Friday, March 13, 2009

CIA, smoke-and-mirrors, CIA2/MOSSAD and Team B still at work since the 1960s...

CIA, smoke-and-mirrors, CIA2/MOSSAD and "Team B"... still at work since the every aspect of policy, intelligence, defense strategy, domestic security and economic policies... and foreign the facts and various intelligence estimates is still the norm..., as well as the infamous White House Murder INC, in point, the sacking of Chas Freeman...

The forces (of agency, double-agency, smoke-and-mirrors) are obscure to me running through the following, however the title alone is a point of information to dwell in teaching everyone everywhere. On balance in whatever fraction of info I've seen, Scott Ritter weighs out as valid and good speaking -- wears a white hat, as I see it -- and especially considering an allowance for severely curtailed constraints where he operates, still getting some word out.

One criticism is, in this piece, he takes too long (detailing a current-affairs example which makes the article real and relevant) to get to historic emergence and derivation of "Team B" from the title. Maybe the extra development is worthwhile orientation for whoever just tuned in. Anyway, in Ritter's circa-1975 (into the '80s) depiction of worldly events, (read: '' subversions of humankind), he gives a sketchy stick-figure illustration, way too pale pastel, unconvincing and dispassionate of the '70s events bringing capital-H Historic capital-R Reformation of socio-political climate change. (For examples: the advent of cash-cow cable TV subscriptions, and then funding the televangelized GOP upstart; the 'no bodybags, no news' Angolan War-by-proxy, at the genesis of HIV and AIDS; and certainly, the 'women's movement'/EPA strife, the petroleum imperium (cartel price-setting) which inflated interest rates, in '74 causing ROI rot and currently continuing into financial ruin; or the '70s focusing direction into Shuttle / launch routine / communications and observing satellites, establishing the planet's veritable 'neural network' of 'Team B' withal.) Perhaps later can come graduate-studies refinements in understanding Team B's desecration(s) of everything before it. And for now it is enough to celebrate having Ritter's Team B-titled article to introduce terms for circulation webwide.

I disagree at his point of resolution to 'extract' Team B operatives and moles from the (Intel.) community, so as to return it to the way it was and pristine sensibility. Ha! As if. The forwarding of knowledge, like the dimension of time, does not run backward, and information once distributed does not get forgotten. After a few facts become known, then dots connect and timelines fill in making more facts known, and so, in the words of H.R.Haldemann (c. 1973), borrowed forward from his marketing prowess (in consumer-product packaging design purposes) days: "you can't put the toothpaste back in the tube." Once it's out, it's used up ... regardless whether it brushes any teeth.

Once Team B infiltrated the CIA, the entire Agency is used up. There is no 'spot removal.' The bad apples hiding rot in their core seeds cannot be seen by any inspection -- the whole barrel must be overturned.

Anyway, here's the article. I apologize if I'm duplicating someone's earlier bringing this. Yet from here, it can be sent far and wide.

Barack Obama, Meet Team B, By Scott Ritter, Mar 12, 2009.

Obama ought to reacquaint himself with the 1972 ABM treaty and the case of the CIA versus “Team B.” This chapter of America’s failed arms control policy unfolded from 1975-1976 ... It was critical in this effort to have an accurate understanding of not only the physical reality of Soviet strategic weapons programs, but also their intent. The CIA produced a report that addressed these issues, National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) 11-3/8-74, “Soviet Forces for Intercontinental Conflict Through 1985.”

The benign picture painted by the CIA’s estimate of Soviet strategic capability clashed with ideologues in and out of government who were pushing for U.S. defense programs that could not be justified if the CIA’s estimates were allowed to stand. Rather than confront the facts of the CIA’s estimates, these ideologues instead assaulted the methodology used to determine them. Political pressure was brought to bear on President Ford by conservative opponents of détente to prepare a “Team B” of analysts (outside ideologues) who would challenge the conclusions put forward in the CIA estimate by “Team A” (the CIA’s own staff). “Team B” didn’t produce better facts (indeed, every one of its assertions was proved to be wrong), but it did produce better fear. Its claims about Soviet intentions and capabilities, highly inflated and inaccurate, were political dynamite that could not be ignored, especially in the politically charged presidential election year of 1976. “Team B” won out over “Team A,” and the foundation was set for not only the dismantling of U.S.-Soviet détente, but also for the biggest arms race in modern history, culminating in the destruction of the very agreements designed to constrain such an escalation.

Obama should acquaint himself with the story of “Team B,” because “Team B” exists today, propagating myths about an Iranian “threat” that are analogous to those employed by the team that sold the fable of the Soviet “threat.”

"TEAM B" has been at work since the early 1980s...

March 30, 2009 -- Bush Sr. ignored suicide plane attack warnings...

President Bush ignored warnings that suicide plane hijackers planned to fly an explosive-laden plane into the White House. Bush was warned that security barricades placed around the White House might stop a suicide vehicle attack but not a hijacked terrorist plane.

Bush ignored the warnings that emanated from a mini-terrorist summit held in Beirut and reported in the U.S. media. The news report was that the easiest way for terrorists to hit a government building "that is fortified from the ground is to strike from the air."

The intelligence from the Middle East claimed that a number of terrorists were being trained to use light aircraft, including Swiss-made Pilatus 7 aircraft. The Secret Service warned President Bush repeatedly that the White House was vulnerable to airborne suicide attacks. According to the news report, President Bush said, "I am satisfied, without going into any detail, that the security of the White House is adequate . . . Put it this way, I feel secure when I come to work everyday."

Bush added, "You're talking with a man who is old enough to remember the kamikaze pilots of World War II, indeed, whose ship was attacked by such pilots. So I remember it personally and vividly, and I know what damage someone intent on sacrificing one's own life can do driving a plane."

That quote was, of course, not made by President George W. Bush but by his father President George H. W. Bush. The article on suicide planes attacking targets in the United States was reported on June 29, 1989, by Jack Anderson and Dale Van Atta after they returned from a trip to Beirut.

In a May 2002 press conference, then-National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice, referring to the 9/11 attacks, said, "I don't think anybody could have predicted that . . . they would try to use an airplane as a missile."

It turns out Jack Anderson reported such a scenario to another unfazed President Bush over a decade before 9/11.