they were practicing on with us when they were honing their color rev, death squad and R2P skills in an orchestrated concerto grosso formation. I see them deploying methods globally now they perfected from the mistakes they learned when they slipped and momentarily lost control of their game over us in Yugoslavia which was the first total symphony of all methods used practice run.

I could fill volumes but I see every detail of what is happening globally so clearly as a replay, refined, enlarged of the deconstruction of Yugoslavia. And the aftermath - study Yugoslavia, how it was dismantled and what became of the balkanized cannibalized slivers of it - and even how they not only break up countries but do this by inciting friction between groups - even micro-groups - and get everybody to hate everybody and then come in with their UN brokering shit and offer everybody their own country, micro-country, whatever. The smaller and less viable, the better. People think they are getting sovereignty and that is sold with asymmetrical approaches ranging from titty protests, color revs or death squads if they did not get the message when the pretty revolutions were sent - people think they are getting freedom but are getting hooked on to IMF, zio control, their banking control, their total control imposed including even now Agenda 21 delivered to the 'new' countries - look at how the guy in the Maldives came in and sold carbon tax as a platform and only means of survival - this psyop was a classic zio ploy - and as in everything banksters write the fine print to, they sold their countries, rights and very souls with no opt-out clause and no backtracking out when they find out they have been had.

Just look at how it is sold - they send a carbon prince to run the Maldives with clever methods underwater to sell it - or how currently, Croatia is forced to give up its functioning cheap organic domestic food supply which is CRITICALLY needed for people's survival and instead they will get the EZU (European Zionist Union) to run their food supply - no more babas with baskets bringing fresh wonderful organic produce to market for pennies - now it will come from Spain, from wherever, cost 3x as much, be old, plastic-wrapped, continent-wide E. Coli-infected, taste like crap , meat instead of fresh from butcher is a Saran-wrapped 'safe' product which is trucked from Poland to Spain for slaughter, doused with endless nitrites so it does not stink and turn green - that is called - raising Croatia to EU standards. Giant step back in what they had to where it is going. But it will make banksters happy and people starve - and Monsanto is knocking on Europe's door hard and getting impatient about why they are so finicky about not wanting GMO and that is currently being fracked up and Monsanto is making inroads to the last bastion - Europe.

But I saw the whole thing from functioning country through engineered collapse and beyond in its aftermath and put the pieces together. I don't have to go to Syria and look. Or the Maldives, or Iran or wherever. I can look at news and in different countries and I see it right away by recognizing the construct of it, the whiff and look of it, the linguistics of it. I can read it in any format - left or right paradigmal kabuki, whatever language you want to put it in when I look for foreign news. I spot it everywhere. I smell Soros when I see "Pussy Protests" Wayne posted above before I even fact-check who funds these things because I know their methods just at a glance...or strange fighting in Syria which I spotted as fake zio kabuki at first glance - because it all connects back to the same zio matrix.

I wonder if some here are getting the point about the cool, hip, sexy color revs or the nekkid babes. You have to re-frame this to this to US standards to understand what it is. You as Americans do not understand titty protests, it offends Americans. In other countries, it hits the spot like magic and that is why it is deployed there but not here. Forget the boobs for a moment and focus on how they are targeting groups globally with asymmetrical very clever approaches. That is why I put it here, to show the broad spectrum applied. The Sharp/Soros methods are studied, the 'markets' and target audiences researched, strategies of what works and what offends whom and what is perceived as attractive and catchy are developed, methods tailor-made, psyops launched...and here come the tits in Moscow, Paris and Davos at strategic events...while other countries such as Arab Spring who have little appreciation for bare boobs instead get the Otpor protest teams while other countries such as Syria in hard deconstruct mode get death squads since they understand neither titty protests nor Otpor movements and color revs...but it is all part of the same thing.

Asymmetrical warfare on all fronts, targeting the whole planet, raining down on us hard like a tropical rain hitting a metal roof, unrelenting. We are under constant assault globally, asymmetrically, massively, constantly. Study it, see the methods used. Recognize it all around you and wake others up. Resist. But you have to see and recognize the many faces of the evil before you can identify and resist it. I pass on what I know. Wayne and others pass on what they see. Together we are seeing more and more.....

Here - this is from SorosZIOpedia - R2P - trust me, you've got to understand this, everyone go do the R2P homework. Because it is the CENTRAL key to the asymmetrical warfare they are fighting against us and R2P is how they plan to bring down the last holdout countries on the planet. So learn it, Google it, look at it from all sides.

R2P is "Responsibility to Protect" - it is a UN resolution they wrote in 2005 and applied to Yugoslavia (which melted down before but as I said, we were the test pilot project, after that they institutionalized the approaches ranging from psyops, death squads, color revs, R2P, balkanization, the whole thing - they are using it EVERYWHERE now) R2P is now used on every country they deconstruct if the country does not surrender via color revolutions first - and they are bearing down on the whole PLANET with R2P now, so listen up. What it is - they wrote the receptor cells for "protective" humanitarian wars in the form of R2P agenda - the motto being: we've got to help those poor souls under attack when some mad dictator starts a killing spree....then they send the death squads such as in Syria now but I can show you numerous countries where this has been done or is underway right now - so they stir up the stink, send out the CIA/Mossad death squads, their Free Syrian stinking zio Army or whoever conducts the killing sprees, it is blamed on whoever they are trying to get rid of, thus the excuse for military intervention is there and war of aggression is re-framed as peace-keeping intervention via R2P (that is why the concept is so important to understand) and the other embedded receptor cells they got is...the Nobel laureate Obama...ever wonder why they gave him a Nobel for no reason at all? Well, it was not for no was to frame the R2P wars after they make the killing grounds in the country to overthrow, then they blame the leader to be gotten rid of, then they invoke R2P, then they get the Nobel Prince of Peace Obama to lead the sacred NATO via UN's R2P to go rescue those poor people from their dictator. Connect the dots and all of the dots because there is no loose dot here, all do connect. War is really peace, baby, and the killers are the saviors and they mean well and R2P is the key to it all.....the damn world does not know what is happening, they only see R2P peace-keeping missions....

This picture is big. Understand R2P, integrate it into your understanding how they break countries via color revs, titty protests, death squads prepping the way for R2P, whatever it takes to overrun the last places on earth for the Elders of Zioconned ZOG USA....
But here is the problem - the picture is so big, diffuse and scattered everywhere that we all connect the dots endlessly and connect some more tomorrow morning ad-infinitum because of the sheer asymmetry and complexity of it all.

On the above scenario I described - the whole nasty soup of CIA, Mossad, NED, color revolutions including single-strike titty protests, death squads paving the way to R2P, what R2P is, why Obama is a Nobel laureate to fit hand-in-glove with R2P, balkanization not of Yugoslavia but now the whole world, economic engineered collapses, the post-meltdown picture as I know it as I saw what they do and how, the whole psyops of it all - that ALL connects, ALL of it. That is the point I am beating home here all the time.

From his writing, I see that Wayne sees it as clearly as I do and we both push the message out every day here and his message and mine totally interface. What he talks about is the same thing I talk about, we just cover different points of it. But really, connect all dots and see how they inter-relate. R2P is a big, big part of it. R2P leads to Mount Zion, as all things do.

Nobody here should feel like they are not figuring things out because the concepts are so strewn across the whole world as we know it that it takes a while to connect them all. I only got a head start because I lived through it all in full on the ground as they melted down Yugoslavia via the same methods they are using now. i spot the methods in the news headlines now before I open the link and know what it is - because I have been there. But really, take this seriously and connect all dots. This crap is scary if you understand what an all-out war on the planet is underway. WW III is long, long in progress, folks. Wayne understands the asymmetrical force, power and complexity of it. We ARE well inside of WW III already, no doubt about it - look at the methods, psyops and assaults on all fronts. The last countries are under attack or falling now.....
CIA/Mossad have created this Free Syrian Zionist Army, filled it with foreign mercenaries and Syrian army traitors, sent CIA death squads, bombed and killed all the government employees and civilians they could to set the stage for an R2P intervention. The killings are getting worse, now they are bombing buildings in roughly OKC-sized events to create a need to invoke R2P - falsely blaming all on Assad. Now the US, UK, France and other zio vultures are meeting in Tunisia (which they got under complete control in the recent Jasmine Revolution) and deciding on intervention in Syria - all big names including Clinton are there and the Syrian government is NOT INVITED to help mediate its country's fate at this "Friends of Syria" meeting.

Listen to the language carefully - in this video, Alain the creep Juppe (foreign minister of France) declares that they have to take military action to get humanitarian goods in there. If there is a humanitarian crisis, it is ONLY caused by both the zio-imposed sanctions plus the disruption by zio "opposition" disguised as freedom fighters. Also, an interesting anecdotal sideline, Alain Zio Juppe here who is the spokesman for Team Zio is this guy
here - note in the bio he also doubles as the leader of "sustainable development" in France - he is Mr. Agenda 21 for France also - the circle of the full global NWO agenda is more than transparent in all of this in all directions. See this pretty photo of him? How ya like that yarmulke on him? That is the messenger to the world that Syria will be attacked....note his language in the video....they will, of course, only attack to somehow get humanitarian aid in there, he assures us....that translates into Responsibility to Protect....R2P, baby!

I have done some digging into this "Friends of Syria" group which wants to "help" which is now being pushed on us as the helpers who are of course Syrians to whom we want to return their country if we believe our MSM. It is a group which sits in both London and offshoots in France, consists of rich old Syrian expats plus apparently zios from Qatar who are all a mix of Muslim Brotherhood, Wahhabi, Salafists. Same mix we have seen in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya after the takeovers. This combo always proves to take the country back to the Islamic fundamentalist stone ages but is absolutely reliably in service to Zionists - there are true Donmeh Wahhabi shades among them, so we are dealing with the same hybrid crypto-Zionists with grandpa Mohamed who was actually a Moshe-in-Islamic-disguise among them...same Arab traitors as what is running much of the Arab World and working so hard against Syria now. This Friends of Syria thing already contains the whole future UN-appointed transitional Syrian government after Assad is removed, I promise. And they will make Syria the zio satellite as all others in the Arab Spring regime replacements in the last year.

Listen to Hillary Clinton reading her text at the meeting she is attending to plan the war on Syria. Her words - "come to the aid of the Syrian people", rhetoric about a dictator killing his own people. R2P talk...connect the dots.

The bombing of Syria will soon begin. This will be much, much bloodier than Libya was....
German political journalists claims here that German war ships are also guiding German troops already on the ground inside of Syria. Multi-national zio teams are in there killing, creating the R2P need. We know US is in there. Apparently, Germans, too.

The reason I believe Syria will be terribly bloody, worse than anything we have seen so far is - zios currently have no reason to attack Iran, even recently Panetta having to admit Iran has no nukes, so they will need a different excuse to go into Iran. They also have to create a terrible bloodbath in Syria before entering into Iran as they will take no chances that ANY resistance from the back from Syria is possible coming from behind at them when they go into Iran as Syria will help Iran and vice versa.

So I believe, they will for no valid reason preemptively shatter Syria terribly and lie about it to frame Iran. I suspect they will create a big bloodbath and blame it on some extremists inside of Iran and create another R2P excuse to go into Iran after the next bad guys they make up but that is my speculation. Whichever way they do it, I do believe very much that they will utterly destroy Syria to ensure safer entry into Iran because Iran is already more than they can bite off and chew, they can and will take no chances militarily of anything out of Syria becoming a problem on top of the Iran problem they will soon be tackling. This Syria thing will be horrible and take months and destroy this country profoundly.

Horstel, the German political analyst in this video is excellent and worth watching.
Here is another one which is pretty significant. The US MSM is in a fever pitch to create fear and US gov is putting security everywhere to protect synagogues in NYC and a lot of talk that Iran will attack NYC. There is a peculiar somewhat-discrepancy between the more moderate fear-mongering coming from Panetta and Friends here and the total hysteria coming from zio megaphones such as NYT and major MSM. Almost as if there is not good agreement between US zios and the Israel-outright-owned private corporate MSM arms of it. Meaning - could Mossad go it alone and create a giant false flag here in the US to force any reluctant US chiefs to launch this Iran war, ready or not? Sounds like another false flag is in the making for NYC if you listen to the MSM hype. It will take a big one to justify nuking Iran. I don't see how they can take have any military left, even if they scrape up all NATO troops they can find and send them to Iran - if the military cannot do it conventionally, it means they will have to nuke Iran. And in order to justify nuking Iran, something reciprocally large may well be launched as a false flag somewhere in the US to force the reluctant US war chiefs to do as Israel says and do it soon....
Russia I think is very miffed. They for sure do not want to lose their only Mediterranean military port in Syria and relationship with Syria. But Russia has shown far more restraint and sanity than the US overall in the last couple of decades. I think they know it is dead serious and that crazy zios will provoke WW III and I honestly believe Russia wants to try to avoid it. We will see what they do about the coming dismemberment of Syria and at what point they will intervene. But I also believe, they will strike back forcefully if crazy zios truly push them in a corner and start WW III....