Tuesday, March 3, 2009

OBONGO... offered an all encompassing deal to RUSSIA

Obama Offered Deal to Russia in Secret Letter....

Russia is no fool. The real deal would be for the U.S. to disarm Israel in return for Russia forcing the cancellation of any extant Iranian nuclear program. This is going nowhere because Israel will never consent to giving up its 200 nukes. In fact, beginning with the Palestinians, Israel has never bargained in good faith.

Furthermore, Vanunu was anticipating being released early. He can forget it. To release him now would only call attention to the REAL problem -- Israel's 200. The "missile shield" under deployment by Bush/Cheney in Poland and the former Czechoslovakia is now revealed for what it actually is: a RED HERRING, one that stinks to high heaven right under the Russian's noses to distract from Israel's 200. Now Obama is playing them for the fool -- he wants to trade the missile shield -- in effect, the Red Herring -- for Russian cooperation in stalling Iran's supposed nuclear program.

You have to ask why would Iran want to develop a nuclear program? (if has never been proved that they actually are. In fact, 16 U.S. Intel agencies are betting against it.)

Answer: The Israeli 200....

But if there really is no Iranian program, then why would Obama present a charade like this, offering the missile shield for something that doesn't exist?

Answer: We can't afford to deploy. Obama wants to save face and present a DOUBLE RED HERRING. If the Russians will just nod their heads then Obama can cancel the program without coming off like JFK and getting himself assassinated by idiots who believe the Israeli scam. When in fact, the entire Israeli con job is intended to whip up support for their cause by presenting Iran as a boogie man who is building WMDs. It's all smoke and mirrors to prevent us from selling them down the river -- Israel is useless to us. They are a liability that is only stirring shit, threatening their neighbors and expediting Plan Dalet against the Palestinians.

Russia has not responded. They are simply sitting their grinning like a Cheshire cat. But if they remain quiet, Obama's con on the right-wing will fall on its face and they will see him as weak. Do the Russians really want that. No. They will probably accede to Obama's offer through diplomatic channels in order to provide cover for Obama to cancel the deployment.

Time to end war games. We're on the verge of collapse....