Tuesday, November 22, 2011

MENA is about to experience the last Death throws of a Zioconned/Evil and utterly Crumbling US Empire of utter Criminals.....

From Tahrir Square to the Marja Square to Bahrain to Qatif To Sanaa', the Whole MENA is about to experience the last Death throws of a Zioconned/Evil and utterly Crumbling US Empire of utter Criminals.....



The level of violence meted out by the Empire against its opponents is clearly on the rise: from Tahrir Square in Egypt, to the many Occupy Wall Street demonstrations, to the constant saber-rattling against Iran, the Empire is clearly cracking down on its opposition.

This new trend is particularly striking in the USA. People who have never lived in the USA or who, even more so, have never studied here, do probably not realize the amazing degree of freedom US colleges have enjoyed in the past. Let me illustrate this by a simple example.

I got one of my college degrees from The American University in Washington, DC. One of the teachers at this university was a former Ambassador of Grenada to the USA, until Reagan invaded the small island to show the world that the USA was still a superpower after its Marines had just been blown up to smithereens in Beirut two days earlier. While the USA could impose a puppet-regime in Grenada, it could do nothing to remove this (now ex-) Ambassador from American U. because, in essence, all US colleges had a semi-official status of extra-territoriality due to their academic nature. Sure, the Reaganites hated having this Marxist ex-Ambassador speaking her mind not only on campus, but also off-campus, but there was nothing they could do about it. That was the type of freedom US colleges enjoyed as recently as 1986.

So while the pepper-spraying of protesting students in UC Davis might not appear like a big deal to non-Americans, to those Americans old enough to remember the 1980s (or even the civil rights and anti-war movements of the 1960) this is an outrage which goes against everything the USA was supposed to stand for.

What matters here is not that some pepper sprayed in the eyes of the students, its the clear message this sends: the time for freedom is over and now we will do what was so unthinkable even very recently. This is why protesters are being beaten up with batons, tasered, pepper-strayed and even killed in greater and greater numbers: the regime is sending a simple and clear message to its subjects: give it up, or we will crush you.

The gloves are also off in Egypt where the torture and murder of pro-democracy demonstrators has resumed. Amazingly, stunningly, the Egyptians have found in themselves the courage and internal resources to continue the fight. The expression "heroic people" is, as a rule, hyperbole, but in the case of the Egyptian people it seems quite appropriate to me.

The Empire probably feels emboldened by its comprehensive success in Libya and by its hope to repeat something similar in Syria (the counter-examples of Iraq, Lebanon, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Somalia seem quickly forgotten amidst all the high-fiving and back-slapping about the "great NATO victory" in Libya). Amazingly, the always inept and useless Arab League has learned nothing from its shameful role in the Libyan war and seems to be willing to repeat exactly the same actions against Syria. The only good news here is that at least China and Russia seemed to be saying "no way, not again!". But does that really matter? In a world were UNSC Resolutions carry no weight at all, and in which the current UNSC does not even seem be able to produce a majority in favor of a Palestinian state - does it make any difference at all what Russia or China have to say?

The bottom line is clear: both the Obama Administration and the US regime which it currently represents are clearly headed towards a dramatic increase in violent actions. On one hand, the economies of the ZIOCONNED USA and the EU are utterly tanking, the despicable political elites are as hated and as openly challenged as ever while, on the other hand, brazen acts of illegal violence yield what the rules of the Empire think of as "successes". Add to this the upcoming elections in the USA, and a Zionist lobby gone insane with a typical mix of arrogance and paranoia, and you get an explosive cocktail.

Sadly, it appears that we must brace ourselves for a major increase in violence, both inside the USA, and internationally. Yes, the days of this Zioconned Evil Empire are numbered, but only in the long term. For the foreseeable future it still has a lot of "reserve capabilities of violence" to inflict on all its opponents....

Good interview w/Mark Glenn and Jonathan Azaziah. First half is good, but nothing new--they basically go over a recent slamophobia hate fest held in Tennessee (sponsored by the Zionistas, I'm sure).... Second half, Jonathan Azaziah goes over what he sees as the Zionist re-making of the middle east, including what's going on in Syria


audio is from 11/13, here's the summary:

ZIOCONNED Wahhabism--an extreme and unnatural form of Islam created in Zionist laboratories in order to taint all Muslims as dangerous and thus further Israel's narrative and agenda throughout the world. We are honored once again to be joined by the exceedingly brilliant Jonathon Azaziah of www.maskofzion.com to discuss this and other matters related to the current 'Clash of Civilizations' between the 'Christian' West and the Islamic Middle East that can have but one beneficiary if not stopped--the anti-Christ tyranny known as International Zionism.....

The whole thing is contrived by our elites again. Soros/CIA is in the midst of it, sponsoring more "rebels" and his human rights contrivances are gathering "evidence" to frame those whom the Empire wants out later, as they always do. They are also wracking up instability in Syria to facilitate entry into Iran with these fake rebels, opposition leaders or whatever the latest title is.

Here is a video with Wayne from July 2011 when this was already going on: link. Here is Soros' own web site shilling for western interference in Syria link for violence our elites are fostering and spinning as reason that we ought to do something about it. It's a trick they are also grooming the African continent in general for - stir up violence, dispatch NATO or Africom to put it out and take the country in the process.....
Tarpley: Snipers are Randomly Shooting at Syrian Civilians to Create Instability (Nov 22, 2011)

Webster Tarpley speaks from Damascus and he has been to cities like Homs and his conclusion is that there is NO civil war. There are snipers who fire at civilians to create chaos and instability in Syria.

These snipers are mainly from abroad and have been brought in by the secret services like the Mossad, the CIA and MI6, including the support of the Saudi and Qatari Dictator Regimes.

ZIOCONNED WAHHABIS at Al-Jazeera is again the master media-manipulator venting stories of Syrian army people who would have defected, whereas Tarpley has spoken to many people in Syria who want to army the come and help them get rid of the Death Squads who bring nothing but chaos and murder....

The eruption of mass protests on Egypt’s Tahrir Square calling for an end to the rule by the military junta has put the United States and Turkey on the horns of a dilemma.

Washington cannot overlook that the demand of the protestors is for democratic change and an end to the military rule. Indeed, US wields enormous influence over the Egyptian military, which receives 5 billion dollars American military aid annually. But Washington will be averse to the military’s abdication of power. Because, the democratic opposition is led by forces that are beyond the pale of US influence, Muslim Brotherhood in particular.
True, US has established low-key contacts with MB but it is a long haul to develop a “constructive dialogue” proper. What worries US most will be MB’s stance on a host of issues concerning Israel - MB’s stance on Egypt’s peace accord with Israel; security cooperation between Egypt and Israel; on Hamas; on Iran, etc. Israel has even alleged that Tehran has links with sections of MB. (Indeed, MB is far from monolithic.) In sum, US geopolitical interests are best served if democratic change takes a back seat for the present in Egypt.
It’ll be fun to hear what Barack Obama has to say. If he comes down too hard on the military, Israeli Lobby will be hopping mad in Washington, the Republicans will go on the offensive. But if he keeps mum, that’ll be the mother of all ironies. Remember, it was Cairo University that Obama chose in 2009 as the venue for that famous speech?
Turkey is in an equally awkward spot, but from a different perspective. The Egyptian military is of course asking for a “Turkish-style” constitutional role in the country’s political life. Turkish PM Recep Erdogan paid a high-profile visit to Cairo two months ago. And he counselled the Egyptian people to follow secularist path. MB went ballistic. Other Islamist groups also joined the fray and flung invectives at Erdogan. Thus, Turkey is today in an embarrassing position. It just doesn’t want to be seen as the role model for Egypt anymore. The “Turkish model” suits the Egyptian military, but that is not how Turkey thought it will become a role model for the Middle East.
A “sideshow” is going to be Jordan. Can you hear the rumblings of a gathering storm in Jordan? Again, MB may be spearheading the democracy wave in Jordan, especially if the Egyptian protests gather momentum. No wonder, Jordanian monarch King Abdullah just paid a rare visit to West Bank - after a gap of 11 years!
What happens in Egypt will be of momentous consequence to the Middle Eastern politics. Obama and Erdogan must be shaking their head in despair. Both are at a loss for words. Erdogan would much rather talk about Syria. Their Persian Gulf allies would also feel uneasy as the democracy wind from Egypt will eventually shake up the oligarchies there, too. Again, the only country in the region that genuinely salutes the protestors on Tahrir Square would be - well, Iran....

That rocky road to Damascus....
By Pepe Escobar

The trillion-dollar question in the "Arab Winter" is who will blink first in the West's screenplay of slouching towards Tehran via Damascus.

As they examine the regional chessboard and the formidable array of forces aligned against them, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and the military dictatorship of the mullahtariat in Tehran must face, simultaneously, superpower Washington, bomb-happy North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) members, nuclear power Israel, all Sunni Arab absolute monarchies, and even Sunni-majority, secular Turkey.

Meanwhile, on their side, the Islamic Republic can only count on Moscow. Not as bad a hand as it may seem.

Syria is Iran's undisputed key ally in the Arab world - while Russia, alongside China, are the key geopolitical allies. China, for the moment, is making it clear that any solution for Syria must be negotiated.

Russia's one and only naval base in the Mediterranean is at the Syrian port of Tartus. Not by accident, Russia has installed its S-300 air defense system - one of the best all-altitude surface-to-air missile systems in the world, comparable to the American Patriot - in Tartus. The update to the even more sophisticated S-400 system is imminent.

From Moscow's - as well as Tehran's - perspective, regime change in Damascus is a no-no. It will mean virtual expulsion of the Russian and Iranian navies from the Mediterranean.

Yet key lateral moves by the West are already on. Diplomats in Brussels confirmed to Asia Times Online that the former Libyan "rebels" - now trying to come up with a credible government - have already given the go-ahead for NATO to build a sprawling military base in Cyrenaica.

NATO has no final say in such matters. This is decided by the boss - the Pentagon - interested in emboldening Africom in coordination with NATO. As many as 20,000 boots are expected to be deployed on the ground in Libya - at least 12,000 of them Europeans. They will be responsible for Libya's "internal security", but also be on alert for possible, further military campaigns targeted at - who else - Syria and Iran.

Bring those Shi'ites down
As much as the latest "coalition of the willing" - which by the way repeats the Libya model - is against the Bashar al-Assad regime in Syria, it also represents a Christian/Sunni war against Shi'ites, be they the Alawite minority in Syria or the Shi'ite majorities in Iran, Iraq and Lebanon.

This is part and parcel of the "strategic opportunity" identified by the powerful Israel lobby in Washington; if we strike against the Damascus-Tehran link, we deal a mortal blow to Hezbollah in Lebanon. That, ideologues believe, can now be sold to world public opinion under the cover of the former Arab Spring - now "Arab Winter" after a metamorphosis, before "Arab Summer", into the Arab counter-revolution).

As Tehran sees it, what's really going on regarding Syria is a "humanitarian" cover for a complex anti-Shi'ite and anti-Iran operation.

The road map is already clear. A fractious, unrepresentative Syrian National Council - Libya-style - is already in place. Same for a heavily armed Sunni "insurgency" crisscrossing the borders in Lebanon and Turkey. Sanctions are already essentially hurting the Syrian middle class. A relentless, international campaign of vilification of the Assad regime has been deployed. And psy ops abound, with the aim of seducing sections of the Syrian army to defect (it's not working).

A report [1] by a Qatar-based researcher for the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) even comes close to admitting that the self-described "Free Syria Army" is basically a bunch of hardcore Islamists, plus a few genuine army defectors, but mostly radicalized Muslim Brotherhood bought, paid for and weaponized by the US, Israel, the Gulf monarchies and Turkey. There's nothing "pro-democracy" about this lot - as incessantly sold by Western corporate and Saudi-owned media.

As for the National Council, based in Washington and London and sprinkled with the usual dodgy exiles, its program calls for governing Syria alongside the same military that has been - a la the Egyptian military junta - shooting civilian protesters. Makes one think that the only sensible solution would be for the people in Syria to topple the police state Assad regime, while being vehemently against the dodgy Syrian National Council.

This year's model (dictator)
Then there's the usually misguided and misinformed West, which believes that the Arab League - now no more than a puppet of US foreign policy - is siding with the democratic aspirations of the Syrian people. when he says that after the fall of president Hosni Mubarak in Egypt, "the League is now an extension of the Gulf Cooperation Council [GCC]".

The GCC is in fact the Gulf Counter-revolution Club. Their favorite sport is to privilege "model" dictators - starting with themselves, but also including Ali Abdullah Saleh in Yemen and the little kings of Jordan and Morocco, who will be annexed to the GCC because they wish they were in the Persian Gulf (geography dictates they aren't). On the other hand, the GCC abhors "bad" dictators - the snuffed-out Muammar Gaddafi and Assad, who not by accident are from secular republics.

The House of Saud, Jordan and rising Qatar are more than comfortable doing the US's and Israel's bidding. The House of Saud - the GCC's top dog - invaded Bahrain with 1,500 troops to smash pro-democracy protests very much like the ones in Egypt and Syria. The House of Saud helped the ruling, Sunni al-Khalifa dynasty in 70% Shi'ite Bahrain to conduct widespread torture; Bahrainis confirm that everyone tortured was forced to confess direct links with "evil" Tehran.

In Egypt, the House of Saud supported Mubarak even after he was deposed. Now it supports - with over US$4 billion so far - a military junta that basically wants to keep power, unchecked, over a "democratic" facade.

The House of Saud couldn't possibly coexist with a successful, democratic Egypt. Anyone believing the House of Saud's claim to defend human rights and democracy in the Middle East should check into an asylum.

The Arab League - also a House of Saud extension - gave a green card to NATO to bomb a member state. It suspended Syria on November 12 - as it had done with Libya on February 22 - because, unlike in Libya, US and European designs in the United Nations Security Council were duly vetoed by Russia and China.

Welcome to a "new" Arab League where if you don't prostrate in front of the GCC altar, you're condemned to regime change.

Worshiping the GCC can't compare to worshiping the Pentagon and NATO. Jordan and Morocco are members of NATO's Mediterranean dialogue, and Qatar and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are members of NATO's Istanbul Cooperation Initiative. In addition, Jordan and the UAE are the only Arabic Troop Contributing Nations for NATO in Afghanistan.

Ivo Daalder, the Obama administration's ambassador to NATO, has already ordered Libya to enter the Mediterranean Dialogue, alongside Morocco, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Mauritania and Israel. And early this month he told the Atlantic Council what's needed for an attack on Syria; an "urgent necessity" (such as giving the impression Assad is going to raze Homs to the ground); "regional support" (that will come in a flash from the GCC/Arab League); and a UN mandate (it won't happen, as Russia and China had made it clear).

So one may expect exactly that from the "coalition of the willing"; some black ops blamed on the Assad regime; immediate support from GCC/Arab League; and probably unilateral action, because via the UN is a no-no.

The Greater Middle East dream
No wonder some sound minds in Damascus, watching the tea leaves, decided to take some action. Damascus did send secret couriers to sound out Washington's mood. The price to be left alone; to cut all ties with Tehran, for good. The Assad regime was left wondering what would they get in return.

The Alawites, roughly 12% of the population and members of the ruling elite, won't desert the Assad regime. Christians and Druze expect only the worst from a possible, hardcore, Muslim Brotherhood-dominated new order. Same for a crucial neighbor, the Nuri al-Maliki government in Baghdad.

Russia knows that if the current Libyan model is reproduced in Syria - and with Lebanon already under a de facto NATO blockade - the Mediterranean will indeed become that dream, a NATO lake, which is code for total US control.

Moscow also sees that in the US-conceived Greater Middle East - and talk about "great", spanning from Mauritania to Kazakhstan - the only countries that are not linked with NATO through myriad "partnerships" are, apart from Syria: Lebanon, Eritrea, Sudan and Iran.

As for the Pentagon, the name of the game is "repositioning". As in if you leave Iraq you go somewhere else in the "arc of instability", preferably the Gulf. There are 40,000 US troops already in the Gulf - 23,000 of them in Kuwait. A secret army for the Pentagon and the Central Intelligence Agency is being trained by former Blackwater, "repositioned" as Xe, in the UAE. A NATO of the Gulf is being born. NATOGCC, anyone?

When the US neo-conservatives ruled the universe - that was only a few years ago - the motto was "Real men go to Tehran". An update is in order. Call it "Real men go to Tehran via Damascus only if they have the balls to stare down Moscow".

1. See Revolutionary road: Among the Syrian opposition.

La dernière folie de Nicolas MOSSAD Sarkozy : la DGSE au secours de l’ASL !

Par Louis Denghien, le 23 novembre 2011

C’est le Canard enchaîné, dans son édition du 23 novembre, qui a levé le lièvre – un « lièvre » de belle taille : des officiers de la DGSE, le service de contre-espionnage français, ont été envoyés au nord du Liban et en Turquie avec pour mission d’instruire et de structurer les « contingents » de l’ »Armée syrienne libre« , censée regrouper des « milliers » de « déserteurs » syriens. Et dont le chef nominal, le colonel Ryad al-Asaad, se trouve précisément réfugié en Turquie depuis deux mois. Selon le Canard, « plusieurs membres du service Action de la DGSE et le « Commandement des opérations spéciales » (COS) sont déjà prêts en Turquie, s’ils en reçoivent l’ordre, à former ces déserteurs à la guérilla urbaine« . Interrogé, un officier de haut rang de la Direction du renseignement militaire confirme l’info, indiquant que ce sont les Français et les Britanniques qui ont pris l’initiative de rencontrer les responsables de l’ASL. Plus inquiétant encore, l’hebdomadaire affirme qu’une « intervention limitée » de l’OTAN est en préparation contre la Syrie chez les cerveaux malades et atlantistes de l’Elysée. S’agirait-il, avec le concours de la Turquie, d’aider l’ASL a créer un embryon de « territoire libéré » dans le nord du pays ? En ce cas, décidément, l’armée syrienne a bien fait de se redéployer tout au long de sa frontière avec la Turquie.

A la faveur du « Printemps arabe » et des crises libyenne et syrienne, on peut dire que les Américains et leurs alliés – ou leurs exécutants – ne s’embarrassent plus de précautions diplomatiques : ils aident ouvertement avec leur argent, leurs bombardiers ou leurs moyens diplomatiques à renverser ou marginaliser les nations et pouvoirs qui leur déplaisent. A l’échelle de la France, Nicolas Sarkozy, qui essaie par tous les moyens de se refaire une santé électorale d’ici le printemps prochain, et de faire oublier le quinquennat qui s’achève, a cru trouver dans la politique étrangère un moyen de rebondir : il s’efforce de colmater les brèches du radeau « euro », et il se déguise en champion de la liberté dans le monde arabe – un peu comme Erdogan, tiens. Ca a donné le bombardement de la Libye, et le renversement et l’assassinat de Kadhafi. Grisé par ce « succès », dont lui-même n’a pas encore mesuré toutes les conséquences – mais Sarkozy agit au mois le mois, et pour lui le seul horizon politique qui vaille est mai 2012 – le plus désastreux Président dont se soit doté la France – même Chirac a par comparaison des faux airs de de Gaulle – veut aussi « libérer » le peuple syrien, un peu comme Bush Jr a « libéré » le peuple irakien.

Une initiative irresponsable, que tout vrai opposant à Sarkozy doit condamner et bloquer

Le responsable du renseignement militaire interrogé par le Canard enchaîné a tenu à préciser qu’ »il ne s’agit pas de recommencer ce qui s’est passé en Libye« . La Russie, la Chine et d’autres refusant, comme du reste en principe la Turquie, toute intervention de l’OTAN contre la Syrie, Sarkozy et Juppé se trouvent en effet « privés de bombardements ». L’Elysée se rabattrait donc sur la formation des activistes armés, pour ce que le Canard enchaîné appelle « une guerre anti-Bachar par intermédiaire« . D’après ce que l’on croit savoir de l’ASL, largement montée en épingle par l’OSDH et les médias, il y a du boulot. A moins que nos spécialistes ne forment aussi des groupes salafistes, à notre avis bien plus présents sur le terain que les hypothétiques bataillons de l’ASL. Mais, de toute façon, là n’est pas le problème.

Si on a bien lu le Canard enchaîné, rien n’est encore fait. On souhaite donc qu’au Parlement, les socialistes – qui réclament notamment le retrait du contingent français d’Afghanistan – justifient leur statut officiel d’opposants à Sarkozy, et lui demandent des comptes sur cette nouvelle initiative d’apprenti-sorcier. A l’heure où les tensions sont plus que jamais explosives non seulement dans le Proche-Orient mais dans tout le monde arabe, où l’Egypte, entre autres, peut basculer dans le chaos, cette dernière initiative sarkozienne est irresponsable et criminelle. D’autant plus criminelle et irresponsable qu’elle est dictée, comme presque tout se qui se fait à l’Elysée, par des arrière-pensées électoralistes. Et on espère qu’un Hollande ne se retranchera pas derrière on ne sait quel « intérêt national » pour éviter de poser à son rival cette question-là ! Au fait les élus et personnalités de la majorité, s’ils ont encore quelque conscience ou souvenir de ce qui fut longtemps la tradition diplomatique française à l’égard du monde arabe, peuvent aussi poser des questions à leur candidat et leader officieux....