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KASSAR - is a CIA Asset

KASSAR - is a CIA Asset, it runs in the usual...

Kassar, who is a CIA asset, and whose name is linked to Lockerbie....and Syria...

On 20 November 2008, Monzer Al Kassar, following a three-week jury trial in Manhattan federal court, was found guilty of:

conspiracy to murder U.S. nationals, conspiracy to murder U.S. officers and employees, conspiracy to acquire and export anti-aircraft missiles, conspiracy to provide material support and resources to the Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia (FARC), a designated foreign terrorist organization, and money laundering. (
International Arms Dealer and Cohort Convicted on Terrorism Offenses)

Reportedly, since the early 1970s, Al Kassar was a source of weapons and military equipment for groups engaged in violent conflicts around the world.

Some of those groups included the Palestinian Liberation Front (PLF).

Reportedly, Al Kassar developed an international network of criminal associates, as well as front companies and bank accounts in various countries, including the United Kingdom, Spain, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Poland, Bulgaria and Romania.

Monzer al-Kassar, born in Syria in 1945, is known as the "Prince of Marbella."

Kassar is married to a sister of Ali Issa Dubah, a former chief of Syrian intelligence, and a close associate of Rifat Assad, the brother of Syria's former President Hafez Assad.

Kassar is said to have been a CIA asset, involved with Colonel Oliver North and General Richard Secord. ('
Confession of an Iranian Terror Czar')

Reportedly, Rifat Assad, 'the Syrian boss of the Lebanese heroin industry', and Monzer al-Kassar took over Lebanon's Bekaa Valley in 1975 with the help of the Syrian Army.

Allegedly, heroin was transported from the Bekaa Valley to the USA on PanAm flights with the help of Kassar and elements of the CIA. (
If Not Megrahi Then Who Is Really Responsible (from The Herald ))

Kassar has been linked to the Lockerbie Bombing.

On board Pan Am 103, on 21 December 1988, were Major Charles McKee, of the US Defense Intelligence Agency in Beirut, and Matthew Gannon, CIA Deputy Station Chief in Beirut.

McKie and his team had reportedly discovered evidence that a 'rogue' CIA unit called COREA, was involved in the drugs business with Monzar Al-Kassar. (

Reportedly Al-Kassar 'was part of the secret network run by US Lt. Colonel Oliver North.'

Outraged that COREA was doing business with a Syrian 'who made money from drugs, arms and terrorism', the McKee team reportedly 'decided to fly to CIA HQ in Virginia to expose COREA'.

They flew on Pan Am flight 103 which came down over Lockerbie.

It has been alleged that Kassar has received regular CIA money deposited to his credit at the Katherein Bank, Vienna (A/c No. 50307495) and at the Swiss Bank Corporation in Geneva (A/c No. 510230C-86). ('
Confession of an Iranian Terror Czar')

Kassar is said to be a very major arms and drugs smuggler.

In 1987, investigations into the
Iran-Contra scandal found that al-Kassar had been paid 1.5 million pounds by someone in the U.S. government to sell arms to Nicaraguan Contras. (Monzer al-Kassar - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

In 1992, al-Kassar made arms sales in the millions of dollars to Croatia, Bosnia and Somalia, violating United Nations arms embargoes to all three countries.

According to the US Drugs Enforcement Agency, Al-Kassar imports 20 % of the heroin that comes to the United States. (
FTR-109 Monzer Al-Kassar & Co)

In 1992, the Spanish government arrested Kassar for his alleged involvement in the Achille Lauro hijacking. In 1995, and he was found not guilty on all charges.

In July 2006, the government of Iraq placed Kassar at number 26 on their "most wanted" list, calling him one of the main suppliers for the Iraqi insurgents.

On 8 June 2007, the DEA (US Drug Enforcement Administration) announced the arrest in Spain of Monzer al Kassar. This was said to be linked to arms sales to rebels in Colombia.

Kassar was arrested just days before the Libyan convicted of the Lockerbie bombing was granted a second extraordinary appeal and 'just days after Blair went to Tripoli to negotiate a deal that would save him the embarrassment of a fresh appeal.' ('
Confession of an Iranian Terror Czar')

Aviation Terrorism and Security ...and the myriad of Israeli security firms at airports worldwide...

air crash investigators, physicists and ex-CIA folk present a series of
cases about various aspects of that terrible day when the US government
declared war on anyone who didn’t agree with it.

So exhaustive is the filmmaker’s coverage of the event, you can pick or
choose which aspects of the conspiracy with which you concur. While
there seems to be some need for further investigation of such things as
the missing plane wreck at the Pentagon and the ‘terrorist’ passport
that miraculously escaped a head-on collision with the South Tower,
other aspects of the event might well be covered up to obfuscate nothing
more sinister than the incompetence of a Pentagon that had grown fat on
a bloated defence budget, something that hasn’t entirely occurred to the
makers. The documentary is presented in a nicely paced form, with plenty
of first-hand testimony, making for a compelling, if at times not
completely credible watch. Minimal extras.
Zero: 9/11 - Trailer

full film can be watched here

Technical Articles

Project Censored Report #12.


On December 21, 1988, Pan American flight 103, en route from Frankfurt to the U.S. via London, blew up over Lockerbie, Scotland, killing 259 people. The mass media quickly reported that the plane carried a bomb planted by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

On November 6,1989, Congressman James A. Traficant, Jr., (D-Ohio), released extraordinary information which implicated the CIA in the tragedy. The mass media have ignored this information.

Traficant's information was based on a 27-page report by Interfor, a New York consulting group reportedly made up of ex-CIA and Mossad agents, which had been hired by PanAm's insurance company, U.S. Aviation Underwriters, to investigate the accident.

Following are some of the controversial findings:

* A joint CIA-State Department special hostage-rescue team, of from five to eight people, was on board the plane. They were on an unannounced return from Lebanon, carrying maps showing the location of some of the American hostages there. They were also bringing information about what they believed to be an unauthorized and illegal scheme concocted by another CIA group in Frankfurt (called "CIA-1" in the report).

* CIA-1, the unauthorized West German team, was "handling" Syrian Monzer Al-Kassar and protecting his smuggling routes in return for help freeing U.S. hostages. The report suggests CIA-1 was a renegade unit and not part of the regular agency, since it "has a control at an unknown area in the Washington, DC area," rather than CIA headquarters in Langely, Virginia. It goes on to say, "It appears that it eventually operated to some or a large extent as an internal covert operation without consistent oversight, a la Oliver North."

* The terrorists utilized PanAm flights out of Frankfurt, where they controlled a Turkish baggage handler who could switch bags after they had been inspected. Both CIA-1 and the German police learned in advance from Al-Kassar, that a bomb was going to be placed on flight 103 by another group, led by Palestinian Ahmed Jibril. CIA-1 also knew of the special team's travel plans.

* Because CIA-1 "did not want to blow its surveillance operation and undercover penetration or to risk the Al-Kassar hostage release operation," they did not take any direct steps to stop the flight.

The CIA has labeled Interfor's findings "nonsense" and the West German police agency BKA also has issued a denial. Nevertheless, it is strange that the major media have given so little coverage to the PanAm report, despite an abiding interest in the plane crash.



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