Saturday, November 26, 2011

Barack CIA Obomba channels Lyndon Johnson in extra-judicial assassinations and re-adopting Cold War policies....

Barack CIA Obomba channels Lyndon Johnson in extra-judicial assassinations and re-adopting failed Zioconned Cold War policies....

Zioconned slimeball MSM & typical, Republican Party hate propaganda
on behalf of that wealthy 1%.... Goebbels himself could not do better
at pushing people's buttons with Jew-hate and slime....

America has never really had a democracy.
It has had an illusion of democracy, that succeeded
only because the wealthy were able to manipulate the
masses with propaganda and distracting issues like
"Sports and Hail the Flag".....& support our troops Bull*hit....

As the wealthy power-brokers screw more and more Americans
out of jobs by "find-best" the cheapest labor abroad, that ability
to manipulate the masses with propaganda will start to falter....

Then the gloves will come off. The elections will be outright
rigged and choreographed, then trumpeted with a boastful
"will of the people" mandate that also exists only as propaganda.

Our wonderful capitalist system and glorified "free market"
are not really compatible with "free elections" when that
result is not in harmony with "rule by the rich".

All those laid-off Staples workers who cannot pay their
mortgages would drown the mega-buck Mitt Romney's,
and just start voting themselves a bigger share of that
hoarded wealth.

Americans will then taste the real ruthless of those wealthy
fascists, as was tasted in small countries like Guatemala,
where there CIA supported military death squads in order
to prevent governments that would cater to common people
instead of to wealthy dictators and corporations.

I wonder how many decades would be required before
the masses of hapless little people will wake up to the
world of lies around them and get a genuinely rebellious in Egypt, Bahrein and the Zioconned KSA....

November , 2011 -- Patriotic U.S. Generals warn Obomba on Iran attack by a typical FDDC/OSP ploy to hide true US intentions in MENA.....

Sources close to the White House have told us that the Obama administration has decided to embark on a neo-Cold War policy aimed at toppling the government of Iran while remaining ambivalent on an Israeli first strike on Iranian nuclear and military facilities. President Obama's reluctance to tell Israeli thug and war criminal Binyamin Netanyahu has resulted in a "generals' revolt" among senior Pentagon officers, who are not Zioconned yet....., according to our sources....

Army General Martin Dempsey, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Marine Corps General James N. Mattis, the chief of the U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM), have told Obama personally that he should tell Netanyahu that there absolutely cannot be an Israeli attack on Iran or it will put the lives of U.S. military personnel in the Gulf region and Afghanistan in great jeopardy. The generals argue that they need between 45 to 90 days to ramp up U.S. force protection measures in the Gulf region. We have also been told by knowledgeable sources that U.S. diplomats have told Iran via back channels that if Israel attacks Iran, it will not be with the approval or backing of the United States.

Obama's response to Dempsey and Mattis was not what they expected to hear. Obama said, "I have no say over Israel, it is a sovereign nation." As far as an Israeli surprise attack on Iran, Obama said he would not attempt to convince Israel beforehand to stop such a move, simply saying, we are in together since the infamous White House Murder INC, January 24th 2002 and the inside Job of 9/11, and I can't change anything from DC,...."I'd like to be surprised."

Dempsey, Mattis, and other senior military commanders believe that Obama is derelict in his duty to protect U.S. military forces and is placing domestic presidential politics, vis a vis Jewish political support, ahead of the security of U.S. military personnel.

Obama has reportedly settled on a middle ground on two proposed policies on Iran: all-out support for an Israeli attack and a negotiated agreement with Iran. While withholding support for an Israeli attack on Iran, Obama has authorized stepped-up destabilization efforts against Iran's government.

We have also been informed that Obama's nominee as ambassador to Moscow, non-career diplomat and Democratic Party foreign policy wonk Michael McFaul, has the support of leading Zionist neo-conservatives from the George W. Bush administration and John McCain presidential campaign, including Eric Edelman, Randy Scheunemann, and Robert Kagan. Kagan is married to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's Zionist press spokesperson Victoria Nuland, who also served as U.S. ambassador to NATO.

McFaul, whose nomination has been placed on hold by Senator Bob Corker (R-TN), over some Tennessee-specific issues, is seen as someone who will push a neo-con agenda on Russia that includes the ouster of Vladimir Putin and a return to political and financial power of Russian Jewish oligarchs like Mikhail Khodorkovsky, now jailed for tax evasion and fraud in Siberia. The anti-Russia NATO missile shield and Russia's threat to scrap the Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) treaty with the United States if construction on the shield continues is part of the neo-con agenda against Russia being carried out by Obama. In addition, a possible showdown between NATO and the Russian Navy over its Latakia, Syria naval base, is also designed to limit Russia's influence in the Mediterranean and Middle East.

Meanwhile, Obama has become increasingly isolated from the policy-making suites of the presidency, with more control over the White House being exercised by three women called the "3 Bs" by ex-White House chief of staff and current Mayor of Chicago Rahm MOSSAD Emanuel. The "3 Bs" refer to First Lady Michelle Obama, her mother Mary Robinson, and presidential counselor Valerie Jarrett -- the "three bitches."

We have also learned that President Obama's Zioconned policy toward Israel and Iran, Lebanon, Syria, and Russia is heavily influenced by four foreign unofficial "advisers" to the president: British Prime Minister David MOSSAD Cameron and former British Prime Minister Tony CIA Blair (on the Middle East), Turkish Zioconned Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan (on Syria and the "Arab Spring"), and former Soviet Union President Mikhail Gorbachev -- through ambassador-designate McFaul -- on relations with Russia....

America’s Zioconned "terror war"....–Why did the geniuses at the Pentagon let it happen?
Because of the Barbaric inside Job of 9/11....and the infamous White House Murder INC, in the Levant....

[If it is true that Afghan forces called in the lethal airstrikes, to get them out of a jam on the ground, then is it also true that they were either in hot pursuit of attacking militants, or their firing positions from near Army outposts, when they came under heavy fire? The only available evidence comes from military supplied reports, so there is no reliable reporting for us to know what really happened. One source claimed that the Pakistani outposts are new installations, located there after the recent wave of cross-border raids in Mohmand by the Pakistani Taliban who had moved into Afghanistan to escape Pak Army attacks. From the apparent safety of Afghanistan, the TTP have launched a series of mass-attacks, and cross-border firing, which has invited Pakistani forces to fire into Afghanistan on occasion. With the near universal ignorance of the specific location of the Durand Line, a Pakistani move to the edge of the actual border might have provoked the other side to scream, "violation."

If the militants really did fire on the Afghan forces from close proximity to Pakistani forces, then they were studiously overlooked by the soldiers. It would not be the first time that this tactic has been used. One well-known instance of this tactic being used was preceding the "Battle of Wanat," another was in the "Gora Prai" border post assault. In conflicting news reports at the time, it is reported as an ISAF incursion, but it too, was a report of militants being pursued near border posts. In the video you can see the individual militants being killed (Video below).

We have no way of knowing what has happened in these isolated border incidents. This uncertainty applies to events on all Afghan borders (SEE: Uzbekistan: November 17 railway line near the border with Afghanistan explosion ). We have no way of knowing anything more than that we have these short reports of a terrorist attack on the Northern Distribution Network. Did it even happen, or is it all just propaganda intended to reinforce some psyop, or an effort to stop train traffic into Tajikistan?

Why was this attack upon Pakistani forces ordered? What has CENTCOM to gain at this time, by exploding the military arrangements with Pakistan? No matter how much spin the militarists manage to put on this latest tragedy of poor American judgment, we shall still be left with the same question that we are always left pondering in America’s terror war–Why did the geniuses at the Pentagon let it happen?]

NATO air strikes on Pakistan took place on 26/11. But if his/her suggestion was that US and NATO were signalling to India on the very ‘anniversary’ of the Mumbai attacks, I won’t quite see it that way. The point is, the timing of the NATO attack was very awkward - even by US standards. My intuition is that the NATO air strike was not a ’stand-alone’ affair and most likely had a background to it. I get the gut feeling that the US blundered into a Pakistani trap.

Pakistan is now boycotting the Bonn Conference on Afghanistan next Monday. The US’s game plan to invite 90 countries to the lovely little town on the Rhine where Beethoven was born (and I lived two happy years) to showcase an Afghan stabilization plan post-2014 justifying the US military bases in the Hindu Kush and obtain international legitimacy for that and thereupon silence the voice of the regional opposition to that ghastly idea is, well, in a spot of trouble....
I don’t know who may have said it first, but without Pakistan (and Taliban), Bonn Conference will really be like Hamlet without the Prince of Denmark. Now, with the Istanbul conference (November 2) where the grand strategy to initiate the US’s New Silk Road and provide a OSCE-type regional security umbrella for AfPak and Central Asia already ending up as farce, US is at a dead end. There ain’t going to be any Afghan peace process, nor a regional consensus on post-2014 and all that is certain is that the US drawdown of troops hasn’t yet been called off.
What a royal mess-up! Richard Holbrooke must be turning in his grave. And, to boot it, if Pakistan shuts down the NATO’s transit routes for a month or so, there is going to be panic in Brussels. What is the alternative? The Northern Distribution Network through Russian territory? But that involves Russia, which is of course a seasoned practitioner of international diplomacy, especially under FM Sergey Lavrov....
I just pondered over two clippings while sipping my morning cup of tea and watching the wet coconut trees swaying in the wind as the north-east monsoon relentlessly embraced Thiruvananthapuram for the past 3 days. Actually, it began the same night of the NATO attack on Pakistan and so far took the lives of 4 poor fishermen who never came back from the deep sea…
Coming back to Afghanistan, I pondered over a statement by Lavrov alleging there is no ‘transparency’ in the US’s policies in Afghanistan and calling into question the need of western military bases in that country. What struck me was Lavrov’s observation that Moscow won’t settle for selective cooperation with US, but would like to go the whole hog and prefer a “clear understanding of both countries’ plans for Central and South Asia.”
Hm. I haven’t heard anything like this since the Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev mooted the doctrine of collective security for Asia some 35 years ago. That is saying a lot - that Moscow doesn’t like the way US is going about in Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Bangladesh, Nepal, and the Indian Ocean. In short, Moscow would like to know more about the South Asian vector of ‘America’s Pacific Century’ so that it can “coordinate efforts” with the US!
What struck me even more is how foul the air has become in Russian-American relations.
Vladimir Putin bluntly alleged in Moscow yesterday that “representatives of some foreign states” are interfering in Russia’s domestic politics and rallying opposition to his candidacy in the upcoming presidential election in March. No need to second-guess which country he meant, because Putin added, “It would be better if they used this money to pay off their national debt.”
Now, that is an unkind cut, you may say. But Putin’s remark can be a signpost for the GHQ in Rawalpindi to shut down the NATO transit routes for a few weeks till they could hear someone in Brussels weeping audibly. No Sir, no way can the NDN replace the Pakistani transit routes....