Monday, November 7, 2011

Hidden Agenda Behind ‘Occupy’: Dump Obama, Install the same CIA creeps at Langley....

Hidden Agenda Behind ‘Occupy’: Dump Obama, Install the same CIA creeps at Langley....

Pentagon/CIA/FBI trio of death.... readies roll-out of torture machines for Occupy protests....
November , 2011 -- Cops request "non-lethal" crowd control systems from Pentagon....

Department of Homeland Security sources have told us that police departments across the United States are requesting the Pentagon to provide Active Denial Systems to immobilize, through "non-lethal" means, large crowds at Occupy Wall Street and other mass demonstrations. The Obama White House and Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta are said to be considering the police request. Homeland Security supports the deployment of the systems to the police.

The Active Denial System (ADS) is a directed energy weapon that sends a microwave beam that causes human bodies to heat up, much as a microwave oven cooks food, but at a lower intensity. The targets of ADS have the sensation that they are on fire. However, the energy pulse weapon, manufactured by Raytheon, causes discomfort and results in targeted groups of people running away from the beam's targeted area. In addition, severe injuries can be caused to individuals wearing jewelry or metallic body piercings, as well as people wearing metal-framed eyeglasses or with metallic implants.

ADS was used by the Pentagon in Afghanistan but was rejected for use in Iraq because it could have been considered a form of torture.

There has also been interest by some police departments in using a new generation of Pentagon ultra-sound weapons. Targeted on a mass group of people, such weapons result in vertigo, nausea, sudden defecation and urination, and breathing problems. For high-risk targets such as the elderly, asthmatics, and young children, ultra-sound weapons could be lethal....

By Yoichi Shimatsu

Financial speculators are turning their street theater known as Occupy Wall Street from anti-capitalism toward regime change in America. The protests out of Zuccotti Park and Ogawa Plaza are being retargeted to destabilize the U.S. economy through the shutdown of the Port of Oakland along with a “money withdrawal” campaign to pull savings accounts out of major banks. Blocking exports to Asia is not going to create jobs; rather it is aimed at spurring mass layoffs of unionized workers in the wine, cotton and fruit sectors while paralyzing Silicon Valley.

Anonymous, cosponsor of OWS, have already launched denial-of-service attacks on banks and financial security firms, while agents provocateurs are instigating violent clashes by throwing glass bottles at police officers in Oakland. The objectives of the assault against trade, banking and municipal governments are to socially isolate the residual left-liberal base to prevent the reelection of Barack Obama. Escalation into arson and looting can be expected to discredit labor unions and community groups, breaking the backbone of the Obama campaign.

The class warfare gripping American cities is not a defensive struggle of poor against the rich. On the contrary, ‘Occupy’ is a psychological operation (psy-op) launched by super-wealthy tycoons against the working people and middle class. At the start of the presidential campaign, the American economy is being deliberately sabotaged by media-fueled protests to boost the chances of otherwise unelectable Mitt Romney in 2012.

Mitt Romney (right) and Dick Cheney

The Machiavellian logic of “Occupy Wall Street to bolster Wall Street” is the sort of treachery to be expected from a power broker as ruthless and cunning as Dick Cheney, the “shadow emperor” of the war industry. Blatant deception led the United States to topple Saddam Hussein in Iraq, but this time around the country slated for regime change is America itself.

America’s Gang of Four

A non-partisan probe by our sources in New York, Boston and Oakland has tracked clandestine operatives back to their paymasters. A neo-conservative coup to recapture the White House is based on four cornerstones:

- defense contractors and the energy industry led by former Vice President Dick Cheney;

- petroleum dealers in the commodities exchanges, fronted by inside trader Bobby Halper;

- venture capital firms allied with the Bain group where Mitt Romney served as CEO;

- and hedge funds under George Soros, sponsor of the Color Revolutions in Eastern Europe.

Since he poses as a left-liberal philanthropist, Soros makes a strange bedfellow for Cheney. The Hungarian-born financier’s ties with the right goes back to World War II as a Nazi collaborator and, more recently, to his funding for East European neo-fascists in the Color Revolutions. After Obama spurned this wealthy sponsor immediately after his 2008 election victory, Soros went on the war path against his former protégé.

George Soros

Soros immediately turned coat. A guarantee of cooperation was signed in as early as January 2009 between his fund-backed Woodbine Advisers and Brookside Capital, a spinoff of Bain Group, where Romney served as CEO. The Hungarian-born tycoon has since stepped up the pressure on Obama with criticism from his pseudo-left front groups. His stay-behinds inside the White House include a National Security Council director Samantha Power, the main advocate for the Libyan intervention, and her husband Cass Sunstein, who was Obama’s major professor at Chicago Law who runs the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs. Sunstein, a supporter of Julian Assange’s Wikileaks, pushes the need for infiltration of dissident groups and official disinformation. His tactic of “divide and misguide” explains why Soros sponsors some 30 organizations involved in “Occupy”.

The Soros subversion effort paid off with the defection of bailout queen Elizabeth Warren, who defected from Timothy Geithner’s team at the Treasury to run as a Soros-backed senatorial candidate in Massachusetts. Having his own puppet in Romney’s home state is a means to prevent being sidelined again after the 2012 elections. Trust is fool’s play among these cutthroats.

In contrast to Soros’/CIA wide net over the nonprofit sector, petroleum trader Robert Halper concentrated his funding on Kalle Lasn, head of Adbusters, the initial organizer of OWS. Why would a commodities trader in the New York Mercantile Exchange be financing an anarcho-fascist like Lasn? Halper also provided the maximum allowable donation to Mitt Romney’s campaign. “Occupy” obviously has a role in helping Romney to win the White House....and to perpetuate the Infamous White House Murder INC, in the Levant with the Slime Ball Walid PHARES the Skunk of CIA/MOSSAD assassins....on the Potomac....

Intrigue is a daily routine for the oil trader. In a 1992-96 complaint, the New York Securities watchdog prosecuted Halper for price-fixing in heating oil trades organized by pit boss Solomon Mayer. By 2006, he made his comeback as vice president of the Mercantile Exchange, meaning Halper is not a loner but acting for a syndicate in the energy sector. The Merc’s political action committee regularly donates to Democrat heavyweight Mayor Michael Bloomberg, which means money for Romney has to be routed through individuals like Halper.

The Could-be Contender

The Republican Party’s leading candidate, Mitt Romney, has expressed support for Occupy Boston because he’s going into the 2012 contest with serious liabilities on the jobs front.

As CEO of the Boston-based Bain Group and later its venture-cap arm Bain Capital, Romney earned a reputation as a profit-making innovator who introduced two key business concepts:

- first, corporate executives have only one responsibility, and that’s to raise profit margins for investors rather than benefiting customers, employees, communities or society; and

- second, outsourcing of jobs.

Bain advised dozen of large companies, such as Staples office supply and Monsanto, the leader in genetic modified crops, to trim less-performing divisions, fire workers by the thousands and export back-office jobs to low-pay regions like India. In the 1994 Senate elections, his track record at the local AmPad factory became the focus of attack ads from incumbent Ted Kennedy, resulting in Romney’s defeat.

Later, as governor of Massachusetts, Romney passed tax cuts and still managed to balance the state’s budget, but only with layoffs and higher fees for government services. During his 2003-07 tenure, Massachusetts was 47th among 50 states in job creation.

Following his failure to gain the Republican presidential nomination in 2008, Romney went to the man who can fix things – Dick Cheney. Gushing admiration for the “lord of war”, he called Cheney “a man of wisdom and judgment . . . who could have been president.” Earlier he voiced support for Cheney’s rabid denunciation of the Obama national-security policy as being “direct, well-reasoned and convincing.” The former vice president has since given his nod to Romney, and his daughter Liz Cheney works on the 2012 campaign staff.

Besides his loyalists in oil companies and the defense industry, Cheney brings heavy firepower to the political arena. Hackers who belong to Anonymous are panicked by intercepts of their emails and the pinpointing of their real-world identities. Several hackers have threatened to take down Facebook for suspected disclosures to the police. Our sources discovered the surveillance originates inside Anonymous, whose leadership is penetrated by operatives from Cheney’s cyber-security program. Behind the smiling Guy Fawkes mask is the scowl of Dick Cheney.

Plundering the Public Coffers

Soros-backed financial reforms will regulate consumer banks into bankruptcy, leaving financial markets at the mercy of unregulated hedge funds including Soros Fund Management and Cheney’s favored Vanguard group. The sustained attacks on Bank of America by Wikileaks, ‘Occupy’ and other front groups are preliminary skirmishes. Once venture capital firms and hedge funds take over the banking sector, consumer accounts will require even higher monthly fees. Meanwhile, the billionaires will enjoy windfall earnings as their hedge funds and private-equity firms gain market share at the expense of the banks and their small-time savers.

Under the next regime, “shock therapy” will be administered to the American people. The theory of wealth transfer to the mafia was formulated by Jeffrey Sachs, who has since run the Soros-funded Earth Institute at Columbia University. Romney is eager to rescind Obamacare and cut welfare benefits. The Malthusian social effects will be the same in the U.S. as in 1990s Russia. Malnourished people in bad health suffering chronic exposure will die off faster, relieving the burden on Social Security and Medicare. For all his moral posturing about the right to life, the Mormon candidate’s social policies are euthanasia on a grand scale.

The bright side of Romney’s proposed “attrition” of federal employees is that outsourcing of government functions will shift jobs from Washington D.C. to where they’re more needed – India and Malaysia.

Foreign Policy Belligerence

Romney has been the most militant anti-China candidate in American history, and this is at a time when Beijing is rescuing the U.S. from a Greek-style crisis with T-bill purchases. He has strongly supported Senate legislation to condemn China’s one-child policy as “gruesome and barbaric”. Anti-abortion activism is the pet project of his former employee, Tiananmen dissident Chai Ling. Between earning an MBA at Princeton and another at Harvard, Chai Ling was employed as a financial analyst with Romney’s Bain group. With the “commander in chief” of the CIA-infiltrated Tiananmen rebellion as his chief adviser on China policy, it’s no wonder that Romney lambasted Joe Biden’s recent good-will visit to Beijing.

On her visits to the Occupy Boston campsite, Chai Ling made positive comparisons between OWS and the Tiananmen rebellion. She asserts: Occupy Wall Street is America’s Tiananmen Square protest. By negative inference, her analogy puts Obama in the same unenviable position as Deng Xiaoping in June 1989. There’s a difference, however: Deng did not have to face an election on the following year. For Obama, it’s the kiss of death.

Storming the White House

Just a few months ago, Obama appeared to be unbeatable in 2012, but with the arrival of the ‘Occupy’ wrecking crew he’s looking more like a lame duck. The departures of key liberals from his team leave the president exposed to political attack from all quarters. The prospects of defeat are his own doing, after failing to deliver on campaign promises and dashing the hopes of his supporters. Still, there’s no satisfaction gained from watching the wolves circle around him.

America’s adversaries like Iran and Venezuela are delighted by the havoc caused by ‘Occupy’ protesters. Looking ahead, however, the laughter in Tehran and Caracas could soon turn into tears when the Cheney-Romney-Soros triumvirate seizes power. The common interest between this troika and Bobby Halper’s syndicate is war-mongering in support of Israel against Iran. The neocons are coming back to finish the job against the remnants of the Axis of Evil – and after that, who knows what? Cheney’s plans in the early Bush years for a realignment of U.S. forces to bombard China into submission is still sitting on a shelf in the Pentagon, ready to go.

Freedom can be vulnerable and liberty fragile when treachery’s in the air. Populist democracies are under global assault from Athens to Atlanta, Madrid to Minneapolis. A finger snap from Cheney will suffice for the Koch brothers’ sock puppet Herman Cain and the Tea Party to fall into line. While Swedish tycoon Carl Lundstrum’s neo-Nazis become an ideological force inside NATO and neocons mobilize across America, ‘Occupy’ is thrusting a knife into Obama’s back.

The seductive illusions spun by ‘Occupy’ are as devious as the story-line of the ‘Star Wars’ epic. The Sith lords never sleep, and that’s why citizens of the federal republic must wake up....

Another fabulous article from Yoichi Shimatsu ! Full of great insights, investigative data, and forward thinking thoughts. And now for a few reactions from this reader.

The only person I trust who is running for President is Ron Paul. The fact that the Mainstream Corporate Controlled Media pushes him aside, refuses to mention his name at every opportunity, gives him the least amount of ‘face time’ in all of the debates; is because Ron Paul is out to eviscerate The Federal Reserve, restore the Constitution, and bring honesty back into politics and Washington DC (if that can be done).

Yes, the OWS protests have multiple sides to what’s happening about them. There is the PsyOps element that suggests some kind of CIA type Arab Spring ‘double agenda’ is present, but we can’t see the ‘hidden aspect’ of it yet. There is the ever present ‘violent element’ who are 99% of the time henchmen of the ‘police state’ sent-in in an undercover capacity to discredit the protestors and give the cops a reason to ‘bust heads’, as they so love to do. There is the ‘double speak’ component to some of the slogans being thrown around in an effort to subvert and co-opt the elements that actually represent what We The People want, and change those into things the Elite/NWO want, like the 1% Wall Street Sales Tax, which will be used as a ‘carrot to a donkey’ to get The People to think they are getting something by their protests, but when the Legislation is actually passed, the Wall Street Insiders will be exempt from this Tobin Tax on their high-volume day-trading market-manipulating transactions, and these are the type of transactions We The People are trying to target with this new Tax. There is a great deal of obscurity about who exactly is originating and pushing and funding and orchestrating all of this OWS protesting. Your article here is providing some really good investigative data on several of these aspects, thank you !!!

Anonymous is another ‘obscured’ entity, in who are they, who is directing them, who is supporting them, who originated them. They have elements of an ‘intelligence operation’ about themselves. And your insight about “divide and misguide” is a brilliant phrase !!! It applies to Wikileaks and OWS.

As the Bush Power Group resurrected itself from the Reagan/Bush days, as soon as Clinton left office, like no time had passed, it would be dire indeed if they were born again after one-term Obama is out-of-office. Though I can hardly believe Cheney is as powerful as you paint him to be; I see him as like Bush I, a team-player who facilitates operatives to liaison. The bigger question is: who is directing the ‘game plan’ for the operatives, and telling Cheney what to accomplish in overarching orchestration ? There have to be more ‘brains behind the Throne’, as the Liar In Chief Obama can’t speak two paragraphs without a teleprompter.

Military-Industrial Contractors, Big Oil, International Zombie Banksters, Hedge Fund Hyenas, and the world’s largest drug dealing cartel, the: CIA/DEA/??? = Operations/Enforcement(Protection)/Control....and never forget Al-CIAda and the horrendous inside Job of 9/11 and all the war crimes that ensued....

What I would like to see is: We The People hijack the OWS movement and use it to voice our 7 Point Demands, have Ron Paul win the election from all the Republicans and Democrats who are fed up with all the lies both parties continually tell, and they all go Third Party and elect Ron Paul and running mate (maybe Jesse Ventura or Alex Jones). Wouldn’t that shake up the NWO’s liver !

And here’s the 7 Point Demands We The People demand: An end to the most infamous White House Murder INC, in the Levant and Worldwide.....

Occupy Wall Street needs to promote this list of ‘Class Based Demands’ in addition to their current Wall Street Sales Tax demand:

1. The 1% Wall Street Sales Tax to be paid on ALL stock transactions engaged in by Market Makers and Wall Street Brokerage Houses and Market Insiders when they do their computerized stock market price manipulation high volume trading. As well as anyone else making stock market transactions.

2. A Student Loan Amnesty – to be paid for by the Wall Street Sales Tax, wherein all student loans will be paid off; because Wall Street has ‘crashed the economy’ on purpose, and now there are ‘no jobs’ for all those students with a ‘future crushing’ student loan, and these Student Loans are prohibited from being discharged during any bankruptcy action in any Bankruptcy Court of Law. Students will be ‘forever in debt’, and that is a debt slavery financial scam to control the population, and it should be illegal.

3. No cuts to the Social Safety Net – Social Security, Food Stamps, and the dozens of other social programs.

4. NO to the 12 Tyrants of the Congress – the illegally formed and unconstitutional ‘Super Congress Committee’ that is designed to ‘rubberstamp’ thru drastic ‘austerity measures’ in the very near future when the USA becomes like what is being done to Greece presently.

5. Stop the Real Estate Fraudclosures, No More Foreclosure Evictions ! The Supreme Court of the State of Massachusetts on October 18, 2011 declared any foreclosure without the supporting evidence of a Promissory Note being produced by the foreclosing party in Foreclosure Court, is Null and Void !!!

6. The Nationalization of The Federal Reserve ! Stop paying interest on the national debt.

7. Make 30 Million new jobs rebuilding USA infrastructure and new efficient energy systems, with the money from the Wall Street Sales Tax and also from the non-payment of interest on the national debt resulting from nationalizing The Fed....!