Saturday, November 26, 2011

Libya's CIA-MOSSAD-MI6-DGSE stooges and lackeys to arm Syrian Salafist/Takfiri/MB assassins in Syria....

Libya's CIA-MOSSAD-MI6-DGSE stooges and lackeys to arm Syrian Salafist/Takfiri/MB assassins in Syria....on the cheap....LOL

[The CIA is repeating its mistakes (from the point of view of all decent human beings) from the anti-Soviet phase of the grand terror war--training terrorists in advanced military skills and then turning them loose upon the rest of the world. This is the fine art of projecting "respectable" evil in its highest form. The American Imperialists get to play "Good Guys" on both ends of this process--We claimed to be providing "humanitarian assistance" to Afghanistan since the late seventies, when we created the first "mujahedin" (highly skilled military specialists) who later became known as "al-CIAda"; we have repeated the process today in Libya, and now, the Libyan "mujahedeen" spread their disease to Syria.... Through this finely honed art of state-sponsored terrorism, we have successfully undermined nearly all of the Middle Eastern allies of the Palestinians. The war against Syria and Hezbollah is intended to unleash the full force of Zioconned American air-power, in order to carry-out the mission that Israel alone could not accomplish in 2006. (Despite all the years of Israeli bluster, the IDF has not defeated any adversary by the mere power of its threats. It has been symbolically parading its military prowess down the streets of Teheran since the American terror war began, but they have not fazed the Revolutionary Guard, even with Stuxnet/DUKU malware, and all the back-biting assassinations over the years. Israel's only formidable power is its nuclear arsenal.

The time for words is over. Obama's revolutionaries and his partners in crime (particularly Zioconned Turkey....and Jordan's MOSSAD killers....and others....) have taken the "irregular warfare" to Syria. The thing about irregular war is that it can easily turn into regular warfare at any given moment. When it becomes apparent that Western asymmetric forces cannot defeat Syria and Hezbollah, then waves of regular bombers can be called in, just like in Libya. From the Imperial view, it becomes apparent that the "mistake" of creating the Islamist mujahedin armies has not been a mistake at all. It was always obvious where it would lead, if you created armies of highly-trained veteran "holy warriors" and released them upon the world. This is America's greatest war crime--its premeditated state terrorism, extra-judicial assassinations and utter Chaos, courtesy of the infamous White House Murder INC, in MENA and way beyond....]

Saudi and Qatari Wahhabi dirty Money Helped Fuel Turkey's Embrace of US War criminals and Zioconned Strategies in MENA and beyond....[ The Donmeh Erdogan and ahmet davutoglu have bith Jewish origins...]

Jane's Defense Weekly reports the signing of a military agreement between Turkey and Britain on November 23, during a three-day visit by President Abdullah CIA Gül to London. This agreement follows the strategic partnership agreement signed in Ankara by Turkish ZIOCONNED Prime Minister Recep Erdogan and his British counterpart, David Cameron, in July 2010. That agreement commits the two countries to strengthen their defense ties through regular talks and cooperation in defense manufacturing.

The recently exhibited hostile posture of Turkey against the beleaguered al-Assad regime in Syria has raised many eyebrows. Earlier this week, Turkey's Prime Minister and a top leader of the ruling AKP party, Recep ZIOCONNED Erdogan, told the Financial Times of London that Assad the assassin must quit. According to a former Indian Ambassador to Turkey, this shift in Turkey's position could have been the result of large inflow of Yesil Surmaye, aka green money from Saudi Arabia, poured into Turkey in direct massive gifts from the mid 1990s and as investments in central Anatolia, the stronghold of the AKP, from whence its leadership originates, in towns like Konya (Iconium) of whirling dervishes and Kayseri (Caesarea Mazaca). Is it that Riyadh wants to build up Turkey as a powerful Sunni state to counter Iran's influence? Regardless, very little has been stated in Western media about Saudi Green Money's role in Turkish politics....

الجدير بالذكر انه وبسبب تدخل الناتو وباقي الدول في ليبيا, في سوريا, وباقي جامعة الدول العربية, يشهد هذا البلد حالة من الفوضى وانعدام الاستقرار، وربما يرمي المخطط الغربي الى اعادة تقسيم وتفتيته، واذكاء نيران حرب طائفية او عرقية فيه لزعزعة استقرار دول مجاورة شهدت ثورات وطنية مثلما هو الحال في تونس ومصر، جعلت ابرز اهدافها التصدي لعمليات الاذلال والهيمنة والتجبر التي تمارسها اسرائيل في حق العرب والمسلمين، بدعم من الولايات المتحدة الامريكية والغرب، وبتواطؤ بعض الحكومات العربية.

ويرى مراقبون ان هناك شكوكا حول نوايا حلف الناتو، الذي يعرف بانه ليس مؤسسة خيرية تتدخل لأهداف انسانية محضة، بل وحسب ما ذكره المراقبون فان تدمير البنية التحيتة في ليبيا انما يكمن خلفه اسباب اهمها تهافت الشركات الغربية على توقيع عقود فيما يخص اعادة بناء ليبيا الغرض منها نهب ثرواتها

إن تراب سورية يعادل أمريكا وكل ما فيها من أموال وقد خسئوا وسورية غالية وترابها غال وتاج على رأس كل السوريين من الطفل إلى الكبير وأنا لدي خمسة شباب وأنا مستعدة لتقديمهم جميعا فداء للوطن وترابه وجميعنا سنكون ساري ولتخسأ الجامعة العربية وكل خائن فنحن وطنيون وترابنا غال لا يباع وإن كل من يشرب من ماء سورية يركع لها مثلما يركع في أي ديانة ولكن هؤلاء خونة ولا يعرفون معنى ذلك

وأكدت أن هؤلاء الإرهابيين الذين اغتالوا الشهيد ساري ليسوا سوريين ولا يعرفون سورية وهؤلاء الغربيون الذين يتشدقون بالحرية هم من يرسلون لنا هؤلاء الإرهابيين المسلحين

من جانبها قالت خالة أخرى للشهيد إن أحمد رمضان عضو مجلس اسطنبول ادعى أن قلبه يتقطع من منظر الشهيد ساري فليأت ليخرج المسلحين الذين يفلتون في الحارات ويرسل لهم السلاح وبعدها ليتقطع قلبه وإن شاء الله يتقطعون جميعهم في اسطنبول وسنقطعهم بإذن الله نحن وشعبنا وجيشنا وأمننا وسنبقى جميعنا اخوة في هذا الوطن من جميع الأطياف ونحن نعيش حالة من الوحدة الوطنية رغما عنهم وعن الجامعة العربية وعن اسطنبول وعن كل من يكره سورية والذين يريدون الشر لها فكفاهم كذبا وحتى طفلي يعلم أن سورية تتعرض لمؤامرة فليستحوا على دمائهم وكل من يحمل منهم شهادة دكتوراه لا يعرف أن هناك مؤامرة بينما ابنتي في الصف الخامس تعلم أن هناك مؤامرة

A few eyebrows must have been raised already in the Persian Gulf region, knowing that the report has given a "clean bill of health" for Iran's behavior toward Bahrain. At the same time, questions are being raised about the repressive role of Saudi forces stationed in Bahrain since May, 2011, as well as the Saudi campaign of Iran-bashing both directly - for example, through Saudi sponsorship of a UN General Assembly resolution on the "Iran plot" - and indirectly - for example, through the US and its terror accusations.
The Saudis have put themselves in a difficult position by adopting the terror allegations as facts and consistently claiming that "there is substantial evidence" that corroborates the US's claims, to paraphrase Saudi prince Turki Al-Faisal.

Consequently, the Bahraini report essentially functions as a warning not to accept Saudi rhetoric against Iran at face value; they have been proved wrong in one area, namely Bahrain, and that may be the case with their other accusations against Iran. Little wonder Saudi officials have been tight-lipped in their reactions to the report, opting to remain silent on its crucial finding on Bahrain instead of either endorsing it or rejecting it - although it is a sure bet that they will rely on their Bahraini and other allies to chip away at the report by questioning its conclusions on Iran.

Tehran, now feeling slightly exonerated after months of being subject to misplaced labeling and demonization, relishes the new development fostered by the report, which aids Iran's leadership's discourse that it has been unfairly accused on multiple fronts by the US and its regional allies.

The question, of course, is whether this can be utilized to break some ice between Tehran and Riyadh, and, relatedly, whether we may observe a softening of Saudi Arabia's intense Iran-bashing rhetoric and policy. This will not take long to answer. The next weeks, if not days, will likely provide ample clues derived from what the Saudis (as well as the US) say or do not say about Iran and its Arab neighbors.

At a time of sharpening divisions between Tehran and Riyadh over Syria, which has been bounced out of the Arab League and is now subject to sanctions by the League, the Bahraini report serves Iran in its policy of criticizing Saudi interventions in Bahrain and, to a lesser extent, in Syria, where aspects of the political opposition receives active support from Saudi Arabia.

There is a linkage between Bahrain and Syria, at least as far as Tehran is concerned. That may mean a conscious decision by Iran to seek a quid pro quo with Saudi Arabia by pressuring the Saudis on Bahrain in order to lesson Saudi pressure on Syria - Iran's key Arab allay.

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I very strongly feel that Russia is not going to take any military action to defend Syria. In fact, even though I oppose the US/Israeli Empire's current subversion of Syria, I also don't believe that the Assad regime is worthy of any support. I very much doubt Bloomberg's and all other Zioconned MSM spin anyway.... It's not next month, but next SPRING that the Kuznetsov might visit Syria, and I bet you that it will not do so while any violence (whether internal or external) takes place.

As for the Yakhonts, some are reportedly in Syria, but that does not mean that they are operational or even fully under Syrian command....