Sunday, February 22, 2009

"There's a lot of symbolism involved when the Siamese twins, CIA/MOSSAD choose their targets and the dates of their attacks."

"There's a lot of symbolism involved when the Siamese twins, CIA/MOSSAD choose their targets and the dates of their attacks."
In this topsy-turvy post-9/11 new world order, the label "anti-Semite"
is the price one pays for asserting that two plus two equals four...

George Orwell, that most relevant of modern writers, predicted things would be like this...
“Ariel Sharon and Rafi Eitan believed they could change the world by force with 9/11 and a global never ending massacres and wars,” . “Shimon Peres believed we could change it by being utter and constant liars, pretend to be nice, friendly and stupid. They are ALL three narcissistic megalomaniac psycopaths...”

Terror attacks are more likely to occur on anniversaries of earlier attacks. Everyone agrees about that. The Oklahoma City bombing of April 19 occurred exactly two years after the Branch Davidian conflagration in Waco. The Bali bombing of Oct. 12, 2002 occurred exactly two years after the attack on the USS Cole...which was a MOSSAD operation in Yemen.

The major and cataclysmic assassinations of the infamous White House Murder INC, follow the same logic... from the assassination of Ambassador DOBBS in Kabul, Afghanistan, to 01-23-2002 in Karachi, Pakistan, to 01-24-2002, in Hazmieh Beirut and 02-14-2005 in front of the St Georges Hotel....

In the summer of 2007, the Bush administration claimed to have broken up a terror plot to blow up several airplanes simultaneously as they flew from the UK to the US -- on 9/11. They regularly tell us that another terror attack, probably much worse than 9/11, is not just a matter of if, but when. Lately they've been more vociferous than usual.

The fourth anniversary of the March 11, 2004 Madrid bombings is two days away, and the fifth anniversary of the March 19, 2003 Iraq invasion is next week. Does the Bush administration know more than we do about where and when another terror strike might occur, and who might be behind it?

Conspiracy Coding

"The date of the attack, the 11th, may be only a coincidence, but it won't be ignored as investigators try to figure out who was behind today's deadly commuter train attacks in India . The 11th has now been chosen as an attack date in New York , Madrid and Mumbai." -- Brian Ross, ABC News

With the words above, spoken on the same day as the Mumbai attacks, ABC's Brian Ross came as close as anybody in mainstream media ever came to revealing what no one in the power elite wants to talk about: the date code connecting the terror attacks that have justified the global war and the Homeland state.

As Ross noted, the number "11" figures prominently in the 9/11 attack on New York , the 3/11 attack on Madrid and the 7/11 attack on Mumbai. He easily could have gone further with his 11-based analysis. The attacks on London occurred on 7/7 -- read "77," a multiple of Mumbai's 7/11 -- "7 x 11." The attack on Amman , Jordan occurred on 11/9 -- which is 9/11 backwards.

The numbers add up to a coded conspiracy, whether you believe it's a conspiracy of "Al Qaeda" or of "Al CIA-duh." To a cryptanalyst (code-breaker), the only nonsensical explanation is that it's all just a coincidence. The odds against all five major international terror strikes since the year 2000 being rooted in the number 11, with four out of five of them containing the number 11, are astronomical.

Purposeful Perpetrators

"Good morning. At this moment, somewhere in the world, terrorists are planning new attacks on our country. Their goal is to bring destruction to our shores that will make September the 11th pale by comparison." -- George W. Bush

Every one of the attacks worked against Muslim interest, and in favor of the global war partners trying to wrest control of the Mideast from them. A by-the-numbers review clarifies the point:

9/11 -- The Big Bang that started it all, 9/11 was "the new Pearl Harbor " that Bush geo-strategists were writing about and hoping for before the 2000 elections. Without 9/11, there could not have been a global war or a Homeland state.

3/11 -- "The European 9/11" occurred just days before the Spanish elections, and at first analysts thought that it would jolt Spain to the right. Since the Spanish left wanted to pull out of Iraq , 3/11 was an attempt to keep a major partner in the global war.

7/7 -- "The British 9/11" occurred on the eve of a contentious G-8 summit in Scotland , thereby distracting attention away from the inevitable protesters. It cemented UK commitment to the global war and helped it copycat the Homeland state.

11/9 -- "The Jordanian 9/11" killed key members of Palestinian intelligence attending a wedding, prompted King Abdullah to oust his cabinet and resulted in a pro-Western tilt. 11/9 was a de facto coup d'état of Jordan in favor of the global war, and it secured the Israeli flank for its upcoming war against Lebanon .

7/11 -- "The Indian 9/11" occurred the day before Israel's attack on Lebanon, and went far in assuring that world opinion turned against "Islamic terrorists," on whom the attacks were blamed, rather than in favor of the Islamic population of soon-to-be-blitzed Beirut. 7/11 was a heavily coded event, with 7 train bombs in 11 minutes, and the code was so apparent that American media had to "stay in front" of the story with Brian Ross's ABC News report.

Mainstream Misinformation

"You could get a journalist cheaper than a good call girl, for a couple hundred dollars a month." - CIA operative’s comment, reported by Philip Graham , Washington Post

Mainstream media apologists would argue that ABC's broadcast of the date code story discredits skeptics like me who believe that there is little difference between ABC and the NSA, CNN and the CIA or FOX and the FBI. After all, they would suggest, how could anyone argue that ABC was trying to cover up the very story that ABC was reporting?

Let ABC prove the case against itself.

Slowly read the headline and link to the ABC News story:

" New York , 9/ll; Madrid , 3/11; Mumbai, 7/ll"

Pat yourself on the back if you picked up the three errors that sabotaged the headline and link:

One: In the headline two of the three date codes do not contain 11's -- instead, the New York and Mumbai dates contain a double "L." Compare "9/ll" with "9/11" and "7/ll" with "7/11."

Two: "3/11" is written correctly in the headline, probably to make sure that those of us who always type "ll" instead of "11" would also fail to find the story.

Three: The link also contains "9/ll" instead of "9/11."

All this clever sleight of hand was used so that ABC and the mainstream media, if accused of failing to report on the terror coding, could insist:

"ABC covered and published the story, and judging by exceedingly small number of people reading it on the Internet, no one seems to care very much about it."

Every word of their distortion would be true. The inconvenient truth that they covered up the references used to find their story would go unsaid. The case is made. Not only is there a conspiracy code, but there is a quite clear code of silence proving that mainstream media is in on the conspiracy.

Beware the Odds of March!

"A terrorist, massive, casualty-producing event (might cause) our population to question our own Constitution and to begin to militarize our country in order to avoid a repeat of another mass, casualty- producing event." -- General Tommy Franks

Having written all this about the terror date code, I should note that its value as a predictive tool is limited. There are many 11-based odd-numbered date code possibilities in the calendar, and my experience is that it is a useful tool only when taken in conjunction with other indicators. In the absence of other indicators it would be presumptive to issue a terror warning, let alone make a specific prediction.

Last week, my record in issuing warnings and predictions prompted The Lone Star Iconoclast, the influential Texas weekly, to publish an editorial demanding an official investigation of my repeated success in anticipating petrochemical explosions in Southeast Texas . I used my knowledge of the terror date code in every case.

Time To Investigate Houston Is Now

http://www.lewrockw roberts259. html

In my opinion, the odds are in favor of an uneventful March, although there are enough dangerous indicators to merit a false flag warning:

One: General Gene Renuart, the Northcom commander, appeared before Congress last week and gave assurances that Northcom is ready for a WMD terror attack on the United States . Is this a veiled way of saying that Northcom is ready to carry out such an attack? The general's mind may have been on March 11 and the Madrid bombing anniversary when he said of Al Qaeda: "We need only to look at Spain and see that they're certainly willing to try to do something that is significant..."

Two: The military exercise, Cyber Storm II, is scheduled for this week. It pits thousands of personnel worldwide in a "practice war" against the Internet. Anglo/English countries worldwide -- Orwell's Oceania -- will be involved, including Australia , Canada , New Zealand , the UK and the US . As many analysts have noted, the Internet is the single biggest obstacle to false flag terror, and a practice war against it could easily "go live" and become an outright war.

Three: On March 11, NASA will launch Space Shuttle Endeavour. Two of the petrochemical events I successfully anticipated occurred within days of space shuttle launches. In both cases I had factored the NASA launches into my analysis....


Thanksgiving Day’s Mumbai mayhem was an all-too-convenient distraction from the bad news out of Iraq, whose parliament imposed a harsh status of forces agreement on the same day as the India attacks. It was also a distraction from the bad news out of Afghanistan where the day after Thanksgiving U.S. puppet president Hamid Karzai issued a first-ever request for a U.S. withdrawal date. The pro-war mainstream media blared “Mumbai Massacre!” incessantly over the holiday weekend, neatly omitting the disheartening details of our quicksand wars in the Middle East.

The particulars of the Mumbai attacks are still very sketchy, and have changed consistently. While it is still too early to state with absolute conviction that the India attacks were a state-sponsored false flag affair, there is a strong circumstantial case in favor of that surmise. After all, the attacks occurred within 24 hours of an FBI alert to New York City, amplified in Los Angeles. They had the effect of painting “patsy” Pakistan into a corner, surrounded by now-hostile India in the east and NATO/U.S.-occupied Afghanistan in the west. Finally, they were the perfect set-up for Obama to introduce his hawkish national security team, whose focus will be Afghanistan.

Added to the slew of “coincidences” was a chilling report. According to a bi-partisan Congressional committee headed by Senator Chris Dodd, which released its findings while Obama’s war team was doing its press conference, the U.S. will likely be hit by a nuclear or biological attack during the Obama presidency. That attack, they warn us, will likely come from Pakistan.

Briefly put, since Thanksgiving the stage has been set for an Obama escalation of the Global War and the Homeland State. In light of all this, American citizens should be concerned that the election has changed nothing, and that Obama will be a “Black Bush.” Patriots must not let their guard down. Eternal vigilance remains the price of liberty...