Monday, March 30, 2009

The US government is utterly corrupt to the core and beyond redemption. It is run by a shadow group of thugs and criminals.

The US government is utterly corrupt to the core and beyond redemption. It is run by a shadow group of thugs and criminals.

(Fatal?) decisions and coordination on Afghanistan now happening:
Will it be a strategy for peace or much more (=endless) war?

1. March 31, 2009 Obama's plans for Afghanistan
2. NATO Summit in Strasbourg April 3 - 4, 2009 (NATO 60 years)

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2. US spills Afghan war into Pakistan By M K Bhadrakumar
3. Liquid war: Welcome to Pipelineistan

1. American and European/NATO invaders bombing Afghanistan,
a dirt-poor country of 26 million Muslims in Central Asia.
What's terribly wrong with that picture?

American and British invaders bombing Iraq, another country
of 26 million Muslims in the Middle East (West Asia...).
What's terribly wrong with that picture?

2. The reason is not 9/11, not fear of terrorism on
home soil, not pinpricks in London and Madrid and
Mumbai, not bin Laden. The sole plausible reason is
access to the oil and gas AROUND THE CASPIAN,
the denial of a part of those resources or more
difficult access by other superpowers in the
immediate area: China, Russia, India; and thus the
blocking of leverage by those superpowers.

Access and control over energy resources translates
directly into global power and leverage. That's why
over a million Iraqis and Afghans have been killed.
That's why these wars in their core really are Western
neo-colonial armed-robbery wars.
That's why the bombing and killing will continue.
That's why the neo-Romans will continue to try to pacify their
conquests. For empire, for control, for wealth.
Certainly not for humanitarian reasons.

3. Obama took over from the worst president ever G. W. Bush
and became the new president on January 20, 2009.
And the bombing of Afghanistan is now escalating.
17,000 more troops, firepower and equipment will be
added. Not builders, not engineers, not construction
workers, only more Western soldier/invaders.

How is that possible?

How can an anti-war candidate follow the same
disastrous policies as Bush (versus designing a
grand strategy of peace)? Is he now overwhelmed by the
the terrible financial meltdown, another present
from the extremist and evil Bush-Cheney regime?
Will the grand strategy then maybe appear in April,
after the so-called integrated comprehensive reviews?

4. Don't count on it. It is looking more and more as if Obama
will make the biggest mistake of his presidency, and will
get us bogged down in an even larger land/bombing
war in Asia, in Afghanistan AND in Pakistan.

By escalating the war in Afghanistan and expanding it into
Pakistan, it will now spread the hate among 170 million
Pakistanis, in addition to the 26 million Afghans who
already have shown to hate foreign invaders with a passion.

He simply cannot kill his way to victory.
He will not even be able to kill his way to a stalemate.
The more he bombs, the angrier the millions will become.
And you don't need milllions to fight back, you only need
thousands of determined guerilla fighters and only
hundreds of determined suicide bombers.
So it is a clear recipe for disaster.

Even 100,000 troops in Afghanistan cannot stop
the guerilla-type asymmetric war that is fought there.
10,000 trained resistance fighters can easily tie down
hundreds of thousands of invaders. And the invader will
bleed and bleed and bleed, and in the end the invader
will no longer be able to stomach the dead, the wounded,
the cost and the moral degradation.

Time is never on the side of the invader....

5. 60 days of bombing since January 20, 2009:
(not counting the 7 years!! of bombing that already happened)

1. Jan. 21 airpower summary: Predators provide invader reconnaissance

2. Jan. 22 airpower summary: B-1B bombs Afghan compound
3. Jan. 23 airpower summary: A-10s protect invader forces
4. Jan. 24 airpower summary: F-15Es target Afghan forces
5. Jan. 25 airpower summary: KC-10s support refueling missions
6. Jan. 26 airpower summary: C-130s support transport missions
7. Jan. 27 airpower summary: B-1Bs provide illegal overwatch
8. Jan. 28 airpower summary: F-15Es deter Afghan resistance
9. Jan. 29 airpower summary: A-10s relieve collaborator forces
10. Jan. 30 airpower summary: F-15E destroys Afghan position
11. Jan. 31 airpower summary: A-10s strike Afghan mortar team
12. Feb. 1 airpower summary: B-1B pounds Afghan target
13. Feb. 2 airpower summary: F-15Es deter Afghan resistance forces
14. Feb. 3 airpower summary: A-10s provide brutal cover
15. Feb. 4 airpower summary: C-130s support deadly airlift
16. Feb. 5 airpower summary: F-15Es provide overwatch and death
17. Feb. 6 Airpower Summary: F-15Es target Afghan positions
18. Feb. 7 Airpower Summary: A-10s deter Afghan resistance actions
19. Feb. 8 airpower summary: KC-135s refuel invader aircraft
20. Feb. 9 airpower summary: B-1Bs protect invader ground forces
21. Feb. 10 airpower summary: F-15Es bomb Afghan partisan
22. Feb. 11 airpower summary: F-16 levels Afghan bunker complex
23. Feb. 12 airpower summary: C-130s sustain illegal missions
24. Feb 13 no report, estimated 60 bombing raids
25. Feb 14 no report, estimated 60 bombing raids
26. Feb. 15 airpower summary: F-15Es deter Afghan resistance fire
27. Feb. 16 airpower summary: F-15E bombs Afghan encampment
28. Feb. 17 airpower summary: A-10s protect invader ground forces
29. Feb. 18 airpower summary: B-1Bs provide overwatch and death
30. Feb. 19 airpower summary: F-16s protect invader forces
31. Feb. 20 Airpower Summary: A-10s destroy Afghan positions
32. Feb. 21 Airpower Summary: JTACS ensure illegal mission success
33. Feb. 22 airpower summary: B-1B destroys Afghan bunker
34. Feb. 23 airpower summary: A-10s provide illegal air cover
35. Feb. 24 airpower summary: Predator targets Afghan partisans
36. Feb. 25 airpower summary: F-15Es deter Afghan partisans
37. Feb. 26 airpower summary: A-10s deter Afghan freedom fighters
38. Feb. 27 airpower summary: B-1B destroys Afghan narcotics facility
and Afghans in it
39. Feb. 28 air power summary: F-15E destroys Afghan resistance
weapons cache
40. March 1 airpower summary: Drone targets Afghans and Pakistanis
with missiles
41. March 2 airpower summary: A-10s deter, disrupt Afghan activities 68 killing raids
42. March 3 airpower summary: Predator keeps killers watch 76 killing raids
43. March 4 airpower summary: B-1B destroys Afghan production
facilities 79 killing
44. March 5 airpower summary: A-10s provide aerial insecurity and
death 62 killing raids
45. March 6 airpower summary: Strike Eagles protect invader convoys 71 killing raids
46. March 7 airpower summary: A-10s support invader ground forces 77 killing raids
47. March 8 through March 13 airpower summary: A-10s strike resistance
53. March 14 airpower summary: B-1Bs support invader ground troops
54-60 March 15-19
March 19 airpower summary: B-1B destroys Afghan positions
61-70 March 16-March 28
March 28 Airpower Summary: A-10s show invader's power

That is 70 days x avg 70 bombing raids per day = 4900 bombing raids
x an avg of 4 dead per raid = 19600 Afghans and Pakistanis killed in
just over 2 months - all in their own country - by Western invaders
from 8,000 miles away.

6. An unjust and criminal bombing war for access to oil and gas
around the Caspian. Arguments of 'helping', 'democracy building',
'women's education', 'building schools','stopping terrorists',
'avoiding another 9/11' are all just fabricated justifications = lies
for the gullible public.

And the bombing and killing continues day in, day out,
with no end in sight, and probably for many years to come.

With over 7 years of bombing Afghanistan and over (March 19!)
6 years in Iraq, the total death toll is now roughly 1.0 to 1.3
million. And the total number of injured is always a multiple of that,
in all wars. Tens of thousands of children are now orphans.
A survey estimated 750,000 women are now widows.
Many hundreds of thousands are maimed for life.

Of course this toll is never mentioned in the media. We will
always read estimates of civilian deaths or deaths from
sectarian violence or deaths by the 'enemy', but our own much
greater violence is always omitted. And we know and understand why.

And the more they bomb and kill, the more the hate and
resistance increases. But the perpetrators are blind and dumb
or plain evil. As all conquerors in the past.

Mullen: We can't kill our way to victory, but of course
he will continue killing in the same way.

They are now expanding their gory bombing violence with
robot airplanes (drones) into Pakistan,
a much bigger country than Afghanistan and with more than
6 times the population!

Imagine the power of the hate that will generate!

Utter foolishness, sheer stupidity ---or again plain evil?
Nixon and Kissinger expanded the colonial bombing war on Vietnam
into Laos in 1969 and Cambodia in 1970. We have seen it all before.
And Nixon was even re-elected in 1972 in a landslide!

7. The fallacy: The horrible bombing wars on poor people will
be expanded but with every bombing raid these poor people will
continue to resist the invader/killers even more.
So the hate, the quagmire and the mess will surely increase.

After over 7 years of this killing and destruction, are we ready for
more of the same horrors? Horrors inflicted in our name?
The wars on Iraq and Afghanistan are moral as well as
military, political and economic disasters and must be ended.

McCain, the extremist, was all for more war and 'winning'.
Obama wants to reduce the war on Iraq but expand it in Afghanistan
and even into Pakistan. However any expansion of Bush's terrible land
wars in Asia is doomed and therefore will bring this next president
crashing down within 4 years.

The way Johnson went down in 1968, caused by another bloody and
illegal land war in Asia: Vietnam.
We have seen it all before.

8. Now we can only hope for 'change': The 'audacity' of hope for
peace, the hope we can stop our immoral and senseless
killing abroad.

We can only hope that Obama is much smarter than the slogans
he had to use to get elected.

We still have the audacity to hope: For a grand strategy of peace!
For a strategy of peace, not a continued strategy of death and
destruction. A strategy of peace that includes China, Pakistan,
Russia, India, Iran, and yes, the Taliban, the Pashtuns, and
the many other groups in Afghanistan.

Mr. Obama, can you be both brilliant, compassionate and courageous?
Can you be a world class statesman instead of a Pentagon lackey?
Can you outsmart the bastards that are trying to sink you?
Can you avoid being totally boxed in - three-fold: By 2 illegal land
wars in Asia and the financial meltdown at home?

Is a miracle still possible: NO
Can a single wise man divert or stop a right-wing militaristic and
neo-colonial superpower from escalating its illegal wars abroad?

NO, because the US government is utterly corrupt and beyond
redemption. It is run by a shadow group of thugs and criminals.

"All we are saying is give peace a chance"
If you do, a miracle is possible.
It's for the future of all children, the future of all of us.