Wednesday, November 2, 2011

ZIOCONNED-elites carefully creating a Muslim army in preparation for barbaric event in Europe, MENA and way beyond....?

ZIO-elites carefully creating a Muslim army with radical elements to do the dirty bidding for them in preparation for some event in Europe, MENA and way beyond....?

Thousands of Tribes with Flags on the March worldwide, courtesy of the ZIOCONS' dirty deeds...

Here is a video of our Balkans' own Effendi Mufti Muamer Zukorlic of Sandzak - a (link) mufti is a religious governor under Sharia law...this guy and his group DO NOT obey Serbian law and are at loggerheads with Serbia - Serbia long identifies this Sandzak pocket as a crime, mob and terrorist nest but cannot do anything about them without Soros screaming about human rights of the radical groups - by design, Soros always holds governments hostage so that radical elements can deploy their missions.

This guy in the video is not imported from the Arab world as imam but is part of Wahhabi who have been there since the ottoman Turks...he is speaking Bosnian and is a native. He is the top leader of the Wahabi in Sandzak...these guys are Donmeh-descendant crypto-Jews under radical Sharia Muslim cover and they carry out anything CIA wants carried out there...I put a pic of their mosque in Off Topic - it has a Star of David on the mosque...imagine a sharia-based radical Islam group with a Star of David! This mufti Muamer Zukorlic in this
video here is the Sandzak-Serbian mufti who is head of the group which shot up the US embassy - in the video, that is Bosnian language he is screaming and it gives me Goosebumps to listen to this unrelenting hate rhetoric against all infidels - just forward into it and listen to him scream...this man spreads dangerous hate and stirs Muslims against infidels right in Europe and is weaponizing Islam.

When I see this, I want Marshall Tito back. He was not good but he was far better than what has happened since his death. He told us we were all to be communist atheists and had a way of getting guys like this mufti in the video to STFU or go to jail if they sowed this kind of hatred but it prevented the kinds of runaway problems Zionists are creating with this. This is social engineering created by Zio elites. Now these various pockets of old radical Islam groups throughout the Balkans are being radicalized with Saudi-Arabian funding and al CIAda-imported ideological radicalization (see my other comments in Off Topic) while our formerly utterly mellow and non-radical mainstream Muslims are being educated on radical Islam....this is a slow-growing but deadly cancer in Europe. NOT Islam - but this Zionist-controlled radical Islam such as this brand here coming out of Sarajevo and Sandzak carrying out terror attacks.

It is not about faith or religion. Just listen to this guy in the video scream. They weaponized Islam and are ready to go into the next round of Muslim wars in Europe...Talk about a giant Zio-controlled radical Islam sleeper cell...there are millions of followers of this stuff in Europe...

Here is another stunning view:
video. The whole video is done in Serbian and talks about the Islamification of Sarajevo which was once a multi-cultural melting pot of all cultures and is now ethnically cleansed by Zio orders and is almost exclusively Muslim with elements of radical Islam. At minute 2:20 of the video, this is a must-see - this is the second generation of mujahedin in Bosnia. The first generation was imported (see the videos I put in Off Topic) via al Qaeda. They stayed nearly 20 years now since the war began and raised the next generation of mujahedin - these are now Bosnian Muslim natives. It is an example of the Zio-driven radicalization of the Balkans and Europe at large. This picture at minute 2:20 are not only Bosnian mujahedin trained under Sharia law but they are also PART OF THE BOSNIAN formal Army!

I am far from joining the American hype about dangerous Muslims. I come from a country which had many Muslim elements along with catholic and orthodoxy. We got along under communism. Actually, I loved Sarajevo and its quaint Muslim culture and really liked our native Muslims. But this is something else. Dangerous fanatics are being radicalized in Europe and anyone who says anything about it is being cursed as xenophobe and silenced by Reuters/Rothschild propaganda. It is not about ANY religion. Such militant polarization is socially and geopolitically very dangerous. Yes, Soros/CIA is in the middle of this brand of social engineering by protecting the ongoing radicalization (Soros/CIA is gatekeeper of "human rights" under the name of Helsinki Watch in the Balkans - and the Soros groups will scream discrimination if ANYONE objects to this systematic social, cultural and ethnic radicalization), so are the Saudi groups who fund this brand of Islam in Europe. They work together on a greater Zio goal to create this by design.

What started as a Saudi-financed import of radical Islam from the outside during the 90s war has been internalized into Bosnian Muslim culture and has turned into an Islamic Army with strong Sharia factions via the Wahhabi. Not some radical sleeper cell - but an army in Europe is being quietly transformed to radical Islam - just look at the mujahedin elements in the Bosnian formal military in the video above - by the Zio-influence of the Saudis, the influence of NATO and the US who are the occupiers of Bosnia under whose noses this is happening. Why? Are our elites carefully creating a Muslim army with radical elements to do the dirty bidding for them in preparation for some event in Europe, MENA and way beyond....?